Cottage Style Sunroom Reveal

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Cottage Style Sunroom
This post contains affiliate links. For my full disclosure, click here. 

I am finally sharing our DIY cottage style sunroom reveal on the blog and I am so happy with the way this space came together!

To watch the entire video click here.

I have long anticipated our cottage style sunroom reveal and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you all today! If you have been following along on Instagram, you may have seen sneak peeks in my stories over the last month or so. This project was so much work, but it came together much faster than I ever imagined it would. 

DIY Sunroom Window Bench!
Today I'm finally sharing our cottage style sunroom!
How we built a simple window bench in our sunroom!
Cottage inspired sunroom

This post contains affiliate links. For my full disclosure, click here.

When we moved into this home, the sunroom was one of my favorite rooms. I had dreamt of having French doors in my home even as a little girl flipping through JC Penney catalogs, clipping pictures out and gluing them to a piece of construction paper labeled “my dream home.” 

It might seem silly, but when I look at those doors I think about that little girl and all her dreams. How God was watching all along, and how much He cares about the little details.

But the beautiful French doors weren’t the only reason I loved our sunroom. I loved the way the room filled with light in the afternoon, and how I could see all the way up and down our street through all the windows. 

It was a beautiful space, but it was very awkward. With windows on every wall, furniture placement was difficult and no matter what I tried out there, nothing ever felt right. 

Back in April I shared all my plans for the sunroom, and if you watched the YouTube video you saw how we insulated the walls to make it more cozy in the wintertime. 

Just last week I shared about my new desk built-in and how we transformed an unused bench into a wonderful office space. As I type this blog post I’m sitting at that very desk! It’s been such a blessing for me! 🙂 

Our DIY desk area was so affordable!

Today I want to focus on the other side of the room – the DIY window bench and why I love it so much in this space. 

DIY Sunroom Window Bench

After insulating this room last month, the first thing we did was cover the walls with bead board. It was a pretty simple project, and we actually had so much bead board left over from our entryway makeover that we only had to buy one sheet! I was so happy about that. 🙂 

Bead board instantly adds so much character to any room, and if you’re interested I have an entire blog post on how to install it, here

The next thing my husband wanted to tackle were the built-in shelves on either side of the window bench. He decided to use 3/4 inch hardwood and cut all of his pieces beforehand with his table saw. 

He used his Brad nailer to attach the sides and shelves and put it in place to make sure it fit okay. I knew I wanted the built-ins to be unique and really look as if they were original to the home, so I asked if he could add an arch to the top of each shelf. 

How we created built-in shelving in our sunroom!

This is so funny, but I happened to have a very large, oval shaped platter that we used as our guide for the arch, haha! We are so fancy over here lol!! We laid the platter right on the wood and traced it with a pencil. Then my husband used his jig saw to cut out the arch. So simple!

How we added an arch to our built-in shelves!
How we added an arch to our built-in shelves

I wanted the backs of the shelves to have an accent color, so I chose to paint that area with Stone Hearth by Benjamin Moore, the same color I used on my desk. We then painted the shelves before installing them so that we wouldn’t have to tape off the wall. 

How to make built-in shelves!
Simple built-in shelves!

After the shelves were in place, my husband went to work on the bench. He constructed it using 2×4’s and made sure to work around the cold air return. He then wrapped the entire bench with bead board just like he did on the walls, and trimmed it out with some lattice for a paneled look. 

How we added a window bench to our sunroom!

We used quarter round molding along the floor to match the home’s original baseboards, and we decided to use cove molding for the ceilings. You may have noticed that the shelves look thicker than what they did when my husband first built them, and that’s because he nailed 1×2’s to all the outside edges. 

How we added built-in shelves and a window seat to our sunroom!

He also added a 1×3 to the tops of the shelves before wrapping the cove molding around them, and I love how it makes the shelves look as if they have crown molding! 

How we created built-ins for our sunroom!

In order to gain even more storage space, Mike made sure to hinge the top portion of the bench seat, which I LOVE! Now I finally have a space for all my blog equipment which has been so wonderful! 

Our DIY Window Bench provides so much storage and functionality!

The brass wall sconces were the final touch, and I love how simple yet impactful they are. They were intended to be hardwired, but my handy husband just wired them to some lamp cords that plug in and have a switch. Luckily for us there is an outlet inside the bench, so he just drilled some holes in the inside corners of the shelves and fed the wire down. I love how cozy they make this room feel in the evenings when the lamps are on! 🙂

Brass wall sconces on our sunroom built-ins add so much cozy charm!
How we used hardwired wall lamps for our built-ins!

I have to admit something though..I spray painted the shades with fabric paint! They were a little too off white for my taste, but some bright white paint did the trick. You can’t even tell, can you? Hehe.

Brass Wall sconces on our DIY window bench built-in!

Decorating our Cottage Style Sunroom

There are a few other changes in this space that I have to mention, the first being our new Roman shades from Select Blinds. I am in LOVE with these gorgeous shades and I cannot believe the difference they made in this space! 

Our new Select Blinds Roman shades look stunning in our sunroom!
Our Roman Shades are cordless and so easy to pull down and pop up!

We decided to go with the Designer Ultimate Woven Wood Shades in Fiji Honey, and I love the warmth and texture they add to this space. They pop so beautifully against the white bead board, and the Roman shade style is just so timeless. 

Our new Roman shades add so much warmth and texture to our sunroom!

The best part about these shades? They are CORDLESS! No scary cords to worry about my little boys playing with anymore!! You can easily pull them down and pop them right back up, be sure to watch the video linked above for more details! 🙂

Our Roman Shads are perfect about our DIY Window Bench
How we feel about our new cordless Roman Shades!

The final change we made in the sunroom was the rug. This lovely, blue green rug from Well Woven honestly looks vintage. I love how it’s partially faded to look antique, and the small fringe detail on the end is just perfect.

Our vintage inspired rug completes this sunroom makeover!

This is the Prospect Global Vintage Persian Oriental Rug and it’s a beautiful blend of blue, green and cream. You can use code PINE15 for 15 percent off your purchase of $75 or more through June 3rd! 

Our vintage inspired rug looks perfect in our newly updated sunroom!
Our DIY Sunroom Window Bench Reveal is finally live!

This cottage style sunroom turned out more beautiful than I ever imagined it would. I kept the decor pretty simple, and simply shopped my home to fill the new shelves. It’s a little odd using my own artwork for decor, but it makes me smile to see something that will forever remind me of this strange time. As we near the end of this quarantine, it’s almost bittersweet. What a special time this has been for our family. 

Sunroom Window Bench Reveal!
Our DIY Window Bench provides so much storage and functionality!
Sunroom Window Bench and Built-ins Reveal!

We gather in this space so much more now, everyone sits on the bench to watch the sun set in the evenings and listen to Mommy (try to) play piano. I am so thankful for my amazing husband and how he makes all my crazy dreams a reality. 

Our Sunroom Window Bench Reveal is finally live! I just love how it all came together!

So? What do you think of our cottage style sunroom?? I hope you love it as much as we do! Let me know in the comments below!



Cottage Style Sunroom


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  1. This is such a beautiful space! The built-ins and the bench turned out so great and the colors your chose are perfect. I can see why this your favorite room in your home, love it!

    1. Aww Amanda THANK you!! That means so much coming from you – I ADORE your gorgeous home!! 🙂

  2. Andrea, this room turned out so beautiful! I love every detail you and your husband put together. Can I ask where you purchased your wooden horse? I have looked and looked and can’t seem to find one. Great job on everything and I enjoy every one of your posts. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

    1. Aww Jacki thank you so much!! So I got my horse at an antique store, but when I shared it on Instagram I had some followers tell me that they had the same one and they got it at Marshall’s/Home Goods! I think you see them more around Christmas time if that helps. 🙂

  3. I love it! We are wanting to add a window seat in our breakfast nook and this is exactly what I had in mind, right down to the top opening! I love, LOVE your shelves and wish I had somewhere in this house where we could build some!!! Don’t think I won’t be looking around trying to come up with a spot!!

    Great job – thank you for sharing!

    1. Aww Renee that is so good to hear! Well I hope this post helped out then!! We love how it all came together 🙂 I hope you get your built-ins very soon! 🙂

  4. Once again, your husband is a real hero. He is so willing to tackle all this stuff and he has the talent to do it. Give him a big hug and feed him really well. The room is fabulous.

    You should do a diy on your paintings. You’re good at it, and I’d love to see your process.

    1. Aww haha he truly is!! I am beyond blessed to have him 🙂 Thank you so so much, and yes I may end up sharing my process! I’m still learning myself, but maybe one day!! 🙂

  5. Andrea,

    What a beautiful room! I also want to congratulate you on a very nicely done video presentation. You and your husband work so well together. And, I like that your parents are a source of clever hacks for you. I can see where you get it from! Your vision was lovely and your family helped you manifest it — doesn’t get much better than that! Huzzah!

    1. Aww thank you Michelle!! Yes, you are right – I get SO much of my thriftiness and creativity from my parents! They were and still are the ultimate DIYers!! I so appreciate your kindness, thanks for visiting my blog!! 🙂

    1. Oh sure!! I should add that to the post, but I got it at Walmart, it was the only fabric spray they had! 🙂

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  9. Can you show how you installed the junction boxes for the wall sconces. Did you add decor to detract if the box protrudes into the shelf area?

    1. Hi Ann! The mounting plate that came with the lights was only attached to the shelf with a few small screws. I purchased lights that were able to plug in (they came with cords), so we fed the wire down the inside of the shelves where there is an outlet inside of the bench. I believe I showed all of this in the YouTube video in the post, but if not feel free to send an email and I can try to send some photos! Or you can reach out on Instagram and I can send you some there. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  10. Hi Andrea, what a beautiful space. Just curious what stain you used for the top of the bench. It is very warm. I just can’t seem to pick the right stain. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  12. I’m inspired with your blinds. I’m curious though, how’s the privacy after dark? I want to get some for a living room and wasn’t sure how private it was as there’s a porch by our window so one could stand right outside. You have a beautiful home, thanks.

  13. The link to the sunroom shades no longer takes you directly to
    The brand of these shades. Is there any way you could provide the name and color of you shades here?

    1. Hello Katherine! You can simply search Designer Ultimate Woven Wood Shades from the link and the color we chose was Fiji Honey 🙂 I hope this helps!

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