Cozy Fall Touches – Neutral & Beautiful Decor

Cozy Fall Home

Hello friends! I’m so excited to take you for a tour of my home and share all of the cozy fall decor touches I have added!

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When September comes each year, I want nothing more than a cozy fall home for our family to enjoy together. I know it’s not technically fall yet, and we are still enjoying beautiful weather here in Michigan. But I keep my fall decor pretty neutral and minimal, so the transition for me is easier.

Hopefully these cozy fall touches throughout our home will encourage you if you like to change things up seasonally like I do. If you love to go all out, go for it! If you like to keep things a bit more understated, that’s okay too.

I shared my first fall YouTube video last week, which included all of my frugal fall finds. I also shared a few of my fall decor ideas with you in that video, but I love to take my time when I decorate for each holiday season.

I love how everything came together this year, and the addition of my favorite candles from Antique Candle Company were an added bonus. The delicious fall scents of pumpkin spice, salted caramel, and spice bread wafting through the air definitely made it feel like fall in our cozy little cottage.

cozy cottage fall decorations
cozy fall house decorations in entryway
Neutral fall decor in cottage home
Beautiful simple and neutral cozy fall kitchen

Cozy Fall Home – My Entryway

I thought we could start this cozy tour in my entryway. I am still in love with the wood beams in this space. They bring such rich, beautiful character and a smile on my face each time I enter our home.

There are so many simple, yet charming ways to incorporate a fall vibe in your home. A thrifted plaid scarf, straw hat, faux pumpkins and a few pretty fall stems in my three tier basket are all I added to this space.

cozy fall home decorations in entryway
cottage entryway decorated for fall

The warm plaid colors on the scarf add a simple touch of coziness and the straw hat adds texture and depth against the white wall. I also have a simple jute rug in front of our entryway closet that breaks up the cool tones of our slate tile.

cozy cottage entryway decorated for fall

Cozy Fall Home – Living Room

As you enter into our living room space, you can see more faux pumpkins, knit warm throw blankets and more of my amazing candles adding warmth, coziness and delicious scents of the season. I also love to add neutral, beautiful fall stems to my crocks throughout my home as well.

cozy fall living room space
nuetral fall home decor

Something about having cozy knit blankets strewn throughout the space that anyone can pick up, grab a warm cup of tea and cuddle with, always feels so cozy to me. I love watching my boys read a good book right in front of our fireplace pictured above, the more blankets and comfy pillows, the better.

I found the beautiful floral blanket pictured below on my ottoman on Amazon of all places! It is definitely a bolder print than what was pictured, but to be honest, the warm yellow colors with blue flowers and stitching are pretty, and a great fall addition to our living room.

cozy corner of fall cottage

My sunroom area is right off of our living room and I carry the simple, neutral fall decor into that space with more moody florals. I also found this pretty little fall wreath that I love to tuck back onto the shelves.

cozy cottage sunroom decorated for fall

I also love to tuck small pumpkins in here and there to break up the space. This simple change brings in pops of fall color to my living spaces. Pumpkins are such easy, simple fall decorations, and finding them in different colors and sizes helps you to utilize them in many areas of your home.

A plaid throw pillow and more soft knit blankets along our bench bring warmth to this little space and really help make it feel cozy for fall.

Fall Home Decor – The Dining Room

One of the first things that catches my eye heading into our dining room space is the beautiful wheat fall wreath I placed on our DIY mirrored window. It is such a statement piece and I love how much it helps make this space feel like fall. I used a beautiful velvet ribbon to hang it which adds a pretty, soft texture.

I still have my green console table in my dining room and love the color it brings to this space. A simple linen towel, and copper kettle are on top – both bringing warm simple tones.

Neutral simple fall decor in dining room space
Gorgeous Fall Wreath Dining Space
beautiful fall cottage dining room space

On my table, I have more beautiful fall stems inside another copper pot, more pumpkins and of course another candle adding ambiance and coziness to this area. I placed the candle inside a glass canister and love how pretty it looks on the table.

Fall dining room reclaimed wood table
Simple fall decor in cottage style dining room

Over on the other wall of our dining room, I have more simple fall stems hung from our DIY breadboard display and on top of our corner hutch. Dried stems are so beautiful this time of year and I always suggest incorporating them into for your fall home decor.

I also love bringing linen fabrics into the space. It can be simple tea towels and even pillows. They make the space warm, cozier and lived in. I have a few warm neutral tones, and a few simple plaid patterns as well for the fall season.

Pretty breadboard display in cozy cottage home
Cozy neutral cottage style fall home tour

Fall Home Decor Touches – The Kitchen

The last space I am excited to share with you today on this cozy fall home tour is our kitchen. More warm candles are burning, and I have a beautiful display of dried hydrangeas bringing plenty of pretty colors in.

I added simple, neutral fall stems to our basket on top of our refrigerator, and incorporated loose linen towels throughout to bring coziness. Buffalo checked plaid oven mitts, along with a white pumpkin glass canister bring pretty fall touches onto our countertops.

Cozy Cottage Kitchen decorated for fall
Gorgeous cozy fall home kitchen

On the other side of my kitchen, I have more linen towels both hung and laid out, along with a few pumpkins and squash inside a basket on my side table. Just like pumpkins, any type of pretty gourds displayed in your home adds the perfect fall touch along with all of the gorgeous natural colors they bring in.

I added eucalyptus leaves, as well as a beautiful copper kettle to my stove, which I occasionally use to whip up hot chocolate with marshmallows as a special treat. I love making fall recipes such as black bean soup, pumpkin donuts with cinnamon sugar, or an iced pumpkin spice latte that rivals the coffee shop!

Neutral Cottage Kitchen for Fall
Cozy cottage kitchen fall decor ideas

Well friends, that is all for today. I truly hope this cozy fall home tour has inspired you! What are some simple ways that you like to decorate for fall? Let me know in the comments below!


Cozy Fall Home

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