Traditional English Cottage Home Tour – Share the Love Series

Traditional English Cottage Home Tour

Hello friends! Today I am excited to share my friend Sarah’s Traditional English Cottage Home and her beautiful blog and YouTube channel, She Holds Dearly!

To view the entire YouTube video, click here.

Sarah’s Traditional English Cottage Home will be the first home tour in my Share the Love Series for 2023. This is the third year now that I have chosen to do this series of posts, and I love sharing all of my friend’s talents and unique styles with you! 

Traditional English Cottage Porch Decor
English Cottage Master Bedroom Details
English Cottage Style Living Room
Beautiful English Cottage Master Bedroom Details
Vintage Cottage Kitchen Decor Inspiration

Before I dive into sharing her beautiful home, I want to share a little about Sarah. She is the creator behind She Holds Dearly, and has both a blog and a YouTube channel. She is extremely talented, and I just know you will love following along with her.  

I was actually able to meet Sarah in person when she graciously reached out to me a few years ago and invited me on a blogging retreat alongside two other seasoned bloggers. I was blown away that she wanted to invite me to this retreat – a new blogger with little to offer the group. 

The retreat was so helpful, not only fellowshipping with other bloggers and gaining knowledge, but also growing closer to these sweet and encouraging women with such pure desires to help me on my journey. 

Porch exterior elements cottage style home

To this day, I am blessed to consider each of the bloggers from this retreat close friends. We talk often and I am so incredibly thankful for Sarah and her choice to invite me along. 

Seeing Sarah’s home in person during the blog retreat was such an amazing experience. I already knew after following her blog and YouTube channel that she was extremely talented, and seeing it all in person was such an amazing experience. 

Beautiful woodstove going into cottage kitchen
Traditional English Cottage Elements

Sarah has a beautiful old farmhouse that was built in 1906, with gorgeous details throughout the home that she highlights perfectly with her style.

She considers her style Traditional English Cottage, and since I also am very drawn to English Cottage design, so many elements of her home inspire me. 

Gorgeous Cottage Bathroom Elements

Sarah has a background in interior design, and her choices in each room of her home reflect her abilities to curate a beautiful space, down to the very last detail. She also offers her followers a course each year on Interior Design that you can find on her blog here

From her bathrooms, to her bedrooms to the cozy woodstove in her living room looking into her kitchen, each room is styled with the perfect balance of Traditional English Cottage elements. 

Beautiful cottage elements and details
Traditional English Cottage Staircase

Sarah is also an incredibly talented DIYer. Her YouTube channel is filled with so many  tutorials showcasing the many projects that both her and her husband have tackled in their home.

Being on a farm, Sarah is also a talented gardener and blessed with a green thumb! She has so many amazing tips and tricks for both flower and vegetable gardening. We only have flower gardens for now, but I hope to someday grow vegetables myself and I know I will gain so much just from the helpful posts she has shared over the years. 

I am confident between Sarah’s amazing interior design talents and her awesome DIY tutorials, you will absolutely fall in love with her Traditional English Cottage Style. I hope you can stop by and subscribe to her channels – and when you do, tell her Andrea says hello! Thank you friends!


Traditional English Cottage Home Tour

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