Silk Ribbon and Cedar Inspired Christmas Tour

This silk ribbon and cedar inspired home tour is rustic and simple yet warm and elegant!

This silk ribbon and cedar inspired Christmas tour is simple and a bit rustic, yet fitting for our English Cottage style home!

A silk ribbon and some fresh cedar are the perfect addition to this mirror at Christmas time!
This silk ribbon and cedar inspired Christmas tour takes you from our entryway to our dining space!
Our fireplace builtin shelves are the perfect place to add vintage Christmas touches.
Fresh cedar garland and ribbon are the perfect addition at Christmas time!

Today I’m joining some friends to share our silk ribbon and cedar inspired Christmas tour! After touring my home, be sure to check out all the lovely inspiration linked below!

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As I type this post, big flakes of snow are falling down outside of my living room windows. It’s the most beautiful backdrop behind the glow of my Christmas tree. The kittens are sleeping – one in each chair – along with my two youngest boys. The house is quiet apart from the soft hum of the furnace, and I can’t help but fight tears as I look around and think about all God has blessed us with this year.

I just know it’s going to be a very Merry Christmas, so I’m sharing my Christmas home tour with you today. This home is so much more than the fresh cuts of cedar or the pretty silk bows hanging from the garlands. It’s the memories and the moments – like the time you take to put your phone down and admire your little boy’s eyes as they reflect the twinkle lights from the tree – that make this home so very special this time of year. 

Cedar garlands and ribbon in our Cottage style home at Christmas time

This season is so busy – some even call it stressful. And if we aren’t careful, we’ll miss those simple, precious moments that surround us during this magical time of the year. As we count down the days and try to “get through” these next few weeks, I would challenge you to not just endure this time, but enjoy it. Welcome it. Cherish every moment. Create special memories. Make cookies with children or grandchildren and decorate them at the dining table. Sing Christmas carols and gather on the sofa to watch Christmas classics in the family room. Decide to just stay home and truly be with each other. 

I hope you enjoy my silk ribbon and cedar inspired Christmas tour today! If you missed it, I shared my Christmas bedroom already along with my Christmas porch on the blog last week. It was in that post that I explained why I love fresh cedar so much! There is something about it that just reminds me of a simpler time – an old fashioned, vintage Christmas. And there is nothing more beautiful than pairing cedar with a lovely silk bow. 

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Simple Christmas cottage entry with fresh cedar and ribbon
Fresh cedar is perfect for simple Christmas decor

I kept things very simple in my entryway, adding Christmas touches of fresh cedar to my thrifted basket. I used some faux cedar garland (linking it here, it’s so affordable) but I also added some fresh cedar stems to fill it out and make it look more lifelike for no additional cost. 

Cottage style Christmas entryway with fresh cedar and ribbon
Antiques that fit the season make for perfect Christmas decor

One of my favorite ways to decorate at Christmas time is to use antiques that fit with the season. My thrifted ice skates pop beautifully in my basket, and I also displayed some antique skates on my fireplace shelves. My grandpa gave them to me one Christmas and I love them so much!

Old ice skates at a Christmas touch to our cottage entryway

One of my most recent finds are the old wooden snow skis I have propped up next to my couch. I recently scored them for $35 while antiquing! I might leave them up all winter long, we’ll see!

Antique skis are perfect for a vintage Christmas feel
Antique snow skis are perfect for a vintage Christmas inspired home!

My mantel is once again a mixture of real and faux garland greenery. I hung the garland so that it tapered down towards the tree, which is another favorite of mine this Christmas!

Christmas mantel with eucalyptus, pine, cedar and ribbon
Cottage style Christmas mantel with cedar, eucalyptus, pine and ribbon

For my entire marriage (almost 10 years) I have always had thrifted Christmas trees. This year we finally decided to purchase a new one, and I am so in love! 

I got this tree on Amazon and I cannot tell you how impressed I am by the quality! The needles and trunk look so lifelike, and I love the longer branches that stick out, just like a real tree! I kept the ornaments pretty minimal and simply added my DIY hymn garland that I made last year along with some DIY wooden bead garlands. A few thrifted brass ornaments and some mercury glass, and that’s it! 

Our sparse Christmas tree looks so real, and you won't believe where I got it!
Cottage style Christmas mantel - A sparse tree and a rocking horse create a vintage Christmas feel
Our sparse tree has so many diy garlands, including a diy hymn garland I made last year!
Come see where I scored these battery powered twinkle lights! They add a little magic on every table and corner!

The twinkle fairy lights you see in every corner and on every table are so beautiful. I got them here and they add a little magic wherever you use them!!

Another antique find are these snow shoes…they were missing the straps so I didn’t pay much at all! I love how they look in my Christmas decor! As you enter the dining room you can see how I added more of that same garland to the archway. I once again added real cedar branches to fill it out! 

Antique snow shoes are perfect for Christmas decor!
English Cottage style Christmas tour using ribbon and cedar

The buffet also got some cedar along with a pretty silk ribbon on top of the mirror. It is so simple but so elegant. You can see more of my Christmas shelves here along with a simple Christmas table setting!

Christmas buffet table - silk ribbon and cedar inspired Christmas tour
Our cottage style dining room decorated with cedar and ribbon for Christmas

You may have also noticed that we got a new light fixture in our dining space!! I love it so much…I actually scored it on Black Friday and got it for so much cheaper than what it’s listed at now, but I’ll link it for you here if you’re interested!! 🙂

Our new lantern pendant is perfect above our DIY table, especially at Christmas time!
Some ribbon, eucalyptus and cedar tied off with ribbon on our lantern adds the perfect Christmas touch
Cottage style dining room decorated with cedar and ribbon at Christmas time

We made a little countdown on the kitchen chalkboard…my boys helped me, can you tell? Haha 🙂

Christmas countdown on our DIY kitchen chalkboard!

I hope you enjoyed this silk ribbon and cedar inspired Christmas home tour today friends! Be sure to check out all the other gorgeous home tours linked below!! 

Christmas in our country cottage using cedar and eucalyptus!
Silver and gold accents mixed with cedar are perfect for simple Christmas decor
Adding cedar and ribbon in each corner create Christmas magic where ever you look!
Our DIY farmhouse table at Christmas time in our cottage inspired home
Antique snow shoes and fresh cedar create a vintage cottage inspired Christmas!
Cottage style dining room decorated with cedar garland and ribbon
Our sparse tree is minimal in decor yet still warm and elegant!

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This silk ribbon and cedar inspired home tour is rustic and simple yet warm and elegant!


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  1. Andrea,

    Your home is simply stunning. I love the way you added festive but understated decor throughout. The arches with the swags are gorgeous. Our last home was built in the 1930’s and had those same beautiful arches. Love all the character of your home.

  2. You have hit the perfect pitch with your Christmas decorations, Andrea. Everything is extraordinary. I hope you and your family are enjoying it all immensely. Cheers and Happy Holidays, Ardith

  3. Andrea your Christmas decor is just beautiful! I absolutely love your new tree! I had fun looking at all the details! Pinning…Merry Christmas!

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  5. Soooo beautiful. You can see you are in a peaceful state of mind and it shows in your decor. Makes me want to start on my pwn home again. I was feeling rather lost and overwhelmed until I watched the video then followed the link here.
    Have a wonderful year my friend.

    1. Oh my goodness Juli, that is the sweetest comment ever! Thank you so much for telling me that!! How wonderful that I have inspired you in some small way! 🙂

  6. Have made my way to your blog via ‘English Cottage Home Tour’ . . . pineandprospecthome is now a bookmark for me and I’ve already viewed several back posts. But just LOVE this Christmas 2019 video – was it just 6 months ago??? I trust that your family has ‘weathered’ these recent months. But back to the video, I kept waiting for the movie to start 🙂 Would you please share the music you used, it absolutely sets the atmosphere and to me it sounds like a ‘classic Christmas’ score. Blessings to you and your family!

    1. Aww Betty thank you SO much!! I’m so happy you discovered my channel!! So that track is listed in the description in the YouTube video – it’s called English Country Garden! YouTube has a free audio library that they allow creators to use which is so neat! I loved that score, too. 🙂 It was such a fun one to make!!

  7. I have just recently found your blog and YouTube videos and have been enjoying going back to look at some of the older ones. This has to be the prettiest Christmas home tour I have ever seen. I also just watched your Christmas tour on YouTube. Simply beautiful! It made me want to order fairy lights and a new tree.
    Every year I am on a mission to find the perfect tree, but never seem to succeed. lol
    Can you tell me if your beautiful tree is a 6.5 foot tree or the 7.5 foot tree. Does it take up a lot of room? I love the more sparse look. Thank you for inspiring us all.

    1. Hi Ann!! Oh my word, thank you SO much!! Your sweet words made me smile so big! 🙂 Our living room tree is a 7.5 foot tree! And I cannot recommend it enough! It is so so beautiful! 🙂

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