Beams and Beadboard Entryway Refresh


Come and see how we transformed our entryway using beams, beadboard, and whole lot of paint!

Come take a look at our cottage style entryway refresh using beams and bead board!

Yaaaaay!!! It’s finally finished!! Our entryway is finally complete! 

What was supposed to be a simple project took more than a month to finish up. Oh my goodness did we run into some hurdles. 

When you live in a 90 year old home, installing bead board isn’t as easy as it may seem. Not a single line in this house is straight. Walls and baseboards and ceilings are all crooked, so cutting the bead board to fit all the wonky edges and angles was QUITE the challenge to say the least. 

Our rustic cottage entryway refresh using beams and beadboard!

I have to say though, I just LOVE the way it came out!! I think something so simple like beadboard adds so much depth and character to a space. Beadboard is so timeless and it just fits our home and the time it was built. We actually have some that’s original to the home in our back entry. 

Classic bead board along our stairway adds so much character to the entryway.
Classic bead board evokes cottage style, and the beams help to bring old world charm in the entryway.

Beams and Beadboard Entryway Refresh – Wall Color

I chose to paint the walls and trim white, and I know I’ll get asked about the color so I’ll tell you what it is right now. I actually didn’t use a color. 

Classic bead board with brass fixtures and rustic beams in the entryway.

I know! I know. Not good design advice. When we moved in to this home 7 years ago now, I painted all the trim a basic white from right off the shelf at our local True Value. 

I was scared that if I chose a white and had paint mixed, my color would clash against all my already white trim. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong and maybe the beadboard won’t stay this way forever, but for now I’m really loving how everything just pops so beautifully against the white background. 

Cottage style entryway with bead board and beams

Beams and Beadboard Entryway Refresh – Lighting

Along with beadboard we made a few other changes in the entry as well. We switched out the light fixtures and I am in love. The dark pendant ties in so nicely to the number hooks that I found at Marshall’s, and the brass sconce matches the original brass hardware on our door. 

A cottage style pendant light combined with beams and beadboard creates a beautiful blend of character
Classic cottage style brass sconce against white beadboard

Beams and Beadboard Entryway Refresh – Accent Colors

I decided to paint the closet door and stairs railings the same color I painted my corner cabinet, Kingsport Gray by Ben Moore.

A warmer hue on the door and railings contrasts beautifully against the white beadboard
A warmer hue on the door and railings contrasts beautifully against the white beadboard
rustic cottage style entryway

I love the warmth that this color adds to the space, and I actually decided to paint the inset of the large window this color as well. The window really makes a statement now and I love how it pops against the white. 

We painted the inside of our window the same color as the door and railings, which really makes it stand out.

Our front door got a fresh coat of paint as well. It used to be Kendall Charcoal by Ben Moore, but I was all out of that paint and since our exterior house color is so similar, I chose to use that instead. We don’t know the exact color of our exterior since it was painted before moving it, but we’ve color matched it and it is very similar to Chinchilla by Behr. 

Our round front door is original to the home and one of my favorite things about our fixer upper.

Beams and Beadboard Entryway Refresh – Minimal Decor

I kept decor pretty minimal. The three tiered basket was a thrift store find and so was the one hanging on our closet door. Filled with eucalyptus and faux flowers, I think both are just so lovely in this space. 

A thrifted basket with some spring greenery is the perfect place to drop keys and mail.
A thrifted basket with stems is a unique play on a traditional wreath!

Beams and Beadboard Entryway Refresh – Faux Beams

Finally, we decided to install some faux beams just like we did in the kitchen. They add the perfect rustic touch that this space needs with all the white and cool grays. 

Rustic beams add so much warmth to our entry and pop so nicely against the white beadboard.

Another huge change that you may or may not have noticed is the trim work around the entry opening now! This opening was added by the previous owners and while I love it, the plain drywall lacked character. Now this opening looks original to the home and matches the casings around all the original doors and windows!

New casings around the entry opening add so much character to this space!
New casings around the entry opening add so much character to this space!
New casings around the entry opening add so much character to this space!

I am going to share tutorials on how we installed the beadboard and moldings, but for now I just wanted to share our new entry space with you. I love how it came out, and the more I figure out my design style, the more I realize how much I love a simple space with very little decor. 

Simple decor in our cottage entry - small details pop beautifully against the beams and beadboard.
Simple decorating draws attention to the character of the home.

When there is so much decor happening, it distracts from the beauty of the round door, the coved ceilings, the high baseboards, and the 90 year old hardware. 

Simple, rustic, cottage style entryway using beams and beadboard.

Those are the things that shine now, and oh it just makes me so happy. 

A three tiered basket is the perfect place for keys and mail in an entry

What do you guys think of the entryway refresh? I’d love to hear! Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Come see how we transformed our entryway using beams and bead board!


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  1. It’s beautiful!!! Love the simplicity of your design through out your whole house! We’ve done some reno to in our old house and know exactly what you mean about nothing is square and takes twice as long as it should…old houses lol got to love them!!!

    1. Oh Ann thank you so so much!! That means the world 🙂 And haha yes…old houses! It’s a love/hate relationship for sure lol!! 🙂

  2. I need to say again how much I love this new color. Adding it to the stair rail and the window along with the doors really adds a finished touch to the room. Looking forward to the post on the bead board installation.
    Great Job!


    1. Thanks Rachelle! Now that you see it in the entryway, do you feel like it’s still too gray? And yes, I hope to get the beadboard post out this weekend!! 🙂

      1. I’m still not sure. I may try to use this color first with my chalk paint mixture on a piece of furniture. That would be a safe way to go!


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  4. This is beautiful! I love the faux beams and would love to hear where you sourced them and how you installed them–I’d love to do something similar!

    1. Hi Rachel! Thank you so much! We made the beams ourselves, I actually have a whole post on how we did them and what we used! Just search “easiest faux beams ever” and you should find it! So appreciate your sweet comment! 🙂

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  9. Look so beautiful. Love the way you have pulled it all together. Can I do a shout out for your True Value Store. Smart move on doing off the shelf white. I work at our local True Value and can I say white is one of the hardest to match since there are so many shades of white when trying to match paint. Good job as always.


    1. Oh my word Kathy! So funny because my husband worked for our local True Value for years and he said the same thing! Not sure it was wise going with a basic white as a blogger haha…but it has worked for us! Thank you for all the love! 🙂

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    1. The stain on the steps is Aged Wheat and the hand railing is painted Stingray, the same color as my trim. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Nicole, the tile was already in when we moved into our home, but I believe it is a slate tile. 🙂 I hope this helps!

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