Non Toxic Makeup on a Budget

Today I'm sharing all of my non toxic makeup on a budget!

Finding nontoxic makeup on a budget can be overwhelming. Today I’m hoping to make the search for clean, affordable makeup less stressful for you!

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Today I’m sharing some of my favorite non toxic makeup on a budget! Yes I know, this has nothing to do with cottage decorating. Don’t worry, I promise I have no plans on becoming a fashion blogger any time soon haha! 

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My makeup is something that I’m asked about a lot, and I thought it would just be easier to create a blog post so that I can share it once and be done! 

This is NOT my area of expertise and it feels weird even typing this post, but I know how difficult it is to find makeup you love, let a lone makeup that is clean and toxin free. 

Clean makeup options that are budget friendly!

About a year ago my husband and I had a long talk about the food we were eating, the products we were using, and really just the everyday items that were a part of our daily life. I had gone on Whole 30 prior to this conversation and it really opened my eyes to the preservatives, chemicals and fillers we were consuming on a daily basis. That diet led to more research not only in regards to food, but also natural living in general. 

This past year has been an interesting journey, and I have learned so much. Besides food, one of the first areas I focused on was my cleaning routine. You can read all about the all natural products I use, here!

Today’s focus is all about makeup. And let me just say, your standard might be higher than mine when it comes to what you put on your skin. These products work for me and my budget, so I thought I would share them with you in hopes they will work for you as well!

My non toxic makeup routine!

What is non toxic make up?

One of the best ways to find out if your makeup products contains toxic ingredients is to test them on the Environmental Working Group site. There’s even an app that you can download on your phone so that you can scan items right at the store when you’re shopping! 

Another app I love is called Think Dirty. Again, you can scan makeup to see if it’s deemed safe or highly toxic. A lot of makeup today contains things like Phthalates and Parabens which can cause so many problems. 

Phthalates, for example, are chemicals that contain hormone disrupters and are linked to cancer and reproductive issues (source). Parabens are linked to breast cancer as well and can also negatively interfere with the endocrine system (source). 

Non Toxic Makeup on a Budget

So here it is, the non toxic makeup I use daily. I don’t do anything special really, in fact I probably do it all wrong. But this is what I use and love. It has taken me a year to get to this point, and even still I’m always on the hunt for better, more affordable options. 

non toxic makeup on a budget!

If I ever find something I love more or something that works better for me, I will be sure to update this post!

ConcealerPacifica Liquid Cover in Warm Light

After cleaning my face in the morning, this is what I start with and I love it SO much. It goes on smooth and is easily buildable. I put it right below my lip on my chin, around my nose and under my eyes and dab it lightly with my finger. Whatever is left on my finger I rub onto my eyelids for use as a primer. 

PowderPacifica Mineral Neutralizing Mattifier (Shade 2)

I tend to have oily skin, and I love the matte finish this leaves behind! No sheen and I honestly feel like it helps to control oil throughout the day! I have tried other powders that are much more expensive and this one is still my favorite. 

BronzerPhysicians Formula Bronze Booster 

For a touch of sun on my forehead and nose and some contour under my cheek bones, this is what I currently use. I will say – I’m not in love with the smell of it. Oddly enough it’s fragrance free! Haha. Once I run out I will probably look for something different. 

Eye Brow PencilAvril Organic Cosmetic Eye Brow Liner Pencil

I love this brow pencil and it has lasted me months. I bought it at Christmas time and I still have almost a full pencil!

My affordable, clean makeup routine!

Eye ShadowPink Nudes Palette by Pacifica 

This was a tough one for me at first. Seventeen bucks?! Are you crazy?! For someone who was so used to dollar store makeup I really struggled with the price point on this eye palette. 

You want to know something though? It has lasted me a full YEAR. I bought it July 4th weekend of last year and I wear this eye shadow every single day. There are so many beautiful colors in this palette and if you love neutrals like I do, it’ll be perfect for you! 

I use the medium brown on the crease of my eye, the light pink tone under my brow bone to blend, and the medium pink on and under my eye lids! 

Eye LinerPacifica Natural Minerals Eye Liner

Again, this stuff lasts a good while. I just now bought a new one but my old liner lasted just under a year!

I recent found an even more affordable liner on Amazon, and I love it! Here is the link – Avril Certified Organic Eye Liner Pencil

MascaraPhysicians Formula Organic Wear Natural Origin Mascara 

So right now, this is the mascara I’m using. The only thing I hate about it is that it’s not waterproof, and I’m a waterproof kinda girl haha. My eyes water all the time, if I hear a beautiful song I tear up…then bam. I forget, rub my eyes and suddenly there’s black smeared all over my face. 

Also…it’s summertime and we are constantly going to the pool or the lake!

For the longest time I was using the Pacifica Water resistant mascara, but I couldn’t get over the price. $15 for mascara was so hard…almost double what I was paying before I switched. 

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find waterproof mascara that is less than that. So I might end up going back to the Pacifica brand. I’ll keep you posted!

BlushShy Pink Blush by Burt’s Bees

A little bit of this blush goes a long way. In fact I tend to use too much! The peachy hue is perfect and it has lasted me forever!

Lips – I use a combination! When I’m home I love to use the Tinted Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Peony. 

I love this chapstick so much! It has the prettiest pink tint with the right amount of shimmer, and a fresh minty taste! 

If I’m going to church or going out, I like to use the Pacifica Crystal Punk Mineral Lip Gloss on top of my chapstick. On it’s own, the gloss is very clear. But I love a hint of color so I layer the two! The gloss is long lasting and it adds the prettiest shimmer! I love this stuff so much! 

Where to find non toxic makeup on a budget!

Well, I hope this non toxic makeup on a budget was a help to you! Like I said, I know this was out of the ordinary for me but I’m glad to have all these sources in one place. Do you have any low budget all natural makeup recommendations for me? Please let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Today I'm sharing all of my non toxic makeup on a budget!


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  1. You are just so adorable! I’ve been wanting to try some make up from this brand. Love the eye shadow palette and the lipgloss color!

  2. You always look so lovely, a real natural beauty! My question is not about makeup but it is about color. I was hoping you could tell me what color grey you used for the back of your bookshelves?

  3. I love the Pacifica powder as well! I also love their mascara, and to me the fifteen dollars is well worth it – treat yourself 😀

  4. Andrea,
    I am very into clean beauty on a budget too. I love these brands you mentioned and I also thought you may like to check out Everyday Minerals. They are very pure and super affordable. Thank you for this post!

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