Neutral Idaho Farmhouse Home Tour – Share the Love Series

Neutral Idaho Farmhouse Home Tour

Today I am so excited to share this Neutral Idaho Farmhouse home tour in my “Share the Love” series!

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Today I’m continuing on with my Share the Love Series for February! If you missed it last week, I told you guys that I plan on sharing one friend of mine each week this month in honor of Valentines Day! 

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Farmhouse bedroom decor
Farmhouse mantle decor

This week I’m sharing my friend Emily and her neutral Idaho farmhouse home from the blog Handmade Farmhouse. Emily and I met on Instagram a few years ago, and I fell in love with her style. Every image she shares is bright and airy, and her ‘less is more’ approach makes me want to scale back and simplify even more. 

Decor details in Emily's neutral home
Neutral Cottage Decor

Here’s a little introduction from Emily herself – 

Hi! I’m Emily, homemaker at our handmade farmhouse. Over on my blog and Instagram I write about my daily adventures experimenting in the kitchen, DIY home projects, gardening with my family, and intentional, affordable decorating. I believe HOME should be a safe-haven from life’s daily weight and always be the place you want to be most in the world. 

My husband Shaun and I spent the first 8 years of our marriage in college and starting our family of 5. We quickly learned how to create a home that was special and meaningful by putting our creativity to work and not spending a lot of money. In those years we learned to find joy in simplicity and made home our favorite place to be, even as small and humble as it was. Those life lessons have always stuck with me and resulted in a lifelong passion for creating a home on a budget and learning to see beauty in simplicity.

In 2016-2018 we worked to make our dreams a reality as we built our own home ourselves on nights and weekends. This journey changed us in many ways, and has given us a deep appreciation for quality time together. After 20 long months, we were able to move into our handmade farmhouse. Soon after we started living like a family again. Dreams can come true, if you’re willing to work for them!

Isn’t that amazing? I just love Emily’s story and I’m so blessed to be able to call her my friend. We have joked before that we could chat for hours on end, and one day I would just love to meet her in person to be able to do just that! 

Details of Emily's home in her winter tour
Winter home tour details of Emily's home

One of my favorite rooms in Emily’s house is her kitchen. The simple design provides the perfect backdrop for every season. 

Kitchen of Emily's neutral Idaho farmhouse
Neutral kitchen shelves in Emily's home

Another room that I love in Emily’s home is her dining space. The table scapes that she creates are just beautiful! 

Spring tablescape in the neutral Idaho farmhouse tour

One of the things that Emily is known for is her delicious recipes. She is constantly sharing delicious treats and gorgeous baked goods, from fluffy French bread to gooey cinnamon rolls to homemade crescents. 

Emily great cook and delicious recipes
Delicious recipes made by Emily
Emily in her neutral Idaho farmhouse kitchen

Every recipe of hers that I’ve tried turns out so yummy! I especially love her homemade caramel recipe, they were SO easy and so so good! 

Emily in her Neutral Idaho Farmhouse Kitchen
Emily in the kitchen of her neutral Idaho Farmhouse

Emily is also known for her holiday decorating, so I had to include some of her holiday photos in this post. Both her fall and Christmas decor is bright and cheery and so inspiring! 

Fall Neutral Idaho Farmhouse decor
Autumn Mantle Decor
Fall mudroom home decor
Autumn decor details
Fall kitchen decor
Fall Kitchen  Decor
Christmas Tablescape
Christmas kitchen decor
Christmas living room decor in the Neutral Idaho Farm Decor
Christmas Tabletop Decor
Neutral Idaho Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decor
Farmhouse Mantle Christmas Decor

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Emily’s home, and please be sure to head to her blog and subscribe! I know that would mean the world to her. 🙂

Gorgeous farmhouse home details
Details of a neutral farmhouse home

Did you love Emily’s neutral Idaho farmhouse home tour as much as I did? Which one of her spaces is your favorite? I’d love to hear in the comments below! 


Neutral Idaho Farmhouse Home Tour


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  1. The woman of today are so creative. The beautiful way you blend nature and color making your home so inviting and magical. I grew up in the 50’s and we had a lot of wood furniture. Everything looked so brown. Continue to keep us inspired with all your creativity.

  2. I love the tall red glass ornaments like trees Where can I buy those ? thanks! Beautiful decors and your home

    1. This is a feature of my beautiful friend’s home. I have her link shared in this post, if you go to her blog and ask I am sure she would love to help!

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