Cottage Inspired Entryway Refresh

Cottage Inspired Entryway Refresh

I’m so excited to finally be sharing our cottage inspired entryway with you all after installing some awesome reclaimed beams! 

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If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel or perhaps you follow me over on Instagram, I’ve given you guys some sneak peaks of this cottage inspired entryway project. 

Reclaimed Wood Beam Accents in Cottage Inspired Entryway
Reclaimed wood beams in entryway makeover
Reclaimed Beams on ceiling and walls in cottage style home

A few years ago we gave our little entryway a makeover and covered all of the walls in beadboard, then added faux beams to the ceiling. 

My hope was to one day find real beams that we could somehow salvage, and my dreams came true a year ago when a friend of ours invited us out to her barn to take what we could before it was burnt down. 

We’ve used beams from that barn in our kitchen, as well as our back entrance, and we still had some left! I asked my husband if we could potentially use them in our front entryway as well, and he thought it was a great idea. 

Adding reclaimed wood beams as accents in your home
Details of reclaimed wood accent beams in cottage style home

Now before I share more about this space, I want to say that while the beams are finished, the rest of the space will probably be tweaked several times in the near future, haha! 

The beams have changed everything in this area, and I really want them to be the focal point. My one of a kind basket will definitely stay, but I’d love to potentially add some artwork and maybe a different sconce. 

Cottage Entryway with reclaimed barn beams

All that to say, I have’t quite figured out the details yet and that’s okay! I still wanted to share this fun new project with you guys. 

If you’re interested in adding reclaimed beams to your own home, you can read all about how we cut ours down and installed them in our kitchen, here

I absolutely the love the character and warmth they add to the entry, and I especially love the view from our dining room as you enter the living area. 

View of Cottage Inspired Entryway with reclaimed barnwood beams

I really wanted to be able to see the rustic beauty of this reclaimed wood, so we decided to take a beam all the way down the wall, and I’m so glad we made that decision. It adds so much character and interest and flows well with the English cottage feel of our home. 

What do you guys think?! I couldn’t love it more! 

Reclaimed Barn wood beams home accent

Again, the sconce was my grandfather’s and I’m trying it there for now, but I’m not 100% sold. I can’t decide if I should incorporate some brass, or look for a dark fixture that matches the ceiling light. 

Primitive candle wall sconce in cottage entryway

The other major change in this space is the painted trim, I simply carried the same paint color that I used on the trim in my living room over into the entry. It’s “Stingray” by Benjamin Moore, lightened by 50%. 

I painted all the trim this color and I even decided to paint all of the risers on the stairs this color, as well. I love the historic feel of painted trim, and I just think it’s so pretty in this space. 

Painted Trim and Stair risers in home for historic charm

Painting the risers led to a makeover of the stair treads, as well. We decided to purchase new treads at Home Depot, and stain them the same color we used on our floors earlier this year when we refinished them. 

The treads match the rest of the flooring in the house now, which I love! 

Stained Wood Stair Treads in Entryway

Again, there’s still some things in this space that I’m not quite sure about. I don’t know if I like the dark gray paint color on the back of the door, and I’m still trying to decide on decor pieces. It’s a small space, so it doesn’t need much. Plus, I like to keep things pretty minimal anyway. 

Contrasting paint colors in Cottage Inspired Entryway

The new entryway light also has me wondering if I should search for a white globe instead of a clear one. Originally, I wanted to try to find a vintage fixture. I took you guys along over on YouTube when I went searching for one! I didn’t have any luck, so I purchased this new one that’s vintage inspired. 

Vintage Schoolhouse Light Fixture in Entryway

What do you guys think? Do you like the clear glass or should I look for a white globe instead? Overall, I love the direction this cottage inspired entryway is headed. I’d love to know what you guys think in the comments below! 


Cottage Inspired Entryway Refresh

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  1. I agree with you. How about your trim paint on the inside of the main door instead of the grey. The hanging light is lovely but you have me thinking a white globe would be a warmer look. Your husband did an excellent job with the beams everywhere you used them. I love the uncluttered look of your home.

  2. what a completely charming space!running that beam to the floor is everything. I love your grandfather’s candle sconce there and wouldn’t change the light fixture either. they work with the dark color of the the numbered hooks so well. I also like repetition of 3. the only change i’d suggest is hanging the dust bin with leather or cording from one of the hooks but be sure to clear coat the back 1st to keep the metal from marring the paint.

  3. I feel silly not being able to figure this out on my own, but where do I click to subscribe to this blog so I will get notifications or emails when you post something? I just can’t seem to spot that area on any page. Thanks!

    1. Hello! Not silly at all, if you click “Get Your Free E-Book” at the top of any page, you are able to subscribe. Thank you so much for your support Jean!

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