Cottage Dining Room Lilac Tour

Cottage Dining Room Lilac Tour

I am so excited about this cottage dining room tour! Lilac season is one of my favorites, and decorating my house with them each spring is so much fun!

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Right around Christmas time last year my husband built me this beautiful reclaimed wood table and it has truly sparked so much inspiration in my cottage dining room.

If you have been following along for a while you know that soon after he built the table, we decided to refinish our floors. I have been playing with different pieces in this room ever since, trying to find the perfect balance and keep the table as the main focal point in the space.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Room Table
Cottage Dining Area with reclaimed wood table
Cottage Dining Room Lilac Tour

I shared on Instagram and Facebook that I was torn between the pine hutch and the corner cupboard in my dining room. Can you believe that I forgot to take photos of that corner of the dining room?! I guess you’ll just have to watch the YouTube video linked above to see which piece I kept in this space!

I love to mix different finishes in my home, especially rustic with clean bright light finishes. I felt that although the pine hutch was stunning, there were too many rustic wood tones competing with each other and I couldn’t help but wonder if the corner cupboard would complement the space much better.

I still love the pine hutch and we put a lot of work into the piece, so no matter what – I plan to use it somewhere else in our home. I could either feature it in our finished laundry space and use it for storage, or even in our bedroom!

Another big change in our cottage dining room is the seating. I shared a paint washing technique I used a while back on these pretty Windsor chairs I found on Facebook marketplace. I love the depth the darker colors brought to the space and love the chairs as well, but something was missing.

Paint washed windsor chairs in cottage home

I decided to shop for wicker chairs to try in this space again and found these gorgeous chairs at Home Threads. If you have ever shopped for wicker, you know it can be very expensive, but not only were these chairs affordable, I knew as soon as I pulled them out of the box they would be a perfect fit.

Beautiful Wicker Chairs that accent table perfectly in cottage home
Cottage Dining Room with Lilacs

I placed them in my dining room right away at each end of the table and fell in love immediately. Aren’t they stunning? I was so happy to have found them and encourage you to head over to Home Threads to shop all of their beautiful home options!

I was still craving more warmth in this space, so I also added this beautiful jute rug to help the table pop. Initially, I wanted to feature the floors and all of the hard work we poured into them, but I missed having a rug and I love how well it features the table and brings the entire space together.

Wicker Chairs as feature in Cottage Dining Space

I still love the DIY vintage window mirror between my shelves. We want to add glass panels to the bottom and make the entire thing a mirror, but I think the piece is beautiful there.

I am wondering if something needs to go under the mirror though. What do you guys think? I might feel this way because we had a buffet there for so many years and now the space just feels off. Big changes take some time to get used to!

I am wondering if a small console table would look more appropriate in the space, but I haven’t fallen in love with anything yet.

Overall, I am happy with where this space is headed. There are a few areas that I’m still working on, like the wall to the right of the kitchen. There used to be a basket hanging on the wall, but I am thinking a gorgeous vintage art piece might be beautiful.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Room Table

The peg hooks right above my thrifted vintage shopping cart are still a favorite of mine and I of course love all of my cutting boards that are displayed right outside of our kitchen as well.

Vintage Shopping Basket thrifted find home decor
Cottage Dining Room decorated with Vintage Pieces
Cutting Board Display outside of Cottage Kitchen

All this to say, although our dining room is close to completion and I am liking the changes I have made so far, creating a space that you love takes time. It doesn’t come together overnight, and patience is key! I’m trying not to rush the process. 🙂

Dining Room decorated with vintage and thrifted finds
Final touches in dining decor with lilacs in spring
Windsor Chair choice for table setting

I always encourage you to be patient and play with your house, until you feel each space is perfect and that is just what I will continue to do in our cottage dining room until everything comes together just right. I hope you have enjoyed this tour friends, and the beautiful lilacs I was able to clip that added to the decor!

Cottage Dining Room Lilac Tour

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  1. I have enjoyed each of your postings. I want my home to look like yours. It is so welcoming and homey. I get so much inspiration from you. I wish you were here in Ohio and be my personal decorator. Lol.
    I am looking so forward to your post on your laundry room. I just have a laundry area but I want it to decorate it and for it to look pretty. Thank you so much for allowing us to see your love of family and home seen on your posts.

  2. I love the corner cabinet back where it belongs. The chairs are great too. You have such a great eye for what works and know when it doesn’t feel right. Thanks for the rug information too.

  3. Hi,
    Do you have a video how your husband made the cutting board rack. Just got 3 differently shaped large cutting boards and they don’t fit under my cabinets in the kitchen so I need a rack. I’m also gonna make my husband make me one. Sincerely, Susan

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