Simple and Practical Decorating Ideas for Thrift Store Baskets

Today I'm sharing some simple decorating ideas for thrift store baskets!

Today I’m going to share some simple basket decorating ideas using thrift store baskets! What I look for when I’m shopping for baskets, how I use them in my decor, and the best sources for affordable and unique baskets of all styles and shapes!

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These simple, yet creative ideas for thrift store baskets will hopefully get you excited to go thrifting once this crazy virus is behind us! As much as I love to be home spending more time with my family, one thing I really do miss is thrift shopping.

It’s something I love to do on the weekends all by myself. I don’t always find something, but it’s nice to get out of the house and look at old things. As a home decorator, the thrill of the hunt is so much fun for me! Plus, there are so many different styles of baskets to search for: storage baskets, wire baskets, a woven basket or decorative basket…you get the idea! 

There are some thrift store ideas in my stories over on Instagram or my blog if you are in need of some inspiration!

What I look for when I’m Shopping for Baskets


The first thing I look at when I’m digging through the basket section at thrift stores (or any store really) is the color.

Instead of a wreath, consider using a hanging basket instead!

I try to stay away from orange and red tones, simply because I don’t have a lot of those tones in my home. While I love warmer hues and honey toned baskets, anything too red is usually something I avoid.

I especially love vintage baskets with gray tones that have weathered and aged over time, almost as if they were left outside for long periods of time. These baskets really work well with the neutral color palette in my home, plus finding sturdy baskets with that vintage charm is an added bonus!

Coloring is so important when shopping for baskets


The next thing I consider when I’m looking to purchase a basket is the purpose.

How will I use this in my home? I used to be guilty of buying so many baskets at thrift stores just because they were cheap or cute, but I never ended up using them because I never had a specific purpose for them to begin with. There are so many spaces in your home where you can use a basket – laundry room, mudroom, or even as a centerpiece on your coffee table in your living room!

Thrift store basket decorating ideas!

I tend to take a more minimal approach to decor throughout my home, so when I’m shopping for baskets now I really like to think through my purchase and consider where I will use the basket. A large wicker basket with handles can hold blankets or pillows, or a smaller basket in my bathroom can hold towels. I also love hanging baskets on my walls to hold fresh flowers! These are just a few basket ideas for you consider when making a purchase. 

Unique Shapes and Sizes

This next point may contradict my previous point a little, but when you find a basket that is truly unique and one of kind, snatch it up!

That’s what happened with the basket in my entryway. My Mom actually found it at a thrift store and sent me a picture, and I almost told her not to buy it because I really didn’t know where I would put it.

Decorating Ideas for Thrift Store baskets

But for just $15, she convinced me that it was so beautiful and so unique that I just had to buy it. Needless to say, she was right. 

How to decorate with thrift store baskets

Once in a while, I find something that is so unique and special that, even though I don’t know at the moment where I’ll put it, I’ll buy it anyway because I love it that much. And at that point, I will just find a place to make it work.

What I usually avoid…

If a basket is broken and falling apart, I usually don’t buy it. Now there are a few exceptions to this rule. If the basket you are considering is so beautiful and unique that you just have to take it home with you, one idea that might work is to hang it on the wall.

There is a large basket tray in my dining room that I thrifted for five dollars, but it was warped and twisted in a few areas. By nailing it to the wall, I have protected it from getting even further damaged, and now it’s become beautiful textured wall art!

Consider hanging damaged thrift store baskets on the wall!

Another idea for damaged baskets is to use them outside. They could work beautifully for planters on your patio, porch or deck. I purchased a basket with a damaged bottom, but with potted flowers set inside, it looked lovely on our cottage patio. I even used it in a fall table scape last year to hold some pretty apple stems.

Outdoor decorating ideas for thrifted baskets

Simple Decorating Ideas for Thrift Store Baskets

Think Outside the Box

The first thing we usually think of when we think about baskets is storage. But there are so many other amazing ways that you can use baskets in your decor!

One type of basket that I really love are wall baskets, and by that I mean baskets that have one flat side so that they can be hung on a wall or door. Baskets make excellent wall decor by adding texture and warmth to any space!

I am asked about the baskets above one of my white chairs in my living room all the time. One was thrifted, the other was a garage sale find. I filled them with eucalyptus leaves and layered them one on top of the other, and now they make such a beautiful statement!

Thrift Store basket decorating ideas

These baskets weren’t necessarily flat on one side, but they were narrow enough to work perfectly above the changing table in our nursery. We use them to store diapers and creams, and they contrast so beautifully against the pale blue walls.

How to use baskets in your decor!
Unique basket decorating ideas

Maybe try checking the purse or bag section at thrift stores for woven baskets as well. The basket “bag” on our closet door becomes a beautiful spring wreath once you fill it with stems and flowers!

Baskets are a wonderful way to bring spring into my minimal cottage entryway

Look Up!

If you love baskets as much as I do but you are running out of places to use them, look up! You could use baskets for lighting, like I did in our nursery. You can find the full tutorial for our DIY Basket light here.

Basket Light DIY

Another area that was perfect for adding a basket was the space above my fridge in my kitchen. I just love the way this vintage laundry basket looks against the stone with flowers flowing out of it. Another $5 thrift store find!

Thrift store basket decorating ideas!

Group Baskets Together for Greater Impact

Like anything else in decor, similar items grouped together always make a greater impact. I just love the way these baskets look, grouped together in my bedroom. The larger one was a Target find, but the smaller basket was thrifted and the color and texture of it was so pretty to me.

Tips for decorating with thrifted baskets!

Where to Find the Best Deals on Baskets

Of course I’ve already mentioned thrift stores, but antique shops are a great source too! I also love shopping for baskets at places like Target, but you will definitely pay more money.

I have found that Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Home Goods have great prices on baskets, and Ikea has some really beautiful basket options as well!

Baskets are so versatile, and I love using them in both practical and decorative ways in every space in my home! I hope these simple decorating ideas for thrift store baskets inspired you in some way. How do you like to use baskets in your decor? I would love to know in the comments below!


Today I'm sharing some simple decorating ideas for thrift store baskets!


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  1. I love your blog and vlog! Would it be possible to show the wall opposite your fridge? Would love to see how you use that space. Also maybe a kitchen organization vlog (as in what goes where and why 😊).

    Thank you and keep up the beauty! We need it during this time 😢.

    Carmen Mayo

    1. Carmen thank you for all those amazing ideas!! I am always looking for new topics, so thank you so much for taking the time to share those with me! I will have to write them down and add them to my list of content ideas. 🙂

      1. Thank you! Also, funny story… almost everyday someone re-pins your post on woven shades from my Pinterest board 😊

  2. Ahh those are all gorgeous baskets! I’m always on the hunt for some good baskets & love how versatile they are.

    1. Thank you so much Grace!! I’m the same way, I never pass up the basket section at the thrift store! 🙂

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  5. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas for using baskets in and around the home! I love the large basket hanging on your dining room wall. I’m in the middle of re-decorating our master suite; I want to put about 3 round vintage baskets on the wall above the bed, so far, I’ve only located one. I went to a few estate sales and found a couple that were exactly what I am looking for, but their $150.00 and over price tags kept me from purchasing them. The one I have, I bought at an auction for $7.00!
    I have a vintage square basket hanging on my kichen wall; when I bring the mail in, I separate the bills, school and church information, things which require my immediate attention place them into that square basket. I have a constant reminder to take of those things.

    1. Yes, estate sales can be hit and miss. I highly recommend thrift stores! They are hit and miss with what they have, but price was usually reasonable. I hope you are able to find the perfect ones! ❤️

  6. Love baskets ! But would be worried to use for lighting especially in the nursery… as it is flammable and hard to know if it could become hot enough to ignite at some stage.

    1. Thank you, we don’t have the basket close enough to the bulb to be a risk, but yes, if it is not made correctly this could be an issue. Thankfully we are also using bulbs that don’t give off a lot of heat and this helps!

  7. I love everything you do! It is so simple and clean and functional. You always inspire me with new ideas to refresh my house.

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