Thrift Store Finds and Vintage Treasures

It’s been a while since I shared a good home decor haul, and this one is filled with both thrift store finds and vintage treasures!

It’s been a while since I shared a good home decor haul, and this one is filled with both thrift store finds and vintage treasures!

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Since this is such a great grouping and really a perfect representation of what I like to look for when I’m shopping for vintage goods, I thought I would share each of these thrift store finds and vintage treasures and explain why I took these items home with me. 

Display of thrift store finds and vintage treasures in my cottage style home

You have probably already seen a few of these things sprinkled throughout my home in previous posts and YouTube videos, but some of them are “never before seen”, haha and I’m excited to share them with you today. 

Thrift Store Finds

First up, I found this neat set of copper bowls while thrifting for just a few bucks and I had to bring them home. I thought they would look beautiful stacked on a shelf for display, or they could even be incorporated into a table setting. 

Copper bowl thrift store find in my cottage style home

The next item I recently found while thrifting was this beautifully raw wood peg rack. I’m going to leave it as is and potentially use it in my kitchen for kitchen towels! I love the fact that I only paid $1.99 for it and it’s ready to hang – no need for paint or stain (unless I change my mind down the road).

Thrift store find peg rack to use in kitchen

Vintage Treasures

These next few items were actually Christmas gifts, and both are bread boards! 

My Mom got me the neat, smaller primitive board for Christmas and completely surprised me. I love the carved wood and the warm tone that it has. 

Small primitive vintage cutting board that is a vintage treasure

The massive board that you see was a gift from my husband! I have been wanting a large antique breadboard to hang in my kitchen for years, and he got me this one for Christmas this year. 

Vintage treasure antique cutting boards to display in cottage style home

I love it for so many reasons. The warm wood tones, the imperfections, the way you can see the holes and the nails that were used to reattach it at one point. I just love it!

The other vintage treasures I have to share came from my Grandfather.

As you guys know, we lost him this past fall. Grandpa had a beautiful vintage antique collection and my mom invited all of us kids to come look around and see if there was anything we wanted. 

I have shown it before, but this beautiful copper kettle was one of the treasures that I took home with me. I had it displayed next to my fireplace during Christmas, and I might keep it there for now! 

Vintage antique copper kettle from my grandfather but one similar could be found as a thrift store find and or a vintage treasure

I was also able to take Grandpa and Grandma’s blue and white ironstone dishes. They are so pretty and hold so many memories. I can remember eating off of these plates vividly as a little girl! I just had to bring them home. 

Vintage antique ironstone plates from my grandparents used as decor in my home

Another treasure I found was this lovely white granite bowl. I love antique mixing bowls and this one is gorgeous! 

White vintage treasure antique ironstone bowl

Grandpa’s beautiful salt box was another item I have always adored. I love the detail and of course, the blue and white. 

Antique salt box from my grandfathers but could also be found as a thrift store find and or a vintage treasure

Finally, you guys already know how much I love antique duck decoys. My Grandpa had quite the collection and I just love the ones I was able to take home with me. 

Vintage duck decoys that could be a thrift store find and or a vintage treasure

I hope you enjoyed the story behind each of these thrift finds and vintage treasures! They all are so unique in their own special way. I would love to hear about your favorite thrift store finds in the comments below!


It’s been a while since I shared a good home decor haul, and this one is filled with both thrift store finds and vintage treasures!


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  1. You have a Lovely lot there! How about a picture of your Grandpa on a shelf and the decoys displayed there as well! I have decoys too. Look on the bottom for a maker. Some are worth hundreds! I have mine on an old sugar chest sitting as a group. I think I have eight of them.
    We bought them from a local Doctor who was downsizing. They are beautiful works of art!
    Yours are so special! I know you will cherish all the items handed down to you!
    Those dishes are so pretty! Maybe hang a few plates?

  2. What a wonderful collection! The pieces from your grandpa’s house and all the memories they bring with them are especially precious. The blue dishes and the white mixing bowl really called out to me, as my grandma had something similar when I was little. And those cutting boards are stunning…what beautiful gifts to have received. Enjoy all your treasures while your warm and cozy inside your snug cottage, and the winter swirls around outside!

  3. Such treasures. It means so much when there’s a history to them. Can you tell me the manufacturer of your grandparents dishes. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful finds! Love the large bread paddle! You can see on the bottom where it was burnt from the open wood oven. I believe it’s from France. Those are copper au gratin pans, also I believe from France. Love too your treasures from your Granddaddy…priceless. Love your blog.

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