Gold, Silver, and Hymnal Themed Christmas Tree

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Our Gold, Silver and Hymnal Themed Christmas Tree is filled with vintage touches that are both thrifty and unique. I absolutely love our tree this holiday season, and I can’t wait to share all the details with you guys!

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Before I start talking about the decorations I chose for our gold, silver, and hymnal themed Christmas tree, I want to talk a little bit about the tree itself. I ordered it last year from a company called Puleo International, and it the most beautiful tree I have ever owned.

This year Puleo International sent me a second tree for my sunroom, which you can read all about, here

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Puleo International Christmas Tree

I love this company for so many reasons. First of all, their trees look so realistic and I love the fact that the branches are different lengths, just like you would see on a real evergreen. I also love that it is pre-lit, and so easy to put together.

Realistic looking branches from Puleo International Tree

My favorite thing about this tree is the fact that it is so much more affordable than many of the brands and local store prices I have looked at. If you’re on the hunt for a new artificial Christmas tree this year, I highly recommend Puleo International!

For my Christmas tree decorations, I decided to keep things neutral. I love traditional reds and greens, but for my home, neutral is really what I love best this time of year! I have a mixture of silver ornaments and gold ornaments on my tree that I have collected over the past 4-5 years. The mixture of gold and silver gives my tree a vintage feel.

Silver glitter ornaments

Mercury glass is a favorite, and you’ll see some large mercury glass bulbs tucked deep within the tree on sturdy branches (my boys can get pretty wild at times believe it or not). These beautiful bulbs came from Home Goods last year. I love the way they shimmer and sparkle when the twinkling lights hit them.

Hymnal Garland on Christmas Tree
gold, silver and mercury glass ornaments on our Christmas tree

Some larger white bulbs covered in fur bring a pop of white and add a cozy feel. I also have some large silver pine cones on my tree (they came from Hobby Lobby) that look like glass, but they are actually plastic! 

Snowball christmas ornaments

I purchased the neutral Santa Claus a few years ago at Marshall’s, and I love the 1940’s vibe that he has.

Vintage Santa Claus Christmas Tree Ornament

A small white church covered in glitter came from my sister in law, and all the other ornaments on my tree have a vintage feel as well. 

Ornaments tucked deep into sturdier branches
Gold, silver and hymnal themed Christmas Tree

Believe it or not, two of my ornaments this year came from Walmart! Both the white, glittery pine cone that has a small scene carved out with a deer and some trees, and the snow globe ornament with a small church inside were both Walmart scores!

Walmart Ornament Finds for Christmas Tree
Realistic Branches of Puleo International Tree with walmart decor

I made the thicker bead garland with some twine and beads that I ordered online, but the thinner garland with wooden beads spaced out a bit came from Walmart as well! I couldn’t find the exact match online, but I linked one for you here that is similar.

Different types of ornaments on the gold, silver and hymnal themed Christmas Tree
Tarnished thrifted ornaments

All of the gold ornaments that you see on the tree were thrifted. You can tell that they are tarnished and a bit aged, but I really love them and they cost so little!

Every time I shop thrift stores I’m on the hunt for more gold ornaments. You can go thrift shopping for Christmas decor with me here if you are interested! I also wrote a whole post about thrifty Christmas decor here if you’d like more ideas.

Hymnal Garland
Neutral Christmas Tree Garland

Finally, I added my DIY hymn garland to our Christmas tree for some texture. I’ve been using it for three years now, and I absolutely love it! You can find the whole tutorial here if you are looking to make one yourself. They are so simple and cost very little, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. I personally feel like they add such a statement to your tree with very little effort. 

Hymnal Garland on Christmas Tree
Hymnal Garland for gold, silver and hymnal themed christmas

I am still on the hunt for the perfect star for my tree. I have been looking at thrift shops and antique stores, but haven’t had any luck yet. I used a tin star last year which I liked, but I’m not sure that I want to use it again this year. 

Looking for the perfect Christmas tree star

For my tree skirt, I simply used a drop cloth and tucked it around the base of the tree. So easy and affordable! Eventually it will get covered in presents anyway, so why spend a lot of money? 

Drop Cloth Neutral Gold, Silver, and Hymnal Themed Christmas Tree Skirt

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about my gold, silver and hymnal themed tree this year. I absolutely love the view as you walk in the living room and see a second tree behind it in the sunroom. Not only that, but also the view from the dining room is magical as well. All the Christmas trees this year are making me so happy! What a gift to be able to have a tree in almost every room in my home!

Sunroom Gold, Silver, and Hymnal Themed Christmas Tree view
Dining Room Gold, Silver, and Hymnal Themed Christmas Tree View
Dining Room view 2 of living room Gold, Silver, and Hymnal Themed Christmas Tree

How do you decorate your trees for Christmas? Do you stick to neutrals or do you prefer traditional colors? I’d love to hear in the comments below! 


Pin it image for gold, silver, and hymnal themed christmas tree


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  1. Andrea
    What is the name of your tree? Ive look on Puleo website and its hard to see the differences. Is it Puleo International 7.5 Foot Pre-Lit Aspen Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 700 UL Listed Clear Lights?

  2. Andrea, I love your utube channel and I have also given you my email to sign up for your blogs. I don’t know what is wrong but I never get emails from you. I was never able to get the beautiful pumpkins you drew and I have not gotten you Christmas pictures. Can you maybe tell me what I am missing or doing wrong.i will submit my email again. Thank you.
    Oh by the way, I saw your instagram post and wondered if you could share the recipe of your sausage and spinach soup. It looked delicious. At first I thought it was Zuppa Toscana the Olive Garden soup. Well thank you again for sharing, I love your gentle spirit and your creative decorating.

  3. Andrea, I love your tree! It’s beautiful! Your house has such a warm, cozy and peaceful vibe. I stick to neutrals in my Christmas decor too. While I love the reds and greens I feel like I get a little overwhelmed with all the color.

  4. Your trees are perfect for your home. I love that you have a consistent look throughout without looking too identical. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  5. Absolutely stunning Andrea! I love the soft of your Christmas decorations! So magical and soothing! Have you ever considered trying to make a star for the top of your tree? You could cover it with German Glitter. It would look so beautiful on your tree! I think Miss Mustard Seed did one a few years ago. I’ll try to find the picture for you. I have one question… What kind of lights did you use above your French doors? Are they battery operated? I have a garland above my French doors with lights but I’m not crazy about them. I don’t want to run extension cord down the wall. so I’m looking for another solution. can’t wait to see the rest of your decorations!!

    1. Hello, thank you so much for your kind words and your star idea! I love this idea! I am still really considering what to do here. As far as the garland, yes they are battery operated lights. I use them all over my house in areas like this and really like how easy they are to operate! I hope this helps and thank you again for your kind words!

  6. Hi Andrea! I found your blog in the midst of the pandemic, when everything felt a little bleak. I had just had my 2nd baby boy in February, and was quite frightened with the state of the world. Anyways, I happened on your blog, and looking at the way you decorated your home, and how you had created this beautiful little home with your boys gave me hope for my own little home. I’m so happy you share your home with all of us, and just wanted to let you know that. Anyways, I found a beautiful star this year from Ballard Designs that you may want to look at! It is a beautiful gold 8 point star, and I just love it.

  7. I love your tree! Is the one in your dinning room from the same company? I’m new to your blog and I am really enjoying it.

  8. Dear Andrea, I love your home, tree and style! What is the name of your tree? I have looked on the website but never see one that looks like yours.
    Happy Holidays!

  9. Hello, Andrea!
    Your home and trees are beautiful. I truly enjoy your videos and blogs, I was watching your video this morning before work and thought what a neat idea for the hymnal garland. I too love hymns. Just a thought, what if you were to make a star out of hymnal pages. I think it would be so neat to even tea stain the pages lightly. I am sure you will come up with a really neat idea. Hope you and your family have a blessed holiday season.

    1. Thank you Martha! This does sound like a pretty idea, thank you so much! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  10. I think your tree is beautiful but I am a sucker for a red and white tree. I too have mercury glass ornaments from Home Goods (but mine are red) and some cute cowbells that I got from Walmart. It is fun to find things from many places and build a beautiful tree/

  11. Your tree is gorgeous! My girls and I will be making the hymnal garland this weekend and they are very excited!
    Can you please tell me where both of your rugs are from? I have been looking for a style like this to layer in my living room as well!

    1. Hello, thank you so much, I hope the project works well for you! The new rug in my living room is from Target and I purchased it recently, I hope this helps!

  12. Hi Andrea!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home as always. How do you keep your garland up? I have tried command strips, push pins and have taken to stapling my garland to the mantle. Any help you can provide I would appreciate it.

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