Thrifty Simple Christmas Decor!

Thrifty and Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas!

I can’t wait to share these simple, thrifty Christmas decor ideas with you guys!

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You really don’t have to spend a lot of money to create beautiful Christmas decor. Today I have eight different thrifty and simple ideas I’d like to share with you all that are so easy to incorporate into your home for Christmas!

1. Make your own garland

Our sparse Christmas tree looks so real, and you won't believe where I got it!

The first thrifty, simple Christmas decor idea that I have for you today is to make your own garland. There are so many beautiful garland ideas all over Pinterest, from dried orange slices to beads, and even the classic popcorn garland that my mom had for us growing up! 

Cottage style Christmas mantel

This year I’m using the DIY hymn garland that I created a few years ago, and it’s still an absolute favorite of my mine! You can find the whole tutorial here, and it only cost me a few dollars to create! I just love the way this garland looks on my tree this year, I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

2. Wrap up some empty boxes 

Thrifty, simple Christmas Ideas!

This is one of easiest, most inexpensive Christmas decor ideas ever! Save those empty tissue boxes, cereal boxes, or those Amazon boxes you get on your doorstep every few days this time of year! Wrap them up with some beautiful tissue paper and some ribbon and use them as decor in your home!

thrifty and simple Christmas Ideas!

3. Use inexpensive ribbon 

A silk ribbon and some fresh cedar are the perfect addition to this mirror at Christmas time!

The next thrifty, simple Christmas decor idea I have for you guys is to incorporate ribbon throughout your decor! I love to tie beautiful silk ribbon around baskets, bunches of greenery, wreaths, and baskets. It adds a holiday touch wherever you use it!

Easy and Affordable Christmas Decorating Ideas!

I love how simple this table setting was that I created last year. All I used was ribbon and some free pine clippings!

This simple ribbon and pine clippings Christmas tablescape is so easy to recreate. Come see how I put it together!

4. Swap out your pillow covers

Thrifty and Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas!

This next idea is so simple. Simply swap out some of your pillow covers for something more textured and cozy. I love these beautiful knit pillow covers I got on Amazon for just ten bucks each (the price has since gone up to $15 each)! They are so beautiful and they instantly create a cozy vibe!

Affordable Christmas Decorating Ideas!

5. Use unexpected items for a wintery feel

Old ice skates at a Christmas touch to our cottage entryway

My next thrifty, simple Christmas idea is to use unexpected items for a cozy winter feel. I love to use things like ice skates, vintage skis, snow shoes, and sleds in my Christmas decor. You can find them easily at garage sales and thrift shops, and they are so beautiful sitting out during the Christmas season. 

Silver and gold accents mixed with cedar are perfect for simple Christmas decor

6. Incorporate bottle brush trees

Bottle brush trees are one of the easiest and most affordable Christmas decor ideas! You can find them almost anywhere for less than a dollar. I tuck them everywhere! I love using them on my dining room and sunroom shelves this time of year. The cream and white trees are my absolute favorite!

Our cottage style dining room decorated with cedar and ribbon for Christmas

7. Decorate with vintage cookie cutters and candy molds

A vintage Santa cookie cutter and some soft fairy lights create lovely Christmas touches!

When my Grandma passed away, my Grandpa gave me so many of her vintage cookie cutters and candy molds. Instead of keeping them tucked away, pull them out and use them as decor!

Tie some ribbon around them and hang them as ornaments in your kitchen or dining room. Or you can go back to my first idea and make your own garland with them! I love tucking the Santa molds in between the dishes on my dining room shelves for some subtle Christmas cheer.

Vintage Christmas candy molds make for the best neutral Christmas decor

8. Place fairy lights throughout your home 

The final low budget Christmas decorating idea I have for you today is to use fairy lights! These tiny, battery operated lights are so affordable and add some Christmas magic wherever you place them!

Come see where I scored these battery powered twinkle lights! They add a little magic on every table and corner!

I found a twelve pack of these on Amazon for just ten bucks! You will not believe how beautiful your house is at night when you look around and see these magical lights in every corner. 

Christmas buffet table - silk ribbon and cedar inspired Christmas tour

Well I hope these thrifty, simple Christmas decor ideas inspired you today, friends! There are so many other ideas I could probably share with you, but this is a good start. What do you guys like to do to save money when you decorate for Christmas? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


Thrifty and Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas!


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  1. Hi!!! I wanted to ask if you used the warm or white fairy lights? Thanks for your videos ❤️ I love your decor and the way you have decorated for Christmas…everything looks beautiful!!!

  2. I absolutely love all of your decor, especially the vintage cookie cutters and the white ice skates — how unique! My kids always want to put up Christmas candles and decorations before Thanksgiving, however, it can sometimes be an overwhelming task. But, it’s so nice getting my upholstery cleaned, fluffing up the Holiday pillows on the couch, and taking a nap after all of the decorating is complete!!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so so much! It can be overwhelming, but so satisfying once it’s done and you can enjoy it!

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