Antiquing Haul – Cottage Style Decor

Antiquing Haul Vintage Finds and Treasures

I love decorating my home with vintage finds and treasures, and today I am sharing my most recent antiquing haul with you!

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Last week I took you along as I shopped for light fixtures for our updated entryway. Although I didn’t find a vintage light fixture, I found a few other treasures that I am excited about. I am sharing my entire antiquing haul along with some items my mom gave me, below!

Antiquing Haul Vintage Finds and Treasures
Copper ladle and cutting board antiquing haul
Antique Wooden Milking Stool

Antiquing Haul – Items Given to Me

This first antique I am sharing is a primitive candle holder from my mom. This was my grandfathers, so it is very special to me. It is unique and beautiful and I cannot wait to find the perfect place for it.

Antiquing Haul Primitive Candle Holder

The next item she gave me is this beautiful wooden spoon holder. I believe it was meant for spoons, there are slots to hold them along with a small storage drawer. My mom said it was in her mother’s kitchen for as long as she could remember growing up, which makes it even more of a treasure to me.

Antique Wooden Spoon Holder

It is a bit red toned for my taste, so I am not completely sure if I will paint it. I know I want to use it somewhere though, possibly in my office for paint brushes and paints? If I don’t end of painting it, I could always try to strip it as well.

The next thing is actually hanging up in my entryway, a metal or tin candle sconce that was also my grandfathers. I’m still torn on whether or not to keep it here, but I do love the warmth of a candle burning in a home.

Tin Candle Sconce Cottage Entryway Decor

Another item that my Mom gave me is this really cool vintage dust pan. I love the patina of metal that is worn and aged. I think I will definitely feature it once our laundry space is finished. She found this one at an antique store for me for about twelve bucks!

Vintage Dust Pan Antique Cottage Find

The last thing that my mom gave me is this old miners light. It was my dad’s great grandfathers. I think it will make such an amazing statement piece to have displayed on a shelf or on my coffee table. I love the history behind it and the conversations it will bring.

Antique Miners Light Historic Conversation Decor Piece

Antiquing Haul – Shop and Store Finds

The first item I want to share is this really pretty brass wall basket. I can picture it with flowers in it, or in the entryway with keys, or even in the kitchen with dish brushes in it. It was only $8 and it caught my eye right away at a local antique store.

Antiquing Haul Brass Wall Basket Cottage Decor

I did end up buying the copper ladle I shared in last week’s shop with me video. I love this ladle, the patina and the worn copper is just so beautiful. I feel like I want to display more copper behind my stove in my kitchen and this would be perfect.

Antique Copper Ladle Cottage Home Decor
Antique Copper Scoop Cottage Decor

I also found this beautiful cutting board. I love antique cutting boards and I was so happy when I found it to add to my collection.

Gorgeous Antique Vintage Cutting Board

Another item I found antiquing was this amazing vintage milking stool. I have always wanted one of these and this one is soooo cool. The weathered wood and markings on it are so pretty to me!

Antique Wooden Milking Stool Unique Decor FInds
Details in cottage decor wooden milking stool

I am still not sure where it will go, but I absolutely love it. My sweet husband actually snuck and bought this for me for Mother’s Day which makes it even more special.

Unique Cottage Decor Finds Wooden Milking Stool

I share a few more items in the YouTube video I linked above that aren’t antiques, but gorgeous as well. I hope you are able to watch it to take a look! I shared a favorite new stem for spring, as well as some gorgeous linen tea towels from my friend Cami.

Cottage Decor Finds and Must Haves

I hope you enjoyed this antiquing haul I shared today friends! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


Antiquing Haul Vintage Finds and Treasures

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  1. I know you had a great Mother’s Day and that old milk stool is so special. Your haul has some great things, I love old items too. It will be fun to see them in your home, thanks for sharing.

  2. Try easy off stove cleaner on the spoon rack, I’ve tried that and it will look like the small stool you have!

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