French Cottage Home Tour – Share the Love Series

French Cottage Midwest Home Tour

I’m continuing my Share the Love Series this week with a French Cottage home tour from another special friend – Liz from The Quick Journey Blog!

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Hey friends!

There are so many reasons why I love Liz, and I can’t wait to share her French Cottage home with you. Just like Sarah’s home that I shared last week, Liz’s style is different from my own. 

The Quick Journey French Cottage Home Tour

As I mentioned above, she refers to her home as “French Cottage”, and while I don’t know a lot about style and design, I can still appreciate so many of the features and elements that she uses in her decor. 

But before I share photos of her home, let me start off by saying that one of the main reasons why I love Liz is because of the person that she is. 

When I think about the beauty of homemaking, Liz is one of the first friends that comes to mind. She is intentional in the way that she lives and serves her family, from cleaning to cooking to homeschooling and more. 

Liz is always sharing yummy recipes with nourishing food for her family, and if I could use one word describe her Instagram account, it would be “cozy”. 

You just have to head over and and take a look for yourself!

Her home decor is an eclectic mix of both modern lines and vintage elements, which I love. But one of my favorite rooms in her home is probably her kitchen!

French Cottage Kitchen Elements

I just love the way she styles her beautiful kitchen shelves with both decorative and everyday items. I have been so much more intentional lately about using the things that I keep out on my counters or kitchen shelves, and not just filling them with items that only serve as decor. 

Hanging kitchen cottage decor displayed on shelves

Liz does such a great job with this and she’s such an inspiration to me! 

I also love the way Liz incorporates vintage artwork throughout her home. This is another goal of mine this year…I just love vintage art and I’ve always struggled to find ways to use it throughout my home. 

Dining space in french cottage home tour

The artwork that Liz decorates with looks both effortless and purposeful at the same time. 

Her living room space is so cozy, I love her mixture of clean lines and vintage pieces. The layering of soft textures and pillows makes the entire space so inviting. I can picture myself on the sofa with Liz, enjoying a cup of coffee and chatting about all things home!

French Cottage living room space design inspiration
Piano and other vintage pieces incorporated into interior design of home

Liz does a great job of incorporating beautiful, darker wood pieces as well. Sometime it’s tempting to paint everything and anything I find second hand, but more and more I have been drawn to natural wooden elements in my home. 

I love the dark hutch Liz has next to her fireplace and the way she has styled it with vintage treasures. 

Dark wooden hutch displaying dishes in french cottage home

She also has two dark yet beautiful nightstands in her bedroom that are lovely as well! 

Dark wooden nightstands in bedroom area
Cottage style elements wooden nightstands bedroom inspiration
Darker wood elements that bring vintage look to home

I also enjoy the way Liz decorates her children’s bedrooms! Bright, airy and cheerful – these fun spaces are a wonderful mixture of whimsy and vintage!

Bright airy cheerful childrens bedroom interior design
Simple airy and bright childrens bedroom inspiration home tour

Isn’t Liz’s home lovely? I hope you’ll head over to her blog and get to know her more. She is such a special friend and encouragement to me. Her love for the Lord is so evident and she’s a beautiful example of a wife and mother. 

Beautiful vintage and antique pieces in french country cottage home
Vintage cozy elements in living room space
French cottage style home living room and fireplace area

This past week I was given such a special gift – not one, not two, but THREE snow days. My husband was home for three days straight. We were able to finish all the trim along the baseboards, paint, clean, and put the house back together. 

I even organized all of my homeschool materials and all of my kitchen cabinets!! It was SUCH a blessing that God knew I needed after a crazy month (we refinished our floors in January). 

I have a few more things to figure out decor wise, but I’m so excited to share our home with you now that the floors have been done. Stay tuned sweet friends.

I hope you enjoyed this French Cottage home tour featuring my sweet friend Liz, from the Quick Journey Blog. I would love to read your thoughts in the comments!


French Cottage Midwest Home Tour


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  1. Andrea, it is so sweet of you to share this series! I absolutely adore what she’s done in the kitchen — so cottage-esque and Beautiful!

  2. This is your best video yet, Andrea! While I always love and enjoy your home content, your little guy’s delightful conversation with you just brought joy to my morning!

  3. Good morning, Andrea!
    I’m thrilled you decided to continue this “Share the Love” series! I always learn so much in the home décor realm& meet lovely new ladies! Today’s video was such fun since I have a love of vintage art & gallery walls too! Thank you for all the footwork it took to collaborate with Liz & share her blog, channel, and home with us! Have a lovely, cozy day.

  4. What a pretty home. I especially like the high contrast of dark and light in her home and the use of dark wood pieces. This is a great series as I’m always interested in newbies to check out in the vast world of Christian home bloggers.

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