Minimal Fall Decor Touches in our Bedroom

Pinterest ideas for minimal fall bedrooms decor

Decorating for fall doesn’t necessarily mean leaves on every surface! There are so many more ways you can incorporate minimal fall touches into any space including your bedroom!

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These minimal fall bedroom decor touches will have your space feeling cozy in no time! I love using thrifty, subtle changes when transitioning through the seasons, it truly makes decorating so much easier!

Beautiful bedroom decor, simple and thrifty

The last time I shared our bedroom space was early this spring, and it has pretty much stayed that way throughout the summer. As we moved into the autumn months, I was craving some change. 

Minimal fall bedrooms decor with DIY nightstand and flower arrangement

The biggest change you may have noticed is our duvet cover. I actually found it at Goodwill not long ago, brand new in the Target packaging. Stripes generally read “summertime” to me, but it was such a good price ($15!!) that I had to bring it home and try it. So far I’m loving the cottage-y, relaxed vibe that it adds. 

Our bedroom is all ready for fall!

Farmhouse striped duvet cover for bedroom fall decor

Another change that’s different from my spring bedroom tour is the pine chest at the end of the bed. I found it a few months ago at a local antique store for $45, and it was so beautiful that I just had to bring it home. The patina is so lovely, and while it’s a lot of wood in one area, this was really the only place in my home that it worked. 

Pine chest for the end of the bed

It might not stay there forever, but I’m loving the extra storage and it’s always nice to have a beautiful place to sit and put your shoes on! 

In order to give my bedroom a fall feel, I added just a few simple and thrifty things.

Simple fall nightstand decor with pumpkins in the bedroom

Fall is all about cozy weather, and with the chilly temperatures comes texture! Scarves, sweaters, and blankets! A throw blanket at the end of our bed instantly makes the bed feel cozy and inviting. 

Cozy and warm throw blanket bedroom ideas for fall bedroom decor

Next, I added some small white pumpkins to our nightstands. I got mine at a local vegetable stand for just a dollar, and I love the subtle change they add to our bedroom space. 

Simple white pumpkin decor

Another thing I decided to do was switch out our spring flower arrangement for something that felt a little more like fall. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I simply walked around my yard looking for things I could clip in order to make a pretty arrangement. 

Fall bedroom flower arrangement

My hydrangeas have all turned dark pink, so that was my inspiration. I am going to share more about this arrangement later this week, so stay tuned! I get a lot of questions about how I create flower arrangements and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to explain! 

Hydrangea bedroom flower decor

By the way, I guess my cat just really wanted to be in this tour, haha! She kept getting into every picture that I took and she’s even in the video I linked above as well. So sorry about that!! 

Curious cute kitten
Fall decorating in our bedroom!

The last change I made in my bedroom for fall was switching out my spring prints to the fall abstract paintings I painted recently! I love the deep, moody feel they add to our bedroom and I really thing that they could work all winter long! 

Downloadable prints for home decor

You can grab those prints here, if you’re interested! 

Art used as autumn decoration

And that’s it! All of the easy and minimal fall decor touches in our bedroom! I have blogged about almost everything in this space, including our DIY headboard, our painted dresser with raw wood drawers, as well as how I achieve a raw wood finish like I did on my nightstands.

Thrifty nightstand in the bedroom

If you think of any other questions about our bedroom space, feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks so much for stopping by today, friends! 


Pinterest ideas for minimal fall bedrooms decor


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  1. Just came over from seeing you on youtube:). Love your beautiful bedroom, Andrea!
    You are so talented and 8nspiring, Sweetie pie!
    We are fighting colds/sinus infections here. Please pray for all of us to be back to 100% quickly.
    Our daughter was sectioned on Friday morning and brought baby sister home to two big brothers late Saturday afternoon.
    While our S-i-l is off this week, we need to be good to go next week to daytime hrs with Kristen and baby Samantha! Trusting our Lord to heal and restore, keep us on our feet!
    I’m really excited about learning your flower arranging tips ~ sweet that your great G’ma was a florist ~ how cool is that :)!!
    Loved every minute being with you again, Sweetie pie ~ what a Sweet fragrant Blessing you are in my life! Sending hugs from Ohio:)
    ~ Susan, xo

    1. Oh my goodness Susan, I will for sure be praying for you! Thank you so much for all of your incredibly sweet words!

  2. I love your simple fall bedroom, especially the flower arrangement. I have always wanted a hydrangea that would turn pink like that. Do you know the name of your hydrangea plant?

  3. You are so so talented Andrea! I just think you’re amazing! I absolutely love your bedroom! Is there any way that I could send you a photo of our bedroom and get some advice from you? We are very limited money wise. But I don’t like our dark furniture and would like your opinion on what would be your suggestion on what you would do to it. Thank you so much for all your help!

    1. Aw thank you so much Diane! I have several blog posts of my bedroom and a lot of DIY posts on my blog as well that I think could really help you redo some of that furniture! If you go to my home page and scroll down there is a search bar that you can type what you would like to read on. For example if you type “furniture” it will show you the articles I have written on that subject! I really hope this helps you as you redo your bedroom!

  4. I was wondering if you might be going to do some Christmas paintings like the fall ones? I LOVE the pumpkin ones!!

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