Thrifty Christmas Bathroom Ideas

Thrifty Cottage Bathroom Ideas

I want to give you guys some thrifty Christmas bathroom ideas today that are simple yet impactful! 

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If you’ve been following along here for some time, you know that I gave our downstairs bathroom a budget friendly makeover this past summer. Well, I started the project at the end of June…I didn’t actually finish the bathroom until October, ha! 

Vanity Area fresh swag Christmas decor
Wreath from hobby lobby simple bathroom christmas decor

Looking back, I’m still so glad that I took my time and thought through every decision. I love the beams we added to the ceiling, the checkered the floors, the sanded vanity…it’s all so beautiful to me! 

This is a tiny space, so for Christmas, I really didn’t want to cram if full of decor. I wanted to add simple holiday touches without spending a lot of time and money. 

Fresh cedar tucked around thrifted jars in bathroom

The first area that I wanted to focus on was the DIY shelf above the toilet area. If you remember, my husband built that shelf using some reclaimed wood. I love it so much, and I knew it would be beautiful decorated for Christmas. 

Decorated shelf in bathroom for Christmas

Since the shelf is so small, I kept things minimal and simply added some fresh cedar stems. I tucked them all around the glass jars (they were thrift store finds) and let the cedar sort of drape over the edge. 

Festive shelf above toilet decorated

My jars are filled with cotton balls, q-tips and bath salt, and I love the contrast of the whites, woods and greens. 

Wreath from hobby lobby simple bathroom christmas decor

To add a bit more festive cheer, I hung a small wreath above the jars that I purchased at Hobby Lobby last year. I really wanted to add some rustic charm to the Christmas decor in this space, so I decided to do something fun and make my own ribbon! 

Festive wreath from Hobby Lobby

I simple cut some strips from a yard of thrift store fabric that was just a few bucks, and pulled on the edges a bit so that they were frayed. I cut both two inch and one inch strips of fabric. For the wreath above the shelves, I went with the one inch fabric and tied it into a bow, allowing the excess to hang quite low. 

Ribbon hanging off of hobby lobby wreath christmas bathroom decor

Right near the toilet is a built in cabinets that I believe is original to our 1930’s home. I took more fresh greenery and combined it with some faux pine, and then created my own swag to hang on the door knob. More ribbon in this area adds the perfect touch! 

DIY Shelf with christmas decor
Cabinet door christmas swag on handle

Since the shower/tub area is the first thing you see when you enter the bathroom, I was trying to think of a way to add Christmas to that area as well.

Shower view with wreath in bathroom from doorway

I decided to add a command hook to the window ledge, use my DIY ribbon and tie a faux cedar wreath there in the window. The wreath was…you guessed it. Another thrift store find! 

Wreath inside shower for bathroom Christmas decor

Since we rarely use this shower (unless we are having guests), the wreath works perfect there and I can easily remove it if need be. 

For the vanity and sink area, I used a thrifted garland and hung it over the mirror. It felt a bit skimpy on it’s own, so I decided to tuck some fresh cedar in and around it. I love how it looks above my vanity area! And of course, some more of my DIY ribbon makes it even more beautiful!

Christmas decor above mirror in bathroom
Simple Christmas Bathroom

The final thing that I added is yet another thrift store find. A very realistic pine swag that I have resting over the towel rack near the door. I love how it looks there and it’s perfect for those hooks!

Pine swag in bathroom for Christmas

I hope you enjoyed these thrifty Christmas bathroom ideas. As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create beautiful, budget friendly Christmas decor for your bathroom. If you are looking for more thrifty Christmas decorating ideas, I have a whole post with more inspiration, here!

Bathroom sink area for Christmas

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this small space, and I’m you decorate your bathrooms for Christmas? I’d love to know in the comments below! 


Thrifty Cottage Bathroom Ideas


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  1. This is incredibly beautiful!! I am a YouTube subscriber, and follow you on IG as well. I wanted to watch your video, but I didn’t want to wake my hubby….so…I came to your blog to READ about the gorgeous and budget-friendly bathroom decor! As always, you’re very inspiring! God Bless!

  2. Warm and cozy, I like the way you bring outdoor nature inside. Your bathroom renovation came out beautiful and the Christmas decoration adds a magic touch.

    Joy to you and your family as you celebrate all that Christmas means.

  3. Such a beautiful bathroom! I love the way you make each room in your house so cohesive and cozy. All you work is so inspiring!

  4. I just adore your amazing bathroom. I’m going to share it in a thrifty Christmas round-up on my blog this Thursday. Beautiful!!

  5. I, too love your “Christmas Bathroom.” Could you please share the paint color on the beadboard?

    Thank you and joyful holidays to you and your family

    1. I am so sorry, I don’t have the color! It is a sage green shade though, I had it already in my basement. I hope you are able to find something similar!

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