Cottage Sunroom Design Plans and Inspiration

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Come see our cottage sunroom design plans!

Today I’m sharing our cottage sunroom design plans and my inspiration for this space!

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My cottage sunroom design plans are FINALLY coming to life, friends! I have dreamt of these plans for so long, ever since moving into our home eight years ago. I cannot wait to share all my ideas with you and my inspiration for this space!

I really don’t share our sunroom a lot on the blog, because honestly it’s just a catch-all space. The walls weren’t insulated, so while it’s wonderful being out there in the summertime, the room feels like an icebox during the winter. 

Three years ago when I first started blogging, I had the grand idea to turn our sunroom into my little office space. I LOVED being out there working, all the natural light was amazing and I always felt so inspired when I spent time out there. Once November hit, though, I couldn’t take it any more. It was just so cold. 

About a year ago someone gave us a piano for free, and I painted it (tutorial here if you’re interested) and put it in our sunroom. It’s so beautiful out there, but my son Ethan literally has to wear a coat while he practices in the winter months. 

Simple piano makeover using chalk paint

That’s when my husband decided that it was high time to insulate the space. No more icy fingers from playing piano! 

He drilled holes in the wall using a 1 and 7/8 hole saw, rented a cellulose insulation machine from our local hardware, and filled all the walls with Green Fiber R13 insulation. You can watch the whole process in the video linked above if you’re interested! 

How we insulated our sunroom with plaster walls!
Insulating plaster walls in our sunroom

Now that we have holes all over our plaster walls, my plan is to bead board the entire space, just like I did in our entryway last year. 

I LOVE the look of bead board, it has such a charming cottage feel and I have always pictured it in our sunroom! 

My plans for our cottage sunroom!

Once all the walls are covered in beadboard, I’d like to add some built-ins on the wall with three windows. I can picture two, floor to ceiling shelf units on either end, with a window bench underneath. 

Here is a picture I drew for my husband on some graph paper – 

My plans for our cottage sunroom!

Not perfect, but you get the idea! 

I would love to utilize the other side of the space for an office. When we moved into the home, there was a giant orange closet in this corner –

Our sunroom before!

We tore that out and added bead board, a shelf and bench seat which I loved, but the bench portion wasn’t the best use of the space.

My design plans for our cottage sunroom!

We tore out the bench portion, and my plan is to create a built in style desk unit with a desk and file cabinet that my Mom gave to me. Once everything is all painted the same color, I really think it’ll be beautiful!

My design plans for our sunroom!
I want to create a built in style desk unit in our sunroom!

My inspiration comes from my sweet friend Amanda over at Sincerely, Marie Designs. You HAVE to go check out her office makeover from last fall! The moment I saw her shelf and corbels, I thought of my own shelf in my sunroom. Here is a picture of her beautiful space!

My friend Amanda's office at Sincerely Marie, Designs gives me so much inspiration!
Photo by Amanda at Sincerely, Marie Designs

Gorgeous, right?! 

I have no idea what color I will paint my desk area, I haven’t thought that far in advance. But can you picture something like this in my space?? I’m just so exited to get started!!

We plan on keeping the piano in the sunroom, and I have also been painting a lot lately, just for fun. I’m not the best at it, but it’s therapeutic and something I have really come to enjoy. I would love to set up an easel out here and use this space to paint, as well!

My beginner paintings during quarantine

I love how the original french doors don’t completely shut you out from the rest of the home, but they break up the space enough to where I can escape when I want to be creative. 🙂

Our cottage sunroom design plans!

I know my photos weren’t that pretty today, but I love sharing my ideas with you guys and hearing your feedback. Do you like my cottage sunroom design plans and inspiration? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Come see our cottage sunroom design plans!


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  1. Your artwork is lovely and you are talented at it! You should consider selling digital prints of them!

    1. Yes I agree! The paintings are so lovely would love to purchase these prints for my home 😊

      1. Hi Shannon!! That is so kind of you to say. I have gotten a lot of requests to sell my art, so I think this is really something I might consider. I don’t feel qualified or worthy really, but if they could bring joy to someone then that’s all that matters I guess. 🙂

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  4. Your article was entitled how I insulated my son room, but it was more about how you decorated it and added an office. I’m really interested to know about insulation for sunrooms. Did you insulate the floor? Or just a small space around the windows?

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