6 Thrifty and Simple Christmas Decor Ideas

6 Thrifty and Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas!

Today I’m sharing 6 thrifty and simple Christmas decor ideas to help save money on your decorating this year!

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We are half way through November, and I still haven’t started decorating for Christmas yet! I’m definitely in the planning stage, though – and each year it’s tempting to want to buy new decor as I plan for the coming holiday. 

Sunroom Christmas Tree view

Today I’m sharing a few tips that help me to save money each year on Christmas decorating, but I’d love to hear from you guys as well! Please leave a comment and share all your tips and tricks with me! I love learning from my readers. 🙂

Layer Garlands with Stems and Holiday Picks

My first tip for you has to do with Christmas greenery. Have you seen the prices lately for quality, faux cedar garlands? Holy moly. I love the look of layering different garlands, but I don’t love the price. 

Rather than laying two full size garlands on top of each other, consider using individual stems and holiday picks to add interest and fullness! 

How to beef up your Christmas garland!

My fireplace mantel is a perfect example of this! I started off with a cedar garland and hung it under my reclaimed beam, then I simply added pine branches, some holiday picks and eucalyptus stems to create a full and layered garland! 2

Rustic cozy Christmas mantel

A full sized eucalyptus or berry garland would have been much more pricey, but I saved by sticking individual stems where I wanted them, and I had more control that way, too! 

Thrift for Unique and Vintage Ornaments

Another way to save on Christmas decor is to go thrifting for your ornaments! Thrift stores are loaded this time of year with bins and bins or holiday decor, and I am always amazed at what I find. 

Beautiful thrifted champagne Christmas ornaments

Last year I took you all thrifting with me and found the prettiest gold ornaments for the tree I put up in my dining room. The entire bag was just a few dollars! You just can’t beat thrift store prices. 

Beautiful Christmas Decor from thrift stores

Mix Real Greens with Faux

This third way to save money on Christmas decorating is one of my favorites. Take a trip to the woods (with permission, of course) and clip some fresh greens for decor! I love to mix real cedar with my faux cedar garlands. It smells amazing and it adds life and fullness to all of Christmas decor! 

Basket with ribbon and ice skates

I especially love this tip for decorating my front porch. I put fresh cedar all around my door and porch last year and I just love the way it all turned out!

Cedar garland hung on porch for Christmas

Repurpose Old Decor

Before buying new, take a look at your current Christmas decor and see how you can repurpose it. Are there ornaments you could paint? Stems you could reuse from an old wreath?

Last year I took some basic gold and silver bulbs and painted them with gold and black paint to create a mercury glass effect. I’ve also painted entire nativity scenes! 

Gold, silver and hymnal themed Christmas Tree

See if you can create the look you’re going for with what you already have, before you purchase anything new. 

Cut Strips of Fabric to Use as Ribbon

I love using ribbon all throughout my Christmas decor. I tie it on swags and in the center of garlands, on my newel post and even on sconces. 

Full entry way Christmas Decor

Sometimes I find cheap ribbon at thrift stores or in clearance bins, but in order to save even more money, consider cutting fabric into long strips to use as Christmas decor

Bedroom angle for introduction

Last year I cut some striped fabric and tied it to various branches on my sunroom tree, and I love how it turned out! 

Sunroom Christmas Tree

I did the same thing in my bathroom last year, and used strips of fabric to hang on wreaths and greenery. 

Bathroom sink area for Christmas

Keep it Simple and Use Items You Already Have

My last tip for you is to keep it simple. There’s no need to switch out all of your artwork or have new Christmas dinnerware each year. 

For example, I created a cocoa bar last year and I used the same cups that we drink out of all year long. A sprig of some greenery, some twinkle lights and a few cinnamon sticks instantly create a holiday feel. There was no need to purchase anything extra! 

How to create an old fashioned Christmas cocoa bar!

I hope these 6 thrifty and simple Christmas decor ideas were a help to you friends! I would love to hear your tips and tricks for decorating in the comments!

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6 Thrifty and Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas!


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  2. Andrea!! I love your tips!! I’m going to have to try that trick of using fabric for ribbon!! I cleaned out the clearance bin thus year, but they didn’t have much to choose from! Thanks girl!

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