Fall Dining Room Decor Touches

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Fall Dining Room Decor Touches

I am excited to share all of the fall dining room decor touches we added this year! Some of them include gorgeous dried hydrangeas and white pumpkins!

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Hello friends! As much as I hate the idea of summer ending, I still welcome the gorgeous cooler temperatures of the fall season. I added a few fall dining room decor touches in my dining room recently, and I can’t wait to show you this refreshed space all decorated for fall with dried hydrangeas and white pumpkins!

Fall dining room tour with dried hydrangeas and white pumpkins

If you caught my fall living room tour that I shared earlier this week, you know that I like to keep things pretty simple when it comes to seasonal decorating. 

You really don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home feel cozy and dressed for autumn! Before I get into my fall dining room decor though, I’d like to share a few changes that I’ve made in this space recently!

The first change that I made has to do with my Grandfather’s dresser. As most of you know, he passed away last fall and left behind a beautiful collection of antiques. This dresser that sits in my dining room was his, and when we brought it home it had a shiny mahogany finish.

Antique dresser in cottage style home


I had my husband sand the whole thing down, and I even gave it a few coats of household bleach to try to lighten it even more. You can read all about my raw wood technique here, if you’re interested!

In that post I talked about the fact that every piece is different – no two pieces of furniture are the same. Well, this dresser did not want to lighten up for me, even with bleach. I could have tried to strip it, but I never got around to it. 

Antique dresser details inside dining room decorated for fall

Another tricky thing about this dresser is that the wood on the sides is not the same as the wood that was used to build the drawers. The sides were almost yellow in color after sanding, while the fronts were much darker. 

This past week I decided to try watering down some gray paint, just so see if it would tone down some of the reds I was still seeing in the front of the dresser. I let one small area dry, and I really love how it turned out. 

Antique unique piece dresser used in dining room

The dresser is actually darker overall, but I feel like it ties in beautifully to the rest of the decor in the space. What do you guys think? I’m going to live with it a little while, but I really think I’m loving it!

Another change that I made in here is one that you’ll see next to the dining room table. I switched out the bench for a new (old) one I found on Facebook Marketplace! 

Vintage and antique dining room bench

There was nothing wrong with the bench that I had before, in fact my husband built that one along with our dining room table. But I love to mix old and new, and this new bench is so cool for so many reasons. 

It’s made out of old scaffolding, and the gray weathered wood along with the rusty hardware adds so much interest to our dining space. I like the way it brings cooler tones into this room, especially since there is so much warmth in our table. 

It extends out to ten feet, which I think will come in handy whenever we have large family gatherings! Just like everything else in my home, it may not stay forever haha. But for now I really like the change! 

Dining room with antique bench decorated for fall with dried hydrangeas and white pumpkins

As for the fall decor, you can probably tell by now that it’s not very fussy! Some dried hydrangeas and white pumpkins are really all I used in this space. I placed some of the flowers in a galvanized pale on my grandpa’s dresser, and they look so pretty with a simple white pumpkin. 

Fall dining room decor with dried hydrangeas and white pumpkins

For my dining table, I used a white stoneware bowl that my Mom gave to me and filled it with more dried hydrangeas. I love the fact that it’s lower and we can see over it when we are all seated at the table. 

Stoneware on dining room table decorated for fall with dried hydrangeas

I also decided to move my dough bowl from Rhonda over at Hallstrom Home to the center of my dining table. It brings in the dark wood tones found on the dresser, and a small white pumpkin is the perfect addition!

Dining room touches with antique pieces decorated for fall

I also wanted to share a new pillow cover that I found here, it has the prettiest block print and was so affordable! I love the pop of green and white that it brings to the space. 

Fall dining room with dried hydrangeas and white pumpkins

The little gray dresser off of the kitchen got some pretty dried hydrangeas as well, and did you notice my new cutting board that I shared with you a few weeks ago? I love how it looks in my collection! 

Small DIY and thrifted pieces pulled together in cottage style home for fall

My dining room shelves stayed pretty much the same for fall, although I have been wondering lately how to switch them up. Maybe I need to find some pretty stoneware or even darken the wood on the shelves? I’m not sure yet but I’ll keep you posted!

Fall touches with pillowcases in dining room

The corner cupboard didn’t change much either, it still holds my beloved Pfaltzgraff collection! I simply added more dried hydrangeas in the dough bowl that sits on top of it. 

Corner hutch in cottage style dining space decorated for fall

I hope you enjoyed these fall dining room decor touches with dried hydrangeas and white pumpkins sweet friends! I love sharing my home with you all and getting your input. Have you ever decorated with dried flowers before? Let me know in the comments below! 


Fall dining room with dried hydrangeas and white pumpkins


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  1. I love all your changes. The dried hydrangeas are so pretty. Mine don’t dry green like yours. Do you know what kind of hydrangea it is?

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