Printable Christmas Devotionals

Printable Christmas Devotionals

Have you heard the news? There are new printable Christmas devotionals for women and children available for us to both ponder the Holy Season and focus on the true meaning of Christmas available now on the blog!

Have you heard the news about our childrens Christmas devotional

Hey friends! Christmas is approaching quickly, and for some – the countdown brings excitement and joy. For others, feelings of anxiety creep in as that number on the calendar gets closer and closer to the big day. Whatever you’re feeling this Christmas season, I want to encourage you to pause and remember what Christmas is all about. I know it’s cliche, but let’s not forget the Reason for the season. 

I’ll be honest, sometimes I get so distracted by everything on my Christmas to-do list that I forget about why this season is so special to begin with. I’m constantly reminding my boys of that, yet somehow I allow the busyness to distract me from the whole reason why we celebrate. 

Women's devotional on Pondering the Holy Season during Christmas

As most of you know, my Mom and I wrote a devotional last month all about gratefulness, and what causes us to be ungrateful as women. Well, we so enjoyed the process of writing and creating that study that we decided to create two more for Christmas! 

The first is called Pondering the Holy Season, and it’s a six day study on how Mary pondered that very first Christmas so long ago. The study was written by my Mom, and it’s purpose is to shift our focus and ponder on the things that really matter this time of year. 

Pondering the Holy Season during Christmas devotional for women
Have you heard the news? New women's devotional on Pondering the Holy Season
Pondering the Holy Season devotional for women during the Christmas season

This devotional is available as both a printable 21 day booklet with a note taking section and questions for further reflection, as well as an e-book version in case you’d rather read it from your phone.

Each day has Scripture for reading as well as a devotional challenge and prayer. 

Women's devotional to focus on Holy Season during Christmas
Women's printable Christmas devotional on Pondering the Holy Season

The second devotional we have available was written by my Mom and I both, and it’s created for children! It’s called The 12 Days of Christmas for Children, and each day includes a Scripture passage, a devotional to read to your kids, and a craft that goes along with the lesson!

Christmas devotional and crafts for children during the Holy season
Christmas devotional and activity packet for children

The printable devotional packet is so special to me, because I created it with my boys in mind. We love to craft together, and I love sharing the truth of the Gospel with them daily. How awesome to start each day leading up to Christmas with a challenge that centered their heart around Christ?

Christmas devotionals for children to focus on the real reason of Christmas
Crafts and devotional pages for children to focus on during Christmas
Craft ideas for children in Christmas devotional
Christmas crafts for children to focus on Christ

If you have young children visiting for Christmas, I think this packet would be so much fun! You could pass out the different crafts and devotionals for kids to read and work on while the adults visit. Maybe even have your children read them aloud!

Christmas craft ideas for Children for Christmas
Craft ideas for children around Christmas time during the Holy season
Christmas craft ideas to focus on Jesus during Christmas
Creating gift tags christmas craft ideas for children
Craft ideas for children creating Christmas present tags

Again, this devotional is available in an e-book version as well. The e-book doesn’t come with the crafts, but it will still provide you with the Christmas devotionals to read to your children or grandchildren. 

Printable Children's devotional for Christmas

My mom and I absolutely love Christmas. The lights, the magic, the music, the baking, the holiday movies. Everything about this season brings us so much joy. But we so desperately want to remind ourselves that none of it would be possible without the immense love of our Savior, and all that He gave by coming to earth as a humble baby. 

As I hold Isaiah in my arms this Christmas, surrounded by all the beautiful seasonal decor around me, I can’t help but think about Mary as she looked into the eyes of her Child and pondered His miraculous birth in that lowly stable. 

Picturing that scene brings tears to my eyes, and this Christmas more than anything I want to remember and ponder the greatest Gift of all – Jesus, God with us. 

Our prayer is that both of these printables would bless lives and move hearts towards the powerful hope of the Gospel this Christmas.

I hope you are able to consider these printable Christmas devotionals for yourself, a family member or even as a gift for a friend! Thank you all for stopping by today friends!


Women's Christmas Devotional Pondering the Holy Season
Printable Christmas Devotionals



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