Thrifty Cottage Christmas Porch

This thrifty, cottage Christmas porch was so simple and affordable!

Come see how simple it is to create a thrifty cottage Christmas porch full of vintage character without having to spend a lot of money!

Hey friends! We are less than three weeks away from Christmas, and today I thought I’d share my thrifty cottage Christmas porch with you guys! I took these photos in the middle of a heavy snow, which was probably a mistake since my lens kept getting wet! You’ll notice blurry spots in a few of the photos…so sorry about that!

English Cottage Style Christmas Porch
A magnolia wreath is perfect for a winter porch
Our English cottage style home looks so beautiful covered in snow!

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The reason I call my porch “thrifty” is because most of the greenery you see what thrifted! I scored big this year while thrifting and I was even able to add garland to our new fence. I love how it looks covered in snow! 

White picket fence decorated for Christmas
This is the most affordable way to decorate the outside of your home for Christmas!

My trick for making my garlands more full and life like is to add lots of fresh cedar branches! My parents have cedar trees in their backyard so I was able to get it for free, and honestly I wish I had taken more. It’s so beautiful as Christmas decor!

Today I'm sharing all of my tips for a charming Christmas porch!
Cedar garlands are perfect for an English Cottage Christmas porch
My trick for making your faux garlands look more full and life-like!

There is something about fresh cedar that looks so vintage and old fashioned to me, perfect for a cottage Christmas porch. I absolutely love it and I incorporated it all throughout the inside of my house as well! I can’t wait to share my home tour with you next week. 

You can see that I also added a mixture of evergreen branches to my window boxes. I literally just shove them into the dirt and they usually last most of the winter since the temperatures are so low in Michigan! Again, all of the fresh greens were free! 

Affordable winter window box ideas
Tips for creating a vintage inspired cottage style Christmas porch!

If you don’t have access to fresh greens that you can cut for free, I believe they are available at most home improvement stores!

The planter on my porch was a thrift store find as well, I just add some beautiful pine branches and weighed it down with a few stones. 

How to create a thrifty cottage Christmas porch

When I think about a cottage Christmas porch, I immediately feel that the decor should be full of character and charm, just like the home itself. I used vintage finds like my ice skates and an old sled to do just that. My mom gave me the sleigh, but I see old ones at thrift stores all the time! The same goes for ice skates…mine were thrifted and I love the way they look draped over my sled. 

Some thrifty finds can easily add so much character to a porch at Christmas time!

I got the lanterns on clearance a few years ago, but you can find similar ones here that are fairly affordable! I chose to use a magnolia wreath on my door and I simply tucked some fresh cedar into the magnolia leaves to give it a more wintery feel. 

How to create a thrifty cottage Christmas porch
My tip for an affordable Christmas porch!

I know it’s very simple, but I wanted to share how easy it is to create a thrifty cottage Christmas porch that doesn’t cost a lot! Have you decorated the outside of your home for Christmas yet? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


This thrifty, cottage Christmas porch was so simple and affordable!


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  1. The house looks great. Reminds me of a little gingerbread house. You inspire us all to be mindful and not to spend too much money. That is not what the season is about.

    The gray on the house melts my heart! The snow makes it look so festive , winter, cozy. Pretty perfect, I would say.

    One quick question for you. Not trying to be snarky.
    Should you cover up the numbers on your house when you photograph it? Just trying to keep you safe.😉

    1. Hey Barb, I have thought about that before and it’s definitely something I should consider. Thank you so much for all the sweet words! I appreciate the love so very much!! 🙂

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  3. Love your Christmas Porch! Beautiful in its simplicity. Thanks for the tips on using cedar branches, they are lovely. Love your white fence all decked out for Christmas, as well!

  4. Your site is inspiring! We are building a house in MI and I have been seeking the right color for the exterior. I love to the shingle product and paint color for the exterior of your home. Do you mind sharing the info on this? Thank you!

    1. Hello Stephanie, thank you so much! Unfortunately, both of those details were already there when we moved in, I wish I could’ve helped more! If you show it to a paint store, they may be able to find a close match. I hope you love your new home! Congrats!

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