Mudroom Makeover – Shaker Style Ideas & Inspiration

Shaker style mudroom ideas and inspiration

Today I am sharing my shaker style mudroom makeover ideas and inspiration for a very small mudroom area we are excited to renovate!

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Have you ever wondered what’s past the door in my kitchen? I’ve never shared this area before because, well – it’s not the prettiest. I am eager to renovate the space though, and want to share my shaker style mudroom makeover ideas and inspiration with you all!

Kitchen door leading to mudroom in cottage style home

When we first moved in, the plaster was crumbling off the walls and the floors were covered in yellow linoleum tiles. I wanted to do a quick, affordable makeover in the space, so we bought some cheap paneling and added 1×8 boards with hooks for coats and hats. We also purchased gray stick on tiles to hide the yellow flooring. 

It worked well for us for several years, but we are definitely at the point now where this space could use another refresh.

Now you might be wondering – what about the boys’ room?! If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’ve been sharing progress in stories regularly, but the reveal hasn’t made it to the blog yet. 

Duvet cover thrift haul to be used in boy's bedroom of english cottage style home

Their space is done, I’m simply waiting on blinds and mattresses so that I can put it all together! I’m so SO excited for you all to see it, we just love the way it turned out! 

As for the mudroom space, here’s what I have in mind. 

Mudroom Makeover Plans – The Before

Alright so I’m calling this a mudroom, but honestly it’s such a small area that it’s really just a landing spot when you come in the back door. It’s tight and narrow and Lord willing when we finish our basement, that will end up being the ideal “mudroom space”. 

Technically this is more like an entry, but I’m going with “mudroom” today because that’s what we’ve always called it. 

The Paneling 

Ideally, I would love to replace the paneling with true tongue and groove boards. With a baby arriving in August, though, I think I’m going to leave the paneling and simply paint it all a new color. 

Paneling in mudroom space in cottage style home

I think it might be beautiful to paint the bottom portion of the paneling a lovely taupe color, and keep the top all white, and I’m leaning towards using the Swiss Coffee color that I painted my living room last fall. 

The Storage

This space is really too tight to add any cubbies, and shelves would be way too high to reach. If I made them lower, they would get in the way of the door opening and make the space way too tight. 

Cottage style simple mudroom plans in a small space

What’s my solution? Lots of hooks! I’m really loving the way shaker style pegs look, especially for a cottage style mudroom space. I plan on putting hooks on the larger boards that we added to the wall in between the sheets of paneling. 

The Ceiling 

The ceiling is another issue. We had a leak a few years ago and my husband had to tear into the ceiling, so I’ve been looking at a gaping hole for two years. We think the easiest thing to do might be to add bead board, just like we did in our boys room

Small mudroom space ceiling in cottage style home

The Floors

Mudroom renovation ideas and plans in a small space before photo in cottage style home

For the stair treads, you can see that my husband already went to work tearing up the the vinyl tiles we laid. He plans to replace all the treads with pine boards that he routers and stains himself. We did this exact same thing in our front entry years ago actually, so he’s done it before and it will definitely save some money. 

rustic cottage style entryway

A Few Other Thoughts on our Mudroom Makeover – 

I would absolutely love to transform our kitchen door into a Dutch door. Have you seen our DIY baby gate tutorial? We’ve cut doors in half before, so I know it can be done. I just love the idea of being able to keep the top portion open in order to  let more light in, but close the bottom portion to keep the new baby from tumbling down the stairs! 

dutch door DIY baby gate to let light into a small space in mudroom

The railing that you see in our mudroom was here when we moved in, but we’d like to build something a little nicer that’s made of wood and leads down to our basement. 

Mudroom Makeover Inspiration –

I thought it might be fun to share some cottage and shaker style mudroom ideas with you today as well, and why these images inspire me so much! 

What I love most about this photo is the color scheme. The gorgeous taupe-y gray on the cabinets, the weathered wood bench, and the pops of green just scream cottage to me! This is definitely the feel I’m going for in our back entryway!

I love everything about this space! Another gorgeous color scheme, I’m in love with the taupe trim and cream walls. The lantern is gorgeous, too! I may have to incorporate something similar in my own space!

Isn’t this home stunning? I’m in love with every detail. The cream walls, the gray trim, the rustic wood and woven elements. I’m also loving the wild branches and the artwork with the brass frame. Goodness it’s just GORGEOUS. Major mudroom inspiration for me!

I couldn’t do a Mudroom roundup without including my friend Deb’s stunning mudroom space from over at Seeking Lavender Lane. Can you see a theme here? Beautiful pegs, warm grays and rustic wood elements.

Deb’s entire home is stunning, you’ll have to head over to her blog and take a look around! She is always inspiring me. 🙂

I hope this shaker style mudroom makeover ideas and inspiration post has helped you! I can’t wait to tackle my own mudroom space now! I’m feeling so inspired. And did you see the awesome rustic finds I scored at garage sales last weekend?! I think my new vintage garden rakes will look SO cool hanging in this space. 

Antique rakes and yard tools found in garage sale mudroom home decor

As always, thanks for following along my friends! I look forward to sharing our mudroom makeover once it is completed with you all. 🙂

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Shaker style mudroom ideas and inspiration


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  1. Hi Andrea! I love your ideas for your mudroom! The inspiration photos are awesome! I think that shaker style is so timeless and the peg shelves would give you that feature. As well as being very useful . Any idea of the shade of gray used as the trim in the photo you provided? it just draws me in to the space somehow. Cynthia

  2. Hi Andrea. Ideas are great and love the colors . I think this it wll be the most beautiful mudroom ever .

      1. Hi, can you post what paint colors you used in the rooms? I am looking for these colors and having a hard time deciding. 😊

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