English Cottage Bedroom Inspiration & Ideas

English Cottage Bedroom Inspiration and Ideas

Hey friends! Today I’m sharing some English cottage bedroom inspiration with you as we take on our own bedroom makeover! 

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Last year around this time, I received some gorgeous bedding from my sweet friend at Hallstrom Home and decided to share our master bedroom area with you. I was pregnant with Isaiah, and even though this space includes so many of our favorite DIY projects, it never felt quite complete to me. I have been thinking on the topic again, and I have found some beautiful English cottage bedroom inspiration and ideas that I am excited to share.

Adding a comforter to the edge of a bed to add depth and layers
Summertime Cottage Bedroom Inspiration

As we enter into summer and close out the school year, it’s important to me to make time with my husband and have a conversation about what we’d like this season to look like for our family. Places we’d like to go, people we want to visit, and of course – projects we’d like to tackle. 

We aren’t perfect, but we want to be intentional about how we spend time with our boys. Summer in Michigan is magical. Late nights, fireflies, gorgeous sunsets, farmers markets, visits to the pool and long days on the beach – it’s truly my favorite time of year. 

DIY back patio area in backyard of english cottage influenced yard and garden tour

It’s also a struggle for me, because warmer weather sparks creativity in me and when an idea pops into my head, it’s hard to let it go or put it off. Can anyone else relate?!

So I try to find a balance, squeezing in house projects here and there while the boys spend hours playing in the sprinkler or jumping on the trampoline. Some of those projects are little things here and there, but there’s one that’s much bigger. 

This summer, I’d love to give our bedroom a makeover. We’ve already been slowly chipping away at it, and I can’t wait to share my ideas with you!

Vintage ladder garage sale find in simple cottage style bedroom

If you’ve been following along here for a while, you guys know my love for English cottage design. And when I say English cottage, I’m referring to a more primitive, country cottage style as opposed to floral wall papers and fabrics, layers upon layers of color and pattern, heavily decorated surfaces, etc. 

I have always been drawn to simple design and minimal decor, and these bedrooms that I’m sharing with you today are exactly that. Our bedroom is unique in that it has low ceilings, but it’s a very long space which makes it tricky to decorate. 

I don’t have all the details figured out yet, but I definitely have some goals in mind!

English Cottage Bedroom Inspiration – Fresh Paint

Ever since painting our dining and living room white and all of the millwork with a darker color, I’ve wanted to do the same thing in our bedroom. I love the look of painted trim and lighter walls! It looks so much more historic and true to our home. 

We just finished painting our entire bedroom white, which my husband was nervous about at first. But as you can see in these photos I’m sharing, white is really what makes woodwork pop. And that leads me to my second goal for this space!

English Cottage Bedroom Inspiration – Reclaimed Beams

Remember that old barn that we salvaged those hand hewn beams from? Yup, we still have some left! I plan to use as much of it as I can in our bedroom. We have the perfect ceilings to do something really neat with thee beams, and I can’t wait to install them in the space. 

We recently added reclaimed beams to our entryway, and last year we used them in our back entrance as well as the kitchen. 

I can’t wait to give more of old wood new life again!

English Cottage Bedroom Inspiration – Flooring

The third goal I have for our bedroom is to install new carpeting. Our current carpeting has seen better days, and the mauve/pinky tone isn’t my favorite. I wish there were hardwoods up here that we could refinish like we did downstairs, but sadly there are not. Plus, my husband said he really wanted to keep carpeting in the bedroom, which I’m okay with. 

I’m pretty nervous about picking out carpeting based on a tiny sample. Do you guys have any recommendations that are affordable yet beautiful? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

English Cottage Bedroom Inspiration – Lighting

While I plan to keep the brass sconces on either side of our bed, I would like to replace the ceiling fan. It was here when we moved in, and it’s much too traditional for the look I’m going for up here. 

As much as I would like a pretty chandelier, my husband loves a fan at night and it really is great for air flow since heat tends to rise up here. 

I haven’t found the perfect fan yet, but I want something that’s minimal and low key. 

As far as I know, our DIY headboard and furniture will mostly stay the same. But who knows! I’m hoping that once the shell of the room is complete, the other pieces will fall into place. 

What do you think of these beautiful rooms that I shared? I would love to read your thoughts in the comments below. I love the different aspects of each and will continue to search on Pinterest for even more English cottage style bedroom inspiration as we continue to plan out this space!


English Cottage Bedroom Inspiration and Ideas

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  1. Love the beautiful bedrooms!! I think yours is very pretty too. I grew up in Michigan so I know how lovely the summers are. I still miss the lakes! We live in the mountains of Montana now for 17 years and we have beautiful summers here too.

    1. Thank you so much, it is my goal to create a cozy, comforting space so this was a very encouraging comment to me!

  2. Love your ideas Andrea! If you get a white fan without a light, it might “disappear” into the ceiling and become less noticeable! Also, have you considered a Berber type of carpet? It’s a little bit more rustic and would go great with your beams! Comes in all kinds of natural/neutral colors. But I don’t have a texture too!

  3. I agree with Barbie’s suggestion. We tried going without a ceiling fan but even with air conditioning we were uncomfortable. We ended up going with a basic white ceiling fan that isn’t noticeable.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing all the bedroom inspiration. It has given me some great ideas. Everything you do in and around your home is so pretty I can’t wait to see your bedroom with new beams and the new color you select. You mentioned that you didn’t think the “Stingray” would be your color of choice for this project. FYI tidbit…did you know that “Stingray” is the same as OC48- “Hazy skies”? Ben Moore redid their website and it is fun to peruse. It tells what color is the same as another color name on their line-up. Thanks again so much for sharing. God bless.

    1. I love, love the idea rooms which are totally my style. Our 1898 farmhouse will be like them. I am hoping that when we take down the ceilings we find nice looking beams. Our floors are gorgeous, even upstairs. We know we will loose them in the first floor bedroom when they need to run plumbing under them. There is no basement under it and the crawl space won’t allow a person to move in the small space. I love natural wood, cream/white, with blue, loads of green plants and white flowers. Simple is better!

      1. I am so sorry you will lose the one floor, but updated plumbing will be worth it! I love all the neutral colors as well!

  5. I love what you did with the beams. They look so elegant in your beautiful bedroom. The beams remind me of a barn that I once knew, that unfortunately burned down not too long ago 😢. Keep up the amazing work!

  6. I Also used to Live in Michigan. Growing up Thier . Missing the summer lakes not the snow lol. These are lovely bedroom ideas, so relaxing calming effect and inviting .I’ve been ready to redo my bedroom Thanks for sharing now I have some things in mine, after seeing these iam going to lighten up a bit.

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