Simple and Thrifty Spring Decor Touches

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5 Simple, Thrifty Decor Touches for Spring!

Today I am excited to share five simple and thrifty ways to add spring decor touches throughout your home! 

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Yesterday was a gorgeous February day here in Michigan. The sun was shining, snow was melting and I think it even hit forty degrees!

After several weeks of snow and single digit temperatures, the warmer weather and sunshine put me in such a spring mood! That is why I decided to share five simple and thrifty spring decor touches with you to inspire you in your own home! 

Spring touches in my home

Simple and Thrifty Spring Decor Touches – Galvanized Metal 

There is just something so beautiful about galvanized metal that reminds me of spring. I picture a garden blooming with flowers and a gorgeous antique galvanized metal watering can next to it all just tying the entire scene together.

This look is so easy to incorporate into your home! You can find galvanized metal at thrift stores or antique stores and bring it into your home to add touches of spring.

Incorporate galvanized metal into your home for spring!

I love this old galvanized minnow bucket I have in my living room. I use it as a centerpiece on my coffee table to hold flowers. I found it at a thrift store a few years ago and it was very affordable! A canister, or watering can could be used the same way! 

Simple and thrifted decor touches with Galvanized Metal on our coffee table

Simple and Thrifty Spring Decor Touches – Sun Hats

Sun hats are such an each way to bring spring into your home. They are also very affordable as well! You may not consider looking at hats while you are thrifting considering someone else wore them, but they are able to be cleaned and usually easy to find! Plus, you don’t have to wear them. Use them only for decor if you’d like!

Simple and thrifty decor touches using sun hats in entryway

I love hanging a variety of sun hats throughout my home, all different colors and sizes and even ones with ribbon tied around them! I usually like to hang a few by my entryway on my hooks and I even have several displayed in my bedroom throughout spring and summer. 

Sun hats hung in my bedroom as spring decor

Simple and Thrifty Spring Decor Touches – Fresh Flowers

Nothing says spring more than bright greenery and flowers throughout a home. I realize in some states, including my own that fresh flowers aren’t easy to come by with snow still on the ground, but there are so many excellent faux options!

I have a blog post here about how to find the perfect faux flowers. I have so many beautiful ones displayed in my home and it is really hard to even tell they aren’t real. 

Faux flowers used for simple and thrifty spring decor touches

Of course you know I love real flowers as well, especially Hydrangeas and Lilacs once those bloom for me. There’s nothing like bringing the outside in!

Spring decor touches using lilacs

But in the meantime while I wait for the snow to melt, faux will do just fine! 😉

Simple and Thrifty Spring Decor Touches – Switch Up Your Artwork 

Another simple and thrifty way to bring spring into your home is to switch up your artwork. I love to look at thrift stores for beautiful bright pieces that have pastels or outdoor scenes. This beautiful cow scene is one of my favorites and reflects this time of year so well. 

Simple and thrifty spring decor touches with spring artwork

For those who have been following me a while, you know during the quarantine last spring I really dove into painting and absolutely loved it. I chose to share my shop opening with you all in this blog post and you are able to shop my paintings on this page! All of my paintings are digital downloads, so you are able to print them any size you’d like and they are affordable as well. 

My own painting for sale

Simple and Thrifty Decor Touches – Pull Out Your Spring Jackets and Linens!

The final simple and thrifty decor idea I wanted to share with you is to incorporate your very own jackets and linens throughout your home for spring. I love to hide away all the winter coats and boots and pull out things like jean jackets and light linen scarves to hang by my front door in my entryway.

Light jackets and straw hats instantly create a feeling of spring

You could even take it a step farther and switch out pillowcases and kitchen towels to brighter and thinner fabrics to give your home a feeling of spring. Stripes especially remind me of spring and summer, so I love incorporating them into my spring decor!

Simple Spring Decorating Ideas!

I really hope these tips helped to inspire you in your own home as we approach the spring season. I am sure we have at least another month left of winter in Michigan, but I am excited to slowly start decorating.

Be sure to follow along on my Instagram and Facebook stories as I begin to think spring! Do you switch your home decor over in the springtime? Let me know what you like to do in the comments! 


5 Simple, Thrifty Decor Touches for Spring!


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  1. Andrea! I love all your ideas!! I was actually just going through my galvanized buckets to see which one I wanted to use for my table…I have 5, but in my defense I only had to purchase 1! Haha Thanks for such beautiful tips! XoXo

  2. You have such a beautiful home, and I so appreciated these budget-friendly tips! My husband and I just had our floors resurfaced so money is a bit tight right now, but I’ve been looking for easy ways to incorporate spring. The galvanized metal aesthetic will work perfect for my home, and I already have a few faux bouquets to put in my watering cans!

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