Cedar and Eucalyptus Christmas Cottage Kitchen

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Our cedar and eucalyptus Christmas cottage kitchen is both minimal and thrifty! 

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When I decorate my kitchen for Christmas, I like to keep things as simple and minimal as possible. Our kitchen is the heart of our home, and so much of my time is spent in this space not only cooking and baking, but cleaning as well. 

Cedar garland over window

The last thing I want is to have to clean and wipe around extra clutter all over the counters, so I like to look up whenever I’m decorating our kitchen for Christmas. Above the cabinets or on top of the fridge would work, but I focus first and foremost on the windows. 

Fresh Cedar Garland in Christmas Cottage Kitchen

I started with the far window at the back of my kitchen on the stone wall. I wrapped cedar garland (that I got at Target last year, sadly it’s no longer available) around another eucalyptus garland, then hung it above the window trim. I then added battery lights and ribbon to give it some extra Christmas cheer. 

Cedar Garland above back window Christmas Decor
Full view of cedar and eucalyptus kitchen christmas cottage

Since I didn’t have the same garlands to use on the window above my sink, I decided to make a swag using some fresh cedar and faux eucalyptus. It was so simple and affordable ( I got the cedar for free), and I love the added greens above our sink area. 

Above kitchen sink cedar diy  garland

My counter tops stayed pretty much the same. A sprig of cedar here and there is really all you need! One new piece that I wanted to share with you guys is the antique blue and white salt box that I handed down to me after my Grandpa passed away. I love how it looks in my kitchen, but I love that it reminds me of him, too! 

Christmas Decor including antiques from my grandpa

To continue with the blue and white theme, I decided to leave out some of my Currier and Ives dishes on a marble cake stand so that they are readily available for hot cocoa! We drink hot cocoa all the time, and I figured we might as well leave our cups out on the counter rather than putting them away constantly! 

Christmas blue and white decor in Christmas cottage kitchen

Another simple Christmas touch that I added was a small five dollar tree that I got at Target in the dollar spot. I put it inside an ironstone bowl that was also my Grandpa’s, then used some crafty grass filler around the base of the tree. I love how it looks in my kitchen! 

Small Christmas Tree in our cedar and eucalptus Christmas Cottage Style Kitchen

For my chalkboard area, I simply hung a cedar wreath that I got at Goodwill this past summer. I love the simplicity of the wreath and I may end up writing some things on the chalkboard for our boys as we get closer to Christmas, but for now I love it as is. 

Chalkboard Decor in Christmas Kitchen

The butcher block from my Grandfather is still in our kitchen, and I really don’t know if it will stay here but I love it for now. We do plan on finishing our basement, and I would love to have a kitchenette/laundry area. I think the butcher block would be beautiful in a space like that, too. 

Chalkboard Area goodwill christmas
Butcher Block from my grandpa in my kitchen decorated for Christmas

Well I hope you enjoyed my cedar and eucalyptus Christmas cottage kitchen! Do you like to decorate your kitchen for Christmas? What types of things do you add to get your space ready for the holidays?


Pinterest Image Cedar and Eucalyptus Christmas Decor


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  1. I was saving reading your posting so I could enjoy it in the early morning with a good cup of tea. I’m so glad I did. It gave me the time to look at every space. I love your decorating style. The decorations are just enough. I’m trying to not be so heavy handed with Christmas decorations. Sometimes I feel like it looks like a carnival has arrived when I’m done putting everything out. I just started editing and am trying to keep what I really love. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

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