Refreshing and Minimal Spring Cottage Tour

Today I'm sharing my refreshing and minimal spring cottage home tour!

My refreshing and minimal spring cottage tour will show you just how simple it is to decorate for the warmer months ahead!

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I’m so excited to be sharing my refreshing and minimal spring cottage tour with you all! There is something about springtime that fills me with so much life and excitement. We bought this home in March eight years ago, so now every year when March rolls around, I feel that same anticipation to tackle home projects and make my dreams for this home come to life. 

Spring decorating should be simple and effortless

I would like to thank Robin at Robin Johnson Decor for inviting me to be a part of this Spring Home Tour Video Hop! After you finish watching my home tour, be sure to watch all of the other tours linked in the playlist of my YouTube video!

I have so many ideas that I can’t wait to share with you all, but for now I want to show you how simple it is to decorate for spring using very little decor. 

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Refreshing and Minimal Spring Cottage Tour – Decorating Ideas

The first thing I do when I’m decorating for spring is scale back. Clear surfaces, strip everything away and start with the bare bones of the space. Only keep items and furniture that you really love. 

Be intentional about the pieces you choose for your home

I know that isn’t always possible, believe me, my husband and I lived with a yellow vintage sofa for the first 4 years of our marriage. I didn’t love it but I had to make it work. What I am saying is that when you do have the opportunity to buy pieces for your home, be sure that you are intentional and put it in your home because you love it.

Spring Cottage decorating ideas

Next, I pull out my bin of spring and summer flowers. You can read more about what I look for in faux stems here if you’re interested! 

Pops of greenery instantly create a feeling of spring time in our cottage style bedroom

A touch of greenery – faux or fresh – is SO important when decorating for spring. You don’t have to go crazy but I like to add stems to each focal point in a space.

Finally, I look for elements that remind me of spring or that evoke a feeling of spring. I might not necessarily buy a sign that says “spring”…instead I look for colors and textures that translate into spring. Sun hats, galvanized metal, teal glass, etc.

Elements of spring decor in our cottage style home
Light jackets and straw hats instantly create a feeling of spring

Refreshing and Minimal Spring Cottage Tour – Room by Room

When you walk into my home, the first room you enter is our entryway. The first thing you see is the closet door. 

Instead of a wreath, consider using a hanging basket instead!

Instead of hanging a traditional wreath, I chose to hang a thrifted basket that has stems pouring out of it. I also chose to add faux flowers to the tiered basket in the corner of our entryway. The greenery in both of these areas just makes the space come to life. 

Refreshing and minimal spring cottage tour
Baskets are a wonderful way to bring spring into my minimal cottage entryway

I love adding sun hats and light jacket to the hooks in my entry as well. The colors and textures of different summer hats add warmth and character. 

Our spring entryway is minimal yet warm and welcoming

Our entryway opens up to our living room, where the spring decor is again very minimal. A large bundle of stems contrasts beautifully with our stone fireplace. 

Soft stems contrast nicely against our stone fireplace
refreshing and minimal spring cottage tour

An old galvanized minnow bucket is the perfect rustic vessel for stems on our coffee table. 

Spring decorating ideas in our cottage style living room

I hung the most beautiful blue and green print of cows drinking in a stream on the wall in the corner above one of my chairs. The colors truly feel like spring and the aqua blues tie in the teal jars I have near our entryway. 

Vintage art is perfect when decorating for spring

After the living room comes our dining space, and I have a bit of a funny story to share. I ordered a new rug for our living room, and before it arrived I sold our current rug. Once the new one got here, I didn’t end up liking it and sadly, had to return it. Lesson learned! Don’t sell your rug until you know you like the new one! Haha. 

Vintage inspired cottage decorating for spring

Anyway I stole the dining room rug for now and put it in the living area, and I actually kind of like it in here!

Refreshing and minimal spring cottage home tour

When I was moving the dining room table back in to place, I turned it sideways and happened to really love that arrangement. I’m not sure if it will stay that way, we’ll see. We are trying to live with the flow of this new arrangement and see if it actually works for our family. 

Don’t mind the sippy cup and bowl in the background of this photo hehe…that’s real life for you! Missed that until just now!

Cottage dining room in the spring
Our cottage dining space in the spring

While I love seeing the side of the dining room table from our living room and kitchen, the dresser might just be too tight against the opening that leads to the bathroom. 

Spring dining room ideas - cottage style
Cottage corner cabinet

You can see the way the dining space used to look, here. Let me know which way you guys like better! 🙂

Finally, the last room after the dining room is the kitchen. I continued my theory of keeping things simple and minimal in the space. Some stems in the basket above the fridge, as well as some faux tulips near the sink is really all I did to create warmth in this space. 

Our white cottage inspired kitchen has a stone accent wall as well as faux beams!
Rustic beams and an Airstone accent wall create a beautiful cottage vibe in our kitchen
Rustic cottage kitchen inspiration using stone and faux beams

I also brought some spring up into our bedroom by adding some diy landscape prints, more faux stems as well as a striped accent pillow. 

Our linen duvet pairs perfectly with the soft stripes of this accent pillow
Thrifty Cottage Bedroom
These diy landscape paintings are perfect for this space, and best of all they were free!

Very minimal, I know. But that is what I’m craving more and more of lately.

I hope you enjoyed this tour my friends! Be sure to check out all of the other lovely homes in my YouTube video linked above! Have you decorated for spring yet? 



Today I'm sharing my refreshing and minimal spring cottage home tour!


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