5 Unconventional, Affordable & Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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5 unconventional, affordable & meaningful Mother's Day gift ideas

Today I’m sharing 5 unconventional, affordable & meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas with you guys!

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With Mother’s Day approaching, I’ve been seeing so many “gift guides” shared by bloggers and influencers on Instagram and Pinterest. There’s nothing wrong with that, I can think of so many special gifts I’ve received over the years for Mother’s Day! Sometimes an act of service or kindness can mean so much more, though, so today I’m sharing 5 unconventional, affordable & meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas!

These outside-of-the-box ideas can hopefully help in case you can’t think of a single to thing to buy. Some of these options can mean so much more than a physical product!

Offer to Babysit

The first unconventional Mother’s Day gift idea that I have for you is to offer to babysit another Mom’s kids. It doesn’t matter if she’s a working mom or a stay at home mom, offering to take her kids for a day or an evening would be such a blessing! 

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There are just certain things that are harder to tackle with little ones around. Some of my friends with older kids might argue that it’s just as difficult with teenagers in the house, too! Whatever the case, write up a card or gift certificate and offer to take the kids for a day so mama can have some time to herself. 

Help with Cleaning

The second unconventional Mother’s Day gift idea I have for you is to help another mom clean! Now this is a bit tricky and can even come across as rude if you show up on her doorstep with cleaning supplies in hand, haha! 

Maintain your things to save money

But if you notice another mom has been struggling to keep up, seems exhausted or like she could use some help around the house, reach out and ask if you can lend a hand! Get creative and make a neat coupon that offers housekeeping services. You might just make her day!

Willing to spend a little extra? Pay for cleaning services for a week or even a month! For so many moms that would be such a treat. 

5 unconventional, affordable & meaningful mother's day gift ideas

Bring a Meal

This next unconventional Mother’s Day gift idea I have may seem simple, but you have no idea what a blessing it could be! Offer to bring another mama a meal. It doesn’t matter what stage of life she’s in, having someone else cook for a change will be such a nice break. 

If you’re looking for some easy and affordable meal ideas, check out my roasted chicken recipe, my meatloaf recipe or even my no fuss instant pot beef stew!

Easy and affordable Mother's Day gift ideas

Don’t enjoy cooking? Purchase a gift card or order take out from her favorite restaurant. 

Offer Your Time

Do you know a mama who has been wanting to tackle something but she just hasn’t had the time? Maybe she has a newborn or a spouse that’s battling cancer. Maybe her kids are all grown and she could use some companionship. 

Easy and affordable Mother's Day Ideas

In a world where everyone seems so busy, offer your time. Take her out for coffee or ask if you can come help with a project. Sometimes mundane tasks are more fun with someone by your side. 

Write a Letter

The last unconventional Mother’s Day gift idea that I have for you is to write an old fashioned letter. Tell that mom in your life how much she means to you and what a great job she’s doing as a mom. 

When someone takes the time to hand write a letter and encourage me, it brings tears to my eyes! Texting or even calling can be special, but going the extra mile to hand write a letter can change a mom’s world. 

5 Low Cost Mother's Day Gift Ideas

In summary, here are the 5 unconventional, affordable & meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas I have suggested:

  1. Offer to Babysit
  2. Help with Cleaning
  3. Bring a Meal
  4. Offer Your Time
  5. Write a Letter

I hope these gift ideas got your wheels turning! What have you guys done in the past for that special mom in your life? Let me know in the comments below!


5 unconventional, affordable & meaningful Mother's Day gift ideas


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  1. I agree! Wonderful thoughtful gifts of love! I have 3 grand littles and guess what! I called and said pack the 2 oldest up and bring them over for a few days. My daughter happily obliged and now her and hubby have time to do a project or just to rest… with 3 Littles that is a gift that reaps rewards for all. I love playing and spending time with my grands. My best gift to them is time. Make memories… they grow up so fast! P.s. I’d take the youngest but she’s 6 months old and needs mama. I also go over once a week and play so that mama can do errands and appts. Without her babes in tow, especially during the pandemic when it was so important for all of us to be extra careful. I’m thankful to have energy and time to do these things. Blessed and grateful

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