Vintage Modern Cottage Home Tour

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Vintage Modern Cottage Home Tour

Hello friends! Today I am sharing my friend’s Vintage Modern Cottage Home and inviting you to take a look at her gorgeous YouTube channel, Sarah’s October Home!

To watch the entire YouTube video, click here.

Sarah’s Vintage Modern Cottage Home Tour will be the second home I share in this year’s Share the Love Series. I hope you were able to catch last week’s video tour, and I hope to share two more blog posts after this! 

I have known Sarah, the creator behind Sarah’s October Home for a very long time now. Sarah was SO encouraging to me when I first started my own YouTube channel and still continues to be an encouragement to me to this day. 

Sarah from Sarah's October Home

She not only watches and follows me on my YouTube journey, but takes the time to write sweet comments on each video which are always so uplifting to me. 

I am so thankful for Sarah, her kindness and sweet spirit and when I was considering which friends I wanted to feature for this year’s Share the Love Series, her name immediately came to mind. 

When I asked Sarah what her style is, she told me English Cottage with a touch of vintage and a touch of modern. I love that Sarah takes different design elements from each of these timeless styles and combines them so effortlessly and beautifully in her home. 

Gorgeous cottage living room space
Gorgeous english cottage bedroom with vintage modern cottage elements

This is also a reminder that I recently touched on in my 10 Common Home Decor Challenges that you don’t need to know your style, or even have a specific style for your home! It is okay to like different styles and to combine them how you like to create a home that you love. 

Sarah is also a big thrifter and DIYer just like me which is another element of why I love her so much. She has so many incredible videos of projects and thrift finds and they are always so much fun to watch! 

Beautiful elements in cottage style inspired home
Brick wall in bathroom feature wall of cottage

I love following Sarah and I am sure after seeing the few photos I have shared so far you are falling in love right along with me!

Although Sarah’s style is different from mine, I have really been trying to find elements from others’ homes that speak to me, and incorporate them into my own home. There is always something you can learn from someone else’s beautifully curated space. 

There are so many things that I love about Sarah’s home. One is the way she stacks beautiful vintage decor and antique mirrors. Doesn’t this look absolutely beautiful? It adds another element besides just having a mirror and looks so gorgeous in her space. 

Stacked mirror maximalism home decor elements
Stacked Mirrors Cottage Eclectic Maximalism Design

Another element I love about her home is her collection of vintage books. I love both her variety and the pops of color the beautiful books bring to her living room. I have a few books now, but definitely want to add to my collection after seeing how she incorporates them!  

Vintage Book Collection for a classic vintage modern cottage home

Sarah uses so many rich dark wood tones throughout her space that bring such a warmth. From wood elements to gorgeous baskets that bring texture, they all come together and really bring depth and character to her design. 

She breaks up the wood tones with so many beautiful plants. Pops of green bring so much life to a space, and her choices of plants flow perfectly among the other darker features. 

Beautiful faux greenery to break up neutral tones in cottage design

The brass elements in her home also break up the wood and neutral tones, from the framed artwork, to the mirrors and light fixtures. Pops of pretty antique brass all throughout and really look so incredible. 

I also love her girl’s bedroom, as a boy mom it is always fun to look at girls bedroom spaces because I don’t get to decorate for girls. My favorite part about this space is the dried flowers she has hanging. Florals bring such a beautiful cottagey vibe for this space and are such a sweet element. 

Girls bedroom space in cottage style home

All the layers and textiles she uses in all of the bedrooms with rugs, bedskirts, and blankets just bring a  cozy cottagey feeling as well. 

Layered Bedding in a Vintage Modern Cottage Style Home

Just like my friend I shared last week, Sarah also uses an old dresser as a sink vanity in her bathroom space. This is such a gorgeous idea that I LOVE and will be mimicking this when we eventually redo our master bath in our bedroom. 

Brick wall in bathroom feature wall of cottage
Cottage Style Bathroom Elements

I hope you are able to watch the entire tour over on YouTube to see even more of Sarah’s vintage modern cottage home. It is such a beautiful space and I know you will enjoy it. 

I also encourage you to subscribe to Sarah’s channel on YouTube, Sarah’s October Home. She is enjoyable to watch and so encouraging, and I know between her home tours, thrift finds and DIY projects you will love following along. 

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed the 2nd Share the Love Series post so far this year – a Vintage Modern Cottage Home Tour! I am excited to share two more this month as well, so be on the lookout for them! 


Vintage Modern Cottage Home Tour




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