Simplistic Early Fall Entryway

Today I'm sharing some simple fall decorating ideas that are neutral and minimal!

Today I’m sharing my simplistic early fall entryway with you all and let me just say, it’s very minimal. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or if it’s because I don’t like dusting (hehe), but every year it seems I pull out less holiday decor than I did the year before. 

Simplistic Early Fall Entryway Decor

Muted greens and faux queen anne's lace makes for the perfect simple fall decor

I didn’t use a lot of traditional fall colors in my entry quite yet, simply because that’s not what I see when I look outside. Here in Michigan we have very long, cold winters so I like to use pops of green in my home for as long as possible! Once the trees outside my home begin to turn, I’ll (maybe) consider yellow and brown tones…ha!

Simple, minimal fall decorating

I decided to put away anything that felt too summery and instead used soft and muted greens. Some faux queen annes lace with dark green eucalyptus was so perfect in my entryway basket, I love how simple it is yet it makes such a statement. 

Minimalistic neutral fall decorating
Less is more when it comes to fall decorating

A simple plaid scarf to me just says fall. I love how this one looks hanging on the fun number hooks beneath the window. 

Plaid scarves and fall jackets become simple fall decor
Plaid scarves make for simple, affordable fall decor
Simplistic early fall entryway decorating!

I tucked some faux pumpkins in our diy built-ins near the entry, and I love how their neutral tones tie into the other greens that I used. 

Neutral fall pumpkins are simple yet beautiful!
Simplistic Fall Entryway

A simple magnolia wreath on our front closet door brought the perfect fall warmth that this space needed.

A magnolia wreath is the perfect addition to this simplistic early fall entryway
A magnolia wreath tied with a ribbon adds the perfect fall touch

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already been introduced to my new friend above the door, isn’t he cute?!

A magnolia wreath is the perfect addition to this simplistic early fall entryway

I scored the little boy blue at an antique shop while on vacation for twelve bucks. The dealer said he was inspired by an old weathervane! He’s made from reclaimed wood and I love how gray and chippy he is. I think he brings some much needed character to our entry!

Little boy blue wood weathervane made from salvaged wood

Simplistic Early Fall Entryway Tips

If you are looking to add some simple fall touches to your entry, here a few tips. 

1. Less is more

Simplistic early fall entryway decor

Sometimes it’s tempting to feel like every surface needs a pumpkin, but I have found that there is so much beauty in the simple things. When there is so much clutter, it can feel confusing and your eye won’t know where to look. One or two beautiful focal points is really all you need!

2. Don’t rush the process

Simplistic early fall entryway ideas!

Sometimes it takes a few days for me to get a space just right. I have to live with it and let it resonate, maybe leave the house for a few hours and then come back for a fresh perspective. 

If you are trying to simplify and the house feels too empty at first, just give yourself some time. I always feel the same way when I scale back! But then, slowly, I begin to appreciate the simple, less cluttered surfaces and I start to see the beauty in things that I never noticed before. 

Muted greens and faux queen anne's lace makes for the perfect simple fall decor

3. Use what you LOVE

If you love using red and yellow leaves in your fall decor, by all means – use them! For a long time I used to decorate with things that I had in my “fall bin” just because I had them. I’m still learning and believe me I’ve not mastered this yet – but I’m trying now more than ever to be intentional with decor choices. “Do I really love this?” Is a question I ask my self when I decorate. Don’t do something because everyone else is doing it. Don’t use something because that’s what you’ve always done. Play around a bit and decide to only use items that bring you joy. 

Minimalistic fall decor can still be beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed our simplistic early fall entryway, friends! Did you catch last week’s post? I shared a neutral fall table that was so easy and affordable! 

You can see our spring/summer entryway here, and if you’d like to know how we installed the bead board in this space, click here!

I hope to have more fall decor coming your way soon…trying to follow my own tips over here and approach each space with purpose and intention!! 😉

Have a wonderful weekend friends! 🙂


This simplistic early fall entryway was inspired by what I see now as I look out the window. Muted greens and minimal decor make for the perfect fall entry!


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  5. Hi Andrea, I just stumbled across your blog via Pinterest, and I’m in love with your paint colors in your home! Would you be willing to share the paint colors that you used in your home? Especially your entryway wall color and the entry color door- gorgeous combination! My husband and I are in the process of building a new home, so I’d appreciate if you could share what you used. Thanks!

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