Kitchen Fall Decor – Simple & Neutral

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Kitchen Fall Decor - Simple & Neutral

Kitchen fall decor that is both simple and neutral is perfect for this busier space of your home. Since most kitchens already have necessary items out on countertops, a few fall touches here and there are all that is needed!

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Today I’m sharing some simple & neutral kitchen fall decor changes that I made in our home as we transition into the fall season! I love keeping this space minimal and clean since we spend so much of our day here preparing our meals.

I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but in Michigan it’s different every day this time of year. We have rainy, chilly days like yesterday – then today beautiful sunshine and the boys are running around outside in t-shirts! 

Either way, it’s October. And even though some days it doesn’t feel quite like fall, I love to celebrate the season by adding simple and minimal autumn touches wherever I can throughout our home.

Even though I waited to decorate until October, fall decor can already be found in any craft store late summer and sometimes even earlier!

All of the different styles and colors along with enough decor choices to fill every square inch of your home can definitely become overwhelming quickly.

As I shared in my living and dining room fall tours, you don’t have to go crazy or spend a lot of money on seasonal decor. Simple changes go a long way and I am so happy with our kitchen fall decorations and how cozy it feels in this space now!

Simple & Neutral kitchen fall decor touches
Berries, stems and pumpkins for simple & neutral fall kitchen decor
Cottage style fall kitchen tour
Neutral fall and autumn kitchen decor styles

Here are three things I like to add to my kitchen every year as we enter into the fall season – 

  • Pumpkins and Seasonal Produce
  • Baked Goods and Festive Treats
  • Fall Stems

That’s it! It’s really that simple. I like to try to keep my counters free of clutter, and only put out what I actually use on a daily basis. It’s much easier to clean that way and it is also easier when preparing meals to not have to work around autumn decoration that are all over the place.

Cottage Style Fall Kitchen

Kitchen Fall Decor – Pumpkins

Recently, my husband and boys took some time together and visited a local pumpkin stand on a rainy Saturday. They brought back all my favorites! Green and white pumpkins, and several of the small white baby boo pumpkins that I love so much. 

I placed a large one in the corner near my mixer, and sprinkled smaller pumpkins all over. I love to eat squash this time of year, and roasted butternut squash is my absolute favorite. Seasonal produce is another wonderful way to decorate, and it serves another purpose because it’s yummy, too! 

Pumpkin fall decor in kitchen

Apples are another wonderful way to decorate for fall. I don’t have any apples in these photos, but right after taking the photos for this post a sweet neighbor let us pick some of his. They look so pretty stacked high in an ironstone bowl on my counter! We have been eating so many this past week – there is nothing like the smell of apples and cinnamon bubbling on the stovetop! The whole house smells so divine whenever we bake with them. 

As you can see, I love to use actual pumpkins, squash and apples but realistically they don’t last forever. I try to wait to decorate our home for fall until October and usually leave the decorations up until mid November and the pumpkins and other produce last throughout that time.

If you would prefer not to use actual produce or leave your fall decorations up a lot longer in your home, faux pumpkins and produce are a great option as well. I love this white selection of pumpkins and squash and how realistic they look!

I also have an entire blog post on how to paint faux pumpkins to look more natural and realistic which is a great DIY fall decor option! Many times it is easy to find faux pumpkins at thrift stores, or even garage sales and this simple painting trick can make them look amazing to use throughout your home! To read the full tutorial, click here.

Kitchen Fall Decor – Baked Goods and Festive Treats

Growing up, my Mom always baked so many delicious treats in the fall. We would come home from school to homemade zucchini bread, chocolate chip cookies, handmade caramels, puppy chow and my favorite – caramel corn. 

She made a big batch (or two) every fall and kept it in a large glass canister on the kitchen island. I loved sneaking handfuls whenever I walked by, and now my boys are doing the same. 

Neutral cottage style fall kitchen

I’m sure I’ll get asked what my caramel corn recipe is, and I suppose I should share it even though it’s by no means healthy! We try to avoid refined sugars, buy organic and stick to whole foods whenever we can. But, everything in moderation, right? 

Once a year it’s okay to make caramel corn – at least that’s what I’m telling myself haha! I also love carrying on a tradition I loved so much as a little girl onto my boys.

Whatever your favorite homemade treat is, make it or make several and leave them out on the counter in a clear glass jar or cake stand to create that cozy fall vibe. 

Who knows, you may start your own tradition that your kids, family or friends will look forward to each time they visit your home througout the fall season!

Kitchen Fall Decor – Fall Stems

Just like all of my other fall tours, I brought fall stems into the kitchen as well. I used those same berries that I picked up at Joann’s, and I mixed them with dried leaves from my redbud tree.

I love the way they look in the basket above my fridge, and I also added them to the white pitcher I recently picked up while antique shopping.

Stems and branches with dried leaves for autumn elements in home
Stems and berries make simple and budget friendly fall decor

Another place you might notice them is behind the range in some of my new (old) pottery that I also scored on that same antique trip! I love the way the rich, warm fall colors in the berries pop against the subway tile. 

Simple fall and autumn ideas for home decor

I also decided to bring my Grandpa’s antique kettle into the kitchen and keep it on my stovetop. It isn’t a working kettle, the inside is too damaged. I’ve been on the hunt for a copper kettle that I can actually use, but goodness they aren’t cheap! In the meantime I’ll enjoy my Grandpa’s, I just take it off whenever I need to cook. 🙂

Range area decorated for fall in cottage style home
Cottage style home decorated for fall

As much as I love summertime, I love the fall season just as much. I love try to not rush the seasons and to use September to slowly transition from summer to fall. End of September is usually when I get really excited about all of the beautiful things about autumn.

Cooler temperatures, colorful leaves outside, warm yummy smells of candles inside, blankets to cuddle with, and all of the other cozy essentials are something that I look forward to whenever the temperatures start to drop here in Michigan.

All of these things are what make the fall season so beautiful and as tempting as it can be to decorate your home from floor to ceiling with ALL of the autumn decor choices available to you, remember – sometimes simple is better.

The kitchen is a primary area where simple is better. Kitchen fall decor can still be beautiful, cozy, warm and inviting even when it is minimal. Pumpkins, stems and baked goods can transform your space in an amazing way. What decorations do you love in your kitchen for fall? I would love to read about them in the comments!


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Simple & Neutral fall kitchen decor touches


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  1. Love your fall touches and kitchen!! I also have a copper tea kettle that I keep on the stove…such a warm vintage piece. The beginning of the video was SO real and funny!! Loved it all!!

  2. I always look forward to your posts, Andrea. Your home is so homey and inviting. I feel as if your home is reaching out to me with a big warm hug!!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us all.

  3. I love what you guys have done with your kitchen especially the stone wall..How do you think that would hold up behind the stove? Thank you.

  4. Recipe for Caramel Corn please.. never made it and would love to surprise my kids when they come home for Christmas.
    Thank You
    Patricia (Coastal North Carolina)

    1. I believe I have it shared from last year in my Instagram story highlights, I hope you are able to find it and I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!

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