Fall Table-scape with Apple Stems and Gray Blues


This fall table-scape with apple stems and gray blues was so much fun to put together, and just what I needed to get me in the fall mood!

Happy September everyone! Today I’ve created a fall table-scape with apple stems and gray blues and greens – entirely inspired by what I see when I look out my window. 

Fall Table with apple stems and gray blues
This neutral fall table-scape with apple stems and gray blue tones was so simple to put together!
This early fall table with apples and gray blue hues was so simple to put together!

Typically you might think orange, reds or yellows when it’s time to decorate for fall, and believe me I love using those hues when the leaves start to change and the weather really cools down here in Michigan. 

Looking for an early fall decorating idea? Look outside for inspiration! Apple stems serve as the perfect centerpiece for this table!
Fall table with apple stems and gray blue hues

But for now, the trees all around my property are still bright green and the flowers in my front beds are still full of life. So for this early fall tablescape I went for a bike ride around the block to look for inspiration, and I happened to see my sister’s apple tree. 

There's nothing that says fall like fresh picked apples!
Fresh apples make for a beautiful fall table!

Beautiful, big, bright green apples hung from the branches and I immediately asked my sister if I could use some of the branches for a fall table. I love how the apples bring an autumnal feel, but their pretty green color still exudes life. 

Fresh apples stems make for a lovely early fall centerpiece!
Fresh apple stems and gray blue hues make for a perfect early fall tablescape!

Get creative when it comes to tablecloths! I decided to use a soft plaid scarf as the base for my table, and I love how it brightens everything and makes all the other details really pop.

A plaid scarf is a creative way to bring a cozy fall element to the table...
A neutral plaid scarf can make for the perfect fall tablecloth!
Cozy textures and layer are perfect for a fall table

Going with the apple theme, I decided to bake up some mini apple crisps – each in their own baby ramekin. A vintage cutting board was the perfect placemat, you know from my summer home tour how I love to mix wood tones with white!

Mini apple crisps go so well with the apple theme for fall!
fall tablescape with mini apple crisps!

I wanted to add some depth to the table with some darker tones, so I decided to use some dark gray blue plates that I found while thrifting, as well as some dark blue napkins (thrifted as well). 

Gray and blue hues make this fall table neutral yet cozy
Thrifted plates and napkins make this fall tablescape easy and affordable!
Deep blue hues pop beautifully on this neutral fall table!

I found the napkin rings on clearance at Target, and I love how they tie in to the cutting the board and lantern. Whenever I create a table-scape, I love to incorporate lanterns. I did the same thing for my summer table-scape back in June, and lanterns work especially well outdoors since they block the wind from blowing out your candles!

A lantern with a lit candle brings a cozy vibe to this fall table!

My Mother-in-law brought me squash from her garden and the moment I saw their creamy white color, I knew I wanted to use them for fall! Of course I sprinkled a few more apples throughout the table as well as a few faux squash and pumpkins. 

Fresh squash and apples are the perfect combination for fall!

I love to buy faux squash and pumpkins at thrift stores or even the dollar store for just a few cents, and then paint them in more neutral tones! 

Finally, I brought out a cozy throw blanket and of course I turned on my twinkle lights in the tree branches to add warmth. 

Twinkle lights bring so much warmth to this early fall table!
Fall table with apple stems and gray blue hues

This fall table-scape with apples stems and gray blues was so much fun to put together, and it was just what I needed to get me in the mood for fall! I haven’t decorated the inside of my home yet, but I plan to start after this weekend! 

Early fall table with apple stems and gray blues

Thanks for stopping by today friends! Be sure to check out all the lovely fall tables below for more fall inspiration!

Have you decorated for fall yet? 🙂

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Fall Table-Scape with apple stems and gray blues


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