A Mother’s Day Memento – 3 Truths Every Mom Needs to Hear

3 Truths Every Mom needs to Hear

Today in honor of Mother’s Day I’m sharing 3 truths every Mom needs to hear. I know there are so many of you that would rather see decorating ideas or thrifty DIY Projects, but I believe God laid these truths on my heart and I hope that they are a blessing to someone today.

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3 Truths Every Mom Needs to Hear – Your Role is Valuable 

The very first truth that I believe every mom needs to hear is this – your role is valuable. 

We live in a society that praises so many different degrees, vocations and professions, yet somehow motherhood is overlooked. What was once respected and admirable is now laughed at and made culturally insignificant. Oftentimes the raising of children is viewed as a nuisance, “getting in the way” of our dreams, goals and plans. 

Motherhood and how to be encouraged by it in three must read reminders

Mama, I want to remind you today that your role is valuable. In fact I would argue that’s it’s the most valuable role of all. You have been entrusted with precious lives that you have the power to influence every single day in a positive way. The role you play in the lives of your kids could set them on a course that could potentially change the world. 

Motherhood is a high calling, it’s both honorable and worthy. I believe it should come second to everything else we put our hands to. Your words, your actions and reactions are vital in the shaping of future generations.

3 Truths Every Mom Needs to Hear – Your Work is Important

The second truth that I believe every mom needs to hear is that your work is important. 

I know, changing poopy diapers doesn’t feel important. Doing the laundry and washing dishes and taking your kids to soccer practice doesn’t seem significant. But mama, it most definitely is. 

Encouraging truths you need to hear in motherhood

I so wish that I had grasped this truth a lot sooner as a mom. If the baby didn’t nap well or was extra needy, I would get frustrated and feel like I never had time for myself. It was actually my younger brother that brought this to light in my life. 

One day we planned to meet so that he could show me some lighting equipment that I was interested in using for my blog, and right before he got to my house I laid my youngest at the time down for a nap. 

Within ten minutes of our conversation, the baby began to cry. I was so upset and began apologizing, saying things like “this always happens” and “every time I try to do anything the baby refuses to nap.”

3 honest truths for every single mom to read and listen to

My sweet brother encouraged me and told me that what I was doing was important, in fact he called it “kingdom work.” 

He told me that I was the only one in that moment that could care for that baby. No one else was there to cradle, soothe and care for him. If I didn’t do it, who would? 

I felt tears fill my eyes as I considered what he was saying. 

Kingdom work? Really? You mean something as simple as soothing my crying baby was work that mattered for eternity?

Michael was right. And oh how I wish I had grasped on to this truth sooner. My perspective changed that day as a mom. No longer would I view mundane tasks and chores as insignificant or unimportant. It was all important. Caring for my family was important. Cleaning up after them was important. 

3 Truths every momma needs to hear

In all of these daily tasks that many consider monotonous, a beautiful childhood is created for our little ones. Consistency and faithfulness in our work strengthens our kids as they learn what dependability looks like. A safe haven is formed and a beautiful tapestry is woven, one poopy diaper at a time. 

Your work is important, mama. Don’t buy into the lie that what you’re doing doesn’t matter. It matters more than you will ever know. 

3 Truths Every Mom Needs to Hear – Your Time is Never Wasted

The final truth that I want to leave moms with is this – your time is never wasted. 

As I look around in restaurants, waiting rooms or sporting events today, a phone in one hand and a head staring down at it seems to be the norm. People aren’t talking to each other or taking the time to smile at one another any more. Everyone is in their own little world, and God help us if this strange new normal has seeped into our homes. 

Your time is never ever wasted as a mom, read these three encouraging truths to help you

Mama – time spent with your child is never, ever a waste. 

Even when you have a million things to do. Even when the laundry is piling up. 

Even when you’d rather be mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest or Facebook rather than listening to them tell you about the frog they caught that day. 

If I ever find myself telling my boys “hang on just a second” because I’m looking at my phone, I need to stop and check myself. 

Is this what I want my children to remember about me? Mama staring at her phone?

Sometimes the kids are playing and keeping themselves busy, and it’s tempting to pull my phone out and go on Instagram. I try to convince myself there’s no harm in it, after all they are occupied…they won’t even notice. 

Sweet moments of motherhood and three truths you need to hear so you don't miss out

The danger is that I am missing out. Eventually I become engrossed in what someone is saying or doing or painting through a screen rather than making an effort to involve myself in what is happening right in front of me. 

Am I listening to their conversations? Am I watching as they play and interact with each other? 

There’s nothing wrong with independent play. Let your kids be creative and have fun on their own. It’s good for them to have time alone or with their siblings without Mom hovering over them every second of the day. 

After all, our work is important remember? Dishes need to get done. Laundry needs to get washed, then folded, then put away. 

Fun sweet moments with your kids you won't miss as much when you choose to be present, three simple truths every mother needs to hear!

My point is this – time spent with your kids is never a waste. The number of toys we buy for them doesn’t matter. The size of the house we provide for them doesn’t matter. The only thing that truly matters is the time you invest into their lives.

My Dad always used to say that time may be money, but money is not time. 

One of the greatest blessings in starting a YouTube channel has been the wonderful engagement I receive in the comments of so many of my videos. Over and over again I read the same words from older mamas – cherish this time. You will blink and they will all be grown. 

It’s hard to fathom that reality when so often a house full of screaming boys feels like never-ending chaos. But I know it’s true. 

Moments turn into days. Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into years. 

Your time is never a waste. Spend it wisely, mama. 

3 Truths every momma needs to hear

I want to end by letting you all know that my Mom has a brand new ebook available on her blog! It’s called “The Making of Mom Moments” and it’s free for those who subscribe. 

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I hope these 3 truths every mom needs to hear were an encouragement to you friends, and to all the sweet mamas out there – Happy Mother’s Day!


3 Truths Every Mom needs to Hear



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  1. These are such good reminders. You are a beautiful mother Andrea, and I’m always so thankful for your encouragement. 🤍


  2. Such a beautiful reminder. My 3 sons are grown up young adults now, and I so agree with this!! Once, I was shopping and the owner of a small shop asked me about my family; when I told her I had 3 young sons she said, “well that is your ministry.” I will never forget that and I so appreciated her kind, true words. It was a great reminder and affirmation of my God given calling! Blessings on you and your sweet family Andrea!

  3. I really enjoy your YouTube videos and blog as well. Thank you for the meaningful Mother’s content this week. Even though my children are pretty much grown, this was a special reminder to me. I have been a stay at home mom for 26 years and I have had my share of struggles over my value. Thanks again!

    1. I am so happy you have enjoyed them! You are welcome, and I hope you had an excellent Mother’s Day!

  4. This is so beautiful. I’m a grandmother but I remember when my children were younger getting comments made to me by other women because I wasn’t focused on a career. When my husband left it was a balancing act to juggle it all but somehow I made it all work. I’m so proud of my 3 children.

  5. It is so true. The time with them is so well spent. I raised two sons and have six grandchildren, four are young men and two granddaughters 14 and almost 25. They have been the loves of my life and continue to be as adults. We spend many hours talking with them. They learn from us and we also learn from them. They are the best of us. Your three young boys remind me of my youngest sons three boys. So special! Enjoy all the love from them while little and you will still get it from the adult ones. We are proof of that.

  6. Such beautiful and encouraging words. I know so many young mother’s will benefit from this. God Bless and Happy Mothers day.

  7. Another grandmother here…. I have spent the last 34 years of my life homeschooling my children. Now, as they’re adults I’m reaping the reward. They are not perfect adults, but they stand out among their generation. They are devoted, humble parents, serving everyone around them. And they have become our best friends….calling or texting us every day to share their hearts, and to tell us they love us. What a blessing. Dont give up. May the Lord give you Grace and joy in the journey. I completely echo the other comments here! 🙂❤

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