Collecting Vintage Pfaltzgraff Heritage Dishes – Tips and Tricks

Today I'm sharing all of my tips and tricks for collecting vintage Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes!

Today I’m sharing all about my vintage Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes, where I find pieces to add to my set, and how you can tell the difference between older pieces and new ones!

To view the entire video, visit my YouTube here.

In my post last week I shared a little bit about my vintage Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes, and I promised to one day write a post all about them. Well, this week seemed like a good week to share!

Vintage Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes are perfect additions to any cottage style dining space.

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I’ll be honest, when I first saw these dishes at a thrift store I knew nothing about them. I just thought they were so pretty and classic, and I knew they would look beautiful on display in my dining room. The set that I found was very mismatched…it had some salad bowls, a platter, some serving and mixing bowls, a butter tub, and a large soup tureen all for twelve bucks. 

Tips and tricks for finding vintage Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes!

When I got it all home and started placing it on my shelves, I decided to do some research and see what exactly I had found. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that my dishes were by Pfaltzgraff, and that I had purchased part of the white Heritage collection. 

Where to find white Heritage dishes by Pfaltzgraff

History of my vintage Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes

Here’s a fun fact – I love history. Maybe that’s why antique stores are so much fun for me. There is something so amazing about picking up an antique and wondering where it’s been or who used it. 

When I found out that my dishes were made by Pfaltzgraff, of course I wanted to learn more about the company and name. It turns out that Johann George Pfaltzgraff was a potter who lived in Germany during the early 1800’s. He was having some difficulty establishing a trade there, and decided to move to Pennsylvania after learning about the success of some relatives who had already immigrated to America. 

Over 200 years later, Pfaltzgraff is still around today and they continue to produce ceramics for the home. The dishes in my set are a part of the Heritage collection which was introduced in 1963. It is the oldest dinnerware pattern that is still in production today. 

Where to find Heritage dishes by Pfaltzgraff

Where can I find vintage Pfaltzgraff Heritage pieces?

I have only ever purchased dishes at thrift stores and antique stores. Over the years I have added cups and saucers, dinner plates, a large pitcher, cream and sugar, and more pieces to my collection!

Since Heritage pieces are white, they can sometimes be difficult to spot, especially at thrift stores. The larger dinner plates that I have were completely hidden under another large stack of plates that I almost looked over.  So when you’re shopping, make sure to dig! 

One of my favorite things to shop for at thrift stores - white Pfaltzgraff!

There is also a wonderful selection of Heritage pieces on eBay, and I’m sure you could search Facebook Marketplace and Craig’s List as well!

How can you tell the difference between the old Pfaltzgraff Heritage pieces and the new ones?

Maker’s Mark

How to know if your Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes are new or old

There are several things you can look out for when you are shopping for vintage Pfaltzgraff. If you find a dish that resembles the Heritage pattern, flip it over and check the bottom. The Pfaltzgraff family castle was used in the 1960’s and stamped on the bottom of each piece. 

Look for the castle marking when searching for vintage Heritage pieces

I’m not sure what marking is used today since I’ve never actually purchased a newer Heritage piece. I have looked at newer Pfaltzgraff pieces, and most of the dishes I’ve seen  have a painted logo rather than an embossed one. 

Here's a tip when searching for vintage dishes!

Shape and Weight

I have found Heritage dishes at thrift stores before, but I could just tell by the way that they felt and looked that they were newer pieces. The older dishes are thicker and sturdier, but the newer dishes feel thinner and lighter. 

One thing that might help is to visit the Pfaltzgraff site and just start reading the reviews under the Heritage collection. It’s amazing how many people agree – they just don’t make ‘em like they used to! 

The differences between old Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes and new ones...

Reviews provide helpful insight if you’re looking to start a collection of your own, because many times people post photos of the newer dishes next to their older ones to show the difference. 


Another thing to look out for is coloring. The original Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes can be described as being pure white or even bone white in color. The newer dishes almost have a gray tint to them. Again, refer to the photos under the ratings on the Pfaltzgraff site. They are very helpful!

Tips and tricks for buying vintage Pfaltzgraff Heritage pieces

There you have it! I hope this article was a help to you. A lot of people my Mom’s age (or older) chuckle when I talk about my “vintage” Pfaltzgraff dishes. Yes, I realize that even the 1960’s dishes aren’t that old. Even so, I truly love the style and feel of the Heritage pattern, and it’s so much fun for me when I find dishes to add to my collection. 

How do you clean Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes?

Collecting vintage Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes - tips and tricks

I have always used simple soap and water to clean my dishes. In fact, I have even ran the cups and mugs through the dishwasher.

I have found that these cleaning pads do an amazing job removing scuffs and scratches.

There is something so timeless and classic about white dishes in general, but the clean lines and the curved edges of the Pfaltzgraff Heritage pattern really speak to me and the cottage style I love so much. 

Timeless and classes Pfaltzgraff dishes

Do you own any vintage Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by today friends!

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Today I'm sharing all of my tips and tricks for collecting vintage Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes!


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  1. I recently purchased a new set of the Heritage dishes and was a little disappointed to see that they are now made in China. The more vintage pieces I have collected for a while are made in the USA. Still, I love the pattern, quality, heft, and versatility, and enjoy them every day. You have a wonderful collection – so pretty in your charming antique cupboard!

        1. I inherited my MIL dishes and found that the dishes did not do well at all in the microwave. It absorbed the moisture of the food. Looks really weird.

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I have a few vintage Pfaltzgraff pieces and I agree, they are truly beautiful. You might even say a piece of art. 🥰 What I love is they can be mixed and matched with all the other dishes I have whether they are antique, vintage or Target brand.
    When I’m lucky enough to find vintage pieces at the thrift store, the plates have gray or silver marks all over them. I clean them with Bar Keepers Friend (the cream stuff) and scrub with a Mr Clean scrub pad. It’s almost like a miracle! The marks are gone and the plates sparkle.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of these beautiful dishes. I really appreciate it. -Annie

    1. Aww Annie thank you for the sweet comment!! They really are special dishes 🙂 What a great tip for cleaning those gray/silver markings! Thank you for leaving such kind and thoughtful words!

    2. Hello: I have entire set of Heritage collection. Just researching today and here I am. I ran and looked on bottom of several pieces and yes there is a castle stamped on bottom. Stamped made in USA. I purchased many pieces years ago when I purchased mine at J C Penny’s. Soup tureen, entire mixing bowl set. Platters, serving dishes, gravy bowl, butter dish, salt and pepper shakers. Teapot, mugs, salad plates. Also at the time of purchase I bought a bottle of
      Pfaltzgraff dish cleaner. It’s a white cream type consistency.

        1. I found today a Pfaltzgraff 9″ quiche dish the color is Tanisha it has the the #233 on it also it has a blue angel with a horn with initales M.A.F.A what is this

    3. Thank you for this wonderful post! I just bought a complete set off FB Marketplace. Some appear to be vintage and ALL 12 plates have the greying, scratchy marks in the flat eating area. So I’m happy to see a remedy of Bar Keepers Cream for them! Any idea idea what causes these scratchy, discolored markings so I avoid that? Thank you so very much!

      1. I am so excited you found these! How exciting! I am not sure on the marks, but yes Bar Keepers Cream should work for them!

      2. I have a fairly large collection of these that I would like to sell. Have had them since the early 70’s and they still look brand new.

  3. Andrea, I just recently picked up a small piece of this make while thrifting!
    I didn’t know it was a Pfaltzgraff until I read this post.
    I was going to include a picture of it for a 2019 thrifted finds post this month, and will add your url so everyone reading can click over to find out what to look for if they want to collect the pieces.

    1. Oh my goodness Rachelle how neat!! Yay! Thank you so much for the link backs, I can’t wait to check out your post and see what you found! 🙂

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  5. I to have had Heritage for ages, and actually complained to the company when I ordered 6 more pasta bowls to complete my set of twelve and they showed up not matching the 6 I already owned. I know they are now made in China, but it seems to me that the formula for the glaze shouldn’t have changed from one country to another. I use their Pfaltzgraff brand cleaner to clean the notorious utensil marks, and it works really well. Probably half my collection has been nabbed from thrift stores, $3.75 for the soup tureen and interpolate was my crowning glory. I have dark kitchen cabinetry, and it looks great together.

    1. Oh that’s such a great tip! I have never used their cleaner before. Thank you! And yes I agree, the new ones just aren’t the same! Your collection sounds gorgeous! 🙂

  6. I have a 12 place setting of ocean breeze platzgraph wondering if you the approximate value. Good shape 77 pieces.

    1. Oh Sharon I wouldn’t know, but I’m sure you could find out just by searching eBay and seeing what they are selling for! 🙂

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  8. I have both new and old. I agree, the Older the better! I stumbled upon collecting these just like you! I remember my grandmother looking at my cups and tea pots saying I was a collector. Without even knowing. I’m on the hunt for a bean pot! I just love how it looks, and I think it would make the perfect cookie jar.

    1. Oh that is so neat!! It’s such a pretty collection isn’t it? I’ll have to look up the bean pot now and see what it looks like!! 🙂

      1. Me too. Do not recall a bean pot. A soup tureen yes I have. Think it’s the same? When I bought my set years ago I also bought silverware in pattern I believe called ‘Artesia’. Far as my research they have discontinued long ago. Any info please forward to me. Thanks ladies.

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  10. Just found your post and have been collecting Pfaltzgraff Heritage white for over 20 years. I also stumbled on them, but love how changing the tablecloths, napkins or chargers, makes my everyday dishes set for the holidays. And yes, I use my set everyday. Constantly on the look out at thrift stores and FB market place for more. Always check for the original emblem and USA, the ones marked China are cheap and easily chip and scratch. Just scored the pitcher and coffee pot for 20.00! And little white chicken egg holders were shipped yesterday. Found on etsy, never knew they existed till accidently stumbling on them as well. My set is huge, fills my china cabinet and regular cabinets, plating for 25 and all the serving dishes as well. I’m constantly finding things they made in heritage that I never knew about. Beautiful pattern!

    1. Hi Laurie!! Oh that is so so neat! I’m so jealous of your collection hehe! Are you on Instagram? If so you’ll have to share your collection with me over there, I’d love to see it! How amazing that you found egg holders! That is amazing! I didn’t know they existed, either! Thanks so much for stopping by, loved hearing about your collection! 🙂

  11. I read your post about these dishes awhile back and just loved them, so I recently decided to start my own collection. Just this week I purchased several large platters and a butter dish on Facebook Marketplace for $15! And today one of my local thrift stores opened back up, so I decided to see what they had and I found a set of 4 cups and saucers in perfect condition. I did some more digging and found a stack of 10 dinner plates, but they were pretty scratched up. I told the cashier I wished the plates were in better shape. She only charged me $3 for the cups and saucers and asked if I wanted the plates for free and I could try and clean them up. Absolutely! And thanks to your post I read in the comments about a cleaner I can buy for the plates. I’m so excited for my thrifted finds and to work on getting the plates cleaned up. Thank you for introducing them to me! I can’t wait to keep hunting for more!

    1. Aww Elizabeth that makes me SO happy!! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me all that! I’m so excited about your finds, how fun!! You scored BIG!! I hope you get those plates cleaned up and looking beautiful!! 🙂

  12. Hello! I absolutely love Pfaltzgraff Heritage!! I started collecting pieces a few years back. I just scored these pieces for $20 today at Goodwill (1 large platter, 2 medium platters, salt/pepper shakers, butter dish with lip, chip and dip, 2 candlesticks, creamer, covered bowl, gravy dish with underplate). Iam still on the hunt for the bowls with lips, tea and coffee pots, soup turreen, bread box, honey pot.

    1. Aww Machelle that is so neat!!! Wow what an AMAZING score!! That is just so cool!! I am a little jealous hehe…I haven’t had as much luck with Pfaltzgraff lately! 🙂

      1. Is there a weight difference between the old Pfaltzgraff Heritage compared to the new? Do you know what the weight of the original dinner plate is? I’m sure the new stuff isn’t as sturdy and I’m sure you have the originals. Please let me know.

      2. Hi. I’m at the one that asked about the weight of the dinner plate. The reason why I bring this up is because I posted a small serving bowl that is 7in by two and a half inches high and somebody else had one and they had it down for 6oz but when I weighed mine it was 1 lb 3.9 Oz. Is it possible that you can explain this to me. I tried typing in on Google about the weight and I get nothing so I thought I would come to you for the answer. Thank you.

        1. I am not sure, that is so strange, maybe they aren’t all exacting the same? Sorry I can’t help more on this!

  13. I’m looking for a buyer of a collection of Phalgraff “Christmas Heritage.” I received 4 placesettings and a large variety of serving pieces and accessories from my in-laws over the years. They might have been used 10 or so times total. Can you make individuals on your website aware of them and/or suggest where I might offer them elsewhere? Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Hi Laurelanne, I think your best bet would be selling it on Facebook marketplace! I have had great success there! 🙂

      1. Thank you Annie. I inherited my MIL set of pfaltzgraph Yorktown dishes with lots of dark scratch marks from the use of stainless (how to remove?) and have thrifted to find additional pieces with castle stamp and now have a service for 16, 2 serving sets, tea/coffee pots, gravy bowls, cups, multiple soup dishes, multiple vegetable bowls, three butter crocks and a salt cellar plus a few other yorktown finds. I noticed that after reading about the company it was sold off and they made pfaltzgraph in China after 2005 and the color on dishes are slightly off plus a little thinner and the motiff is a bit blurrier.
        Also have the holiday winerberry set.
        So, thanks for the bar keepers friend trick to remove marks!

  14. Andrea, firstly, Hello!!! It is nice for you to have this page. I am a total collector of pottery/stoneware/china. And I am not into having too much of the same things. I love to mix it up, so to speak. And I have collected much from thrifting too, like you and many others that have written here. So, this past week I found 2 oblong plates. I suspect that they are fish plates or serving plates. They are a solid gold/mustard color, not really sure. But what struck me about them is they were simple and beautiful with what I thought was an embosed cactus, that I now know is a castle, LOL!!! Those are literally my first Pfaltzgraff pieces, I think. So, mine are marked USA with the numbers 6-007 and the embossed castle. Would you have any idea how old these are or where I could go to get dating information for these plates? Many thanks for the help and your cupboard is very pretty. I saw someone wrote that above and it just stands to be repeated!!! Thanks again, T.

    1. Wow that is so amazing and exciting! Sometimes you can google the number, for example I would search “Pfaltzgraff 6-007” and google will tell you what collection it is from! You can usually find them on ebay as well. I hope this is helpful! Have fun thrifting!

  15. I am so happy so see so many love the Heritage dishes. My parents had a gift shop in the 70’s. We sold Pfalzgraff dishes. I worked at the store. We looked forward to new shipments of Pfatzgraff arriving. When a shipment came in we would look over each piece and if there were any defects or a piece arrived broken in transportation, we notified the company and they we send replacements. I was married in 1978, and choose Hertiage for our dishes. I have many pieces and sadly some have broken over the years. I have two – 40 piece sets (serving for 8) which included dinner plates, bread and butter plates, cereal bowls, cups and saucers; extra dinner plates that were seconds; coffee mugs; fruit bowls; vegetable dishes; small platter; large platters; casserole dish(lid broke); au gratin dishes; gravy boat and saucer; mixing bowls( only small bowl survived); salt and pepper set; custard cup; pitcher; butter dish; small pitcher and bowl set. They are treasured pieces to me. Reminders of my parents store. I am so glad to see that Heritage dishes are still loved by so many.
    Also I have washed my dishes in the dishwasher all these years.

    1. Wow that is such a special story, especially that your parents had a store as well! I love these dishes so so much, they are special to me, but to have some and know the history behind them would be so amazing!

  16. I love your post on the heritage dishes I didn’t even know I had some of the cups I think until I saw this video. I was wondering if you have ever seen a slight variation on the cup which doesn’t have the extra lines on the bottom end of the cup and on the back side has the castle and 1H

    1. That is amazing, what an awesome find! Isn’t it exciting?! I haven’t seen that specific variation, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! You can try googling it or looking it up on E-bay as well to try to match the collection it’s from.

  17. I, too, love the Heritage pattern and the versatility it allows for each season. However, I have been reading about lead and cadmium in paints and glazes used on many brands of dinnerware. Do you have any idea whether the vintage Heritage made in the USA and/or those made in China contain lead or cadmium?

    1. Wow, I am not sure. I guess I need to do some research on my own, thank you so much for pointing this out to me and I will let you know!

  18. I have an extensive complete collection of the retired pattern, Christmas Heritage. Most pieces were never used. I am downsizing and just began exploring the best way to sell them. They are made in USA. Let me know if you’re interested. Collection is in Connecticut. Thanks! Diane

  19. I was at my local Mansfield one day and there sat a box of beautiful dishes. I loaded the heavy dishes in my truck. They were Naturewood Pfaltzgraff Some made in China and USA. They have Retired the Naturewood. I’m now enjoying collecting all the Plaltzgraff pieces. Feel really lucky when I find ones in USA. Which is rare at my local thrift stores. I also love and collect Gibson. They are really beautiful. This is my very first post ever. I just wanted u to know I enjoy your articles. Not sure if I want to sell or keep my pieces . Thanks

    1. Thank you for sharing that with me Anna! Your collection sounds so beautiful and I really hope you are able to find more as well!

  20. Great comments, great article! Yes, I’m a heritage collector too! Tonight I used a boat that’s probably an au gratin dish that I found at a thrift shop I love it I have two…very old but great for a potato!

  21. I have 60+ pieces, some standard (plates, cups, saucers, etc) some obscure (soup tureen, salt box with lid, serving plate, etc). All say copyright USA, not made in China. Some have the castle stamp embossed. All are in great shape. Where would be the best place to sell the set?

    1. Hello! Wow, that sounds like quite an amazing collection! If I were you, I would research what you have and try eBay!

  22. I too love the Heritage pattern. I picked up my first box for $4 at a local thrift store a couple of months ago. I found your blog and it has turned me into a Heritage hound. My best find this week was three octagonal tall coffee cups and a bread tray all for $1.
    The hunt is on.

  23. Pieces from the Heritage collection are shown on a table in “The Storm”, season 1 episode 8, (originally aired January 14, 1979) of “Centennial”, a TV miniseries from 1978-79. It starts at 01:25:11 of this episode. The episode is set in the 19th century so it could not have existed then. It’s streaming on the Starz channel. My wife is a collector and spotted it.

  24. After getting engaged in 1997, I faced the daunting task of registering for “stuff” My mother had come with me because I had no clue what I was doing. She said let’s choose some dishes. I already had a complete set of Correll so I said I don’t need dishes. She thought otherwise so we went to work.My mother immediately dragged me to the Pfaltzgraff display. I was drawn to the heritage pattern. I loved it. And I knew that whatever color change I made toy kitchen, those dishes would fit right mother told me the special thing about Pfaltzgraff is you can use them everyday and they are even more suitable for a formal Thanksgiving table. As much as we enjoy their beauty, They were built to last. My plates have carried PB&J sandwiches and filet mignon. I’ve made a lot of poor decisions in life. Haven’t we all? But this was a victory. I have fed hundreds of people in a handful of homes that I’ve lived in over the course of 23 years. And not once in 23 years, have I ever thought about changing my dishes. My mother in law had Yorktowne. She told me she wished she had chose heritage. She actually ended up buying me the entire Christmas Heritage set. I’m a lucky girl! My favorite piece is my large soup tureen. But secretly, the perfection of the sugar bowl astounds me. People have complimented my pedestal mugs the most however….I’m glad someone else loves them as much as I do. Happy Hunting!!!!!

    1. This is such a special story and what an amazing mother you have to push you to do this as well! Yes, I love Pfaltzgraff just as much and I love their versatility and durability as well!

  25. Thanks for this article! I just recently began collecting vintage dinnerware. I’ve always loved it but I wasn’t able to make it a priority until recently in life. I totally agree with you about loving the history behind each piece, sometimes I wish they could tell me their story. My collection isn’t limited to one brand or pattern. In fact I kind of like to mismatch them. The only criteria is that they are white, because it’s always stylish and timeless. I love the simplicity and elegance of it. Today at my local Goodwill I found 3 beautiful pieces, one of them being Pfaltzgraff’s Heritage tureen. On my google search to find out more about the piece I found your article. Thanks for the information and just putting your passion out there for others to enjoy as well.

  26. My neighbor has a collection of 166 pieces of the heritage collection. From what I’ve read on your site and others they are the originals vs new production. Unfortunately she has moved and couldn’t take them with her. I’m trying to sell them for her but I’m not having a lot of luck. They are in great shape and I’m not looking to get a lot for them. If you are able to give any advice aside from marketplace or eBay I would greatly appreciate it!

    1. Wow that is amazing! I actually haven’t sold any myself, but they sound beautiful! I would try eBay over marketplace to make sure you get the correct value for them! That is such a kind gesture of you!

  27. Hi Andrea,
    I recently went through old boxes in the basement and found, which I believe, is an “older” set of dishes which I also believe is the Village pattern. The underside has a castle and the numbers 6…..9. So maybe they were made in 1969? There is only 4 cups, 4 saucers, 4 small bowls and 4 large plates. I was planning to donate them to the battered Women’s shelter as i will not use them since I haven’t used them in over 30 yrs (in the basement from a military move). I have no idea if they are worth anything and if I should donate them. How do I find this out? Googling has not worked or I am not looking at the right googles.

    1. How exciting! I personally would try to look on eBay, I have had a lot of success doing that, I hope this helps!

  28. I started collecting the Heritage dishes in about 1975, My collection now numbers about 685 pieces. I have a service for 12 with several “extra” pieces in case one breaks, and every serving piece that they every made. I even have a very large dough bowl to let yeast dough rise. I really do enjoy my collection and using the dishes to set a beautiful table. I also started a collection of red but they discontinued it before I got very far. Just the basic place settings

  29. I collect Heritage pieces as well and I found that the old style plates are 10.5 inches and the replacement plates are 10 inches. So if you care, take a tape measure to the thrift shop.

    Also, I found a somewhat blurry copy online of the complete collection listing. It shows every piece available in this collection. I’m looking for a clean version since mine is hard to read?

    1. Did you happen to have a non blurry copy? I would love one! I keep a list in my phone of what I already have just in case I find anything new “In The Wild”

  30. Hi, I’ve been watching your channel for about a year now and I love it. I just happened to find this post though last night when I was doing some research on some other stoneware pieces that I have collected. The are white and blue and it turns out that they are the Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne Collection. I had never heard of this before and like you I become completely fascinated with finding out the history of the things that I find in thrift and antique stores so I went down a rabbit hole and well here I am lol. I was reading this post and realized that I also have quite a bit of pieces from the Heritage Collection and didn’t realize it. The white plates looked so familiar so I went into my kitchen cabinet and checked the bottom of the plate and there it was the stamp on the bottom. I was so exited. We are renovating our kitchen and I have most of my stuff in storage so I’m excited to get everything back out and see how much I actually have. I’m so happy I found this post and I love your collection and your channel.

    1. That is so exciting to read Tina, I hope you are able to display them, they really are so beautiful aren’t they?

  31. I recently inherited a box full of my aunt’s Pfaltzgraff dishes after her passing and I absolutely love them! I immediately went online to see what the name of the pattern was and to see if I could figure out the age of them. They are the Meadow Lane pattern and were introduced in 1992 and retired in 1999. Funny thing is…I live on Meadow Road. How fitting. I’m definitely going to be keeping my eye out for more of them now that I know what to look for.

  32. Wow, I’m glad I found your page! I found a full set at a rummage sale. I didn’t know what I really had bought until I got home. I bought a huge set for 25 dollars. When I got home I realized they are antique and beautiful. It was from a estate sale.

  33. Hello everyone. I have pretty good size collection or HERITAGE. But my movers broke a box full of my stoneware when I moved from Colorado to Nevada two years ago. I still several pieces thought. I have many completer items which are no longer made.
    I have made a decision to sell all of collection, my retirement age and lack of display space is my main factor.
    I love this stoneware and will hate parting with it.
    If anyone is interested call me

    1. Linda, there is a company in North Carolina that specializes in buying and selling old dishes (and also some collectibles). It is NOT necessary to live near them. If you check their website they give directions on how to buy and/or sell. They are a middleman, buying from you and selling to others. I have bought many replacements from them over the years. Look up and see what you think. I have had great past experience with them online. (Thanks to living near a Pfaltzgraff factory store when they were still USA based, I own an extensive Pfaltzgraff collection including around a dozen patterns, each with a service for 8 to 12 place settings, and more extra specialty and serving pieces than you can imagine. Yes, Heritage included — an old set made in USA.)

  34. I have a large collection of these that I was going to take to the thrift store. Any suggestions where or how to sell to someone who will appreciate them? Thanks

    1. Hello Carol, I always suggest google or E-bay for pricing and selling them on E-bay, you could sell them to a local antique dealer as well!

  35. My mom has been collecting the Yorktowne pattern for years, so I grew up with an appreciation for Pfaltzgraff. Then my MIL ended up gifting me her set of Heritage, as well as her mother’s set. It an incomplete set for 16, but the fact that this brand has been handed down to me – both literally and figuratively – is priceless. Love that I found your page!

    Also, mine do have the castle embossed in the bottom. I never knew what it was until I read this post!

    1. Oh my goodness!! That is so so special, I hope you are able to find the rest of the pieces, but even if you can’t what an amazing collection!

  36. It’s interesting to know that flipping and checking the bottom of the vintage dishes would be important to see if there are stamped symbols or details in them. My mom needs to know about this because she wanted to collect vintage dishes for her new home and display them in her kitchen. She has had this fascination ever since I can remember, and she finally has the finances to finally push through with her desire.

  37. I got married in 1991 and chose Heritage as my everyday dishes. I have a full twelve piece place setting. I also have many of the serving pieces.

    I am not at home right now to check the back of my dishes. I know that there is something embossed on the bottom.

    If I wanted to sell the set, what would be a reasonable price?

    1. Wow, this sounds so so beautiful! Honestly, as far as selling the set, I suggest finding a similar set on E-bay and basing your pricing on what you find there. I hope this helps!

  38. Just found your you tube and now I’m glad I did not give my set away. I have the Heritage dinnerware service for 12 and the soup tureen which I received when I got married in 1976. I’m not giving these away now thanks to you. I’ll make sure whoever gets them knows and appreciates their quality. We don’t have huge family dinners anymore so they are tucked away. Thank you for the info and I love your blue and white. That’s my favorite as well and I also have that same blue cream and sugar set!

  39. I recently thrifted some Village items and the “grand mug” style has a single number stamped/painted on the bottom. I was trying to find information on whether this is a first run or rare, but having trouble- anyone know? It’s a single 6 on one and 7 on the other.

  40. Hi Andrea! I am so loving the idea of white dishes and I am constantly searching for the perfect ones, so I just love being introduced to yours….simply beautiful! My Mom always had a set of white because she & my Dad loved having company/entertaining and she got such joy from being able to have the white dishes & “accent” with differing colors for the theme of her meal. I have her set now, which is by Nikko Classic Collection, however they are very very hexagon shaped, so much so that I have always found the dishes themselves hard to serve on, however I love some of the serving pieces & thanks to you and seeing how you can mix in varying pieces, I will begin to use those serving pieces & plan to start this Thanksgiving – a treat to have something my Mom loved so much being used on such a Blessed Holiday! I know how much you love finding your treasures, but Replacements, LTD is a wonderful site and they are wonderful to speak to for any questions/concerns. They are located in North Carolina and I’ve had by sister-in-law who lives somewhat close by, go there and”hand pick” items for me so that they were of the best quality even though they are “used,” when I have broken/cracked dishes in my varying sets. They will let you know via email when an item is available if out of stock, like for instance the Bean Pot in your beautiful Heritage collection. Also, fun to just check out for some of the odd pieces they may list that you may not be aware of in the collection, to start to be on the look out for when your out on an adventure.
    Wishing you & your family the most beautiful Holiday season,
    Lovingly, Diane

  41. I found your page after researching a set I found at a thrift store. I took my stepson back to get for his mom for Christmas this year.
    It is a 62pc set with the castle, in fantastic condition, for $30.

    She loves them, and we will be using them everyday.

    Thank you for the great information.

  42. One of my students gave me some edible treats in Pfaltzgraff white cup and saucer, with a line of green trim around both pieces. The two pieces look similar to the Christmas Pattern, but without the Christmas Tree? The cup has the Heritage Column design, and it looks like the Castle Stamp is imprinted on the pieces, not painted on. I did not see this pattern when I was looking at new or vintage pieces.

  43. I mix and match lots of patterns of white dishes in my home. I collected Pfaltzgraff pieces in the Heritage and Gazebo patterns over 20 years ago before it was made in China. I still have some Heritage pieces (my favorite). You used to have to buy the Pfaltzgraff special cleaner (I think it was about $7 a bottle) to remove utensil marks. I still remember what it smelled like (this was before Mr. Clean Erasers). I spent a lot of time keeping my dishes free from gray marks using that cleaner and enjoyed that process. I used to be able to get my Pfaltzgraff dirt cheap on Ebay because no one but me seemed to want plain white dishes back then. 🙂 A few times I traveled over 2 hours to the Pfaltzgraff Factory Outlet store in Williamsburg, VA and got the greatest deals! I remember walking in and seeing shelves stacked with wonderful mostly unboxed open-stock dishes. It was pretty exciting! So fun!

  44. I am wanting to add some mismatched blue dishes to display with my heritage collection. Does someone have any recommendations of brands that would compliment the heritage dinner plates?

  45. I have two sets I’m selling trying to find out how much to ask I have the white set with castle and number on bottom and the brown set with blue flowers with number
    Email is if anyone is interested
    Or five,seven,3-two,4,seven,seven,3,seven,2

  46. I first purchased my Heritage set 40 plus years ago. Still use the pieces daily. I recently purchased 5 ‘black’ dinner plates from ebay. So disappointed because the dinner plates not only weigh less but they are smaller than my white dinner plates.

  47. I noticed a couple of comments inquiring about the possibility of lead or cadmium in the glaze of vintage Heritage. I’m trying to find the answer myself. Anyone have any luck yet?

  48. Heritage
    When I got married in 1990, heritage was the dishes I chose for our wedding registry. I think we ended up with 20 4 piece place settings ( we only kept 12 ) and I didn’t keep the coffee cups that came with the place settings not sure why. I also got several serving pieces. Mine have the castle stamp on the back of them. I used them all the time. Now that I’m retired I’m wanting to add to my collection. I want to get the pitchers, tea pots, honey pot, cookie jar to name a few. I’ve just started my search. So far no luck but I’ve only been to the antique/ vintage and thrift stores in my town. Here’s to happy hunting.

  49. I found a Pfaltzgraff Tea canister with lid in the 1976 Village pattern with the USA Castle logo on bottom. It has a slight chip so it was only $6.00. At the time I recognized the name but didn’t know much about it. I love antiquing and thrifting and now Pfaltzgraff and especially the village pattern are what I’m looking for. I’ve seen many pieces in eBay that I’m watching. I scored a Village original USA flat cup and saucer for $3.00 over the weekend at a thrift shop. I am so excited. I was sad to see Pfaltzgraff was sold to a company in China in 2005 who now makes the new pieces. I really want to eventually build a full collection of the USA 1976 Village original pieces with the castle logo embossed on bottoms to replace my current dishware. My only concern is about the safety of eating off the dishes and drinking from the cups every day. I have read conflicting information online about whether toxic lead is an issue or not. I also want to know about dishwasher and microwave safety. Any insight would be wonderful and greatly appreciated.

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