Homeschool Room Tour (It’s Not What You’d Expect)

Homeschool Room Tour Not what you are expecting

Today I’m giving you a “homeschool room” tour and sharing how I organize our homeschool materials!

To watch the entire video, click here.

Hey friends! When I opened up and shared that this season with a newborn might bring more vlog/lifestyle content, I had so many messages full of love and support from you all. Since we are starting homeschool next week, I thought I would give you a homeschool room tour of our space and explain how I organize our materials. 

I think a lot of mamas are intimidated by the beautiful homeschool rooms that they see on Pinterest, and I hope that this post encourages you. If you live in a small home like mine, you might not have an extra space where you can set up colorful posters and marker boards and school desks. 

And you know what? That’s okay!

I’m not saying that homeschool rooms are a bad thing. If we had an extra room in our home that I could dedicate to homeschool, you guys know how much I would enjoy setting that up! In our small home, though, that’s just not possible. 

So do you want to know where we do most of our homeschool? 

Ta-dah! Our dining room

Yes, most of our schooling is done right here at the table. We start off the morning with about an hour of reading time all snuggled up on the couch, but after that the dining table is where homeschool lives. 

Homeschool Room Tour in cottage style home

So where do I keep all of our homeschool materials? Be sure to watch the YouTube video above for the full tour! You’ll also get a sneak peek of the materials we are using this year. 🙂

I like to keep things as simple as possible. The first place that I store things is in my Grandpa’s dresser. 

Antique vintage dresser used for storage of homeschool material

In the bottom drawer I keep construction paper, coloring books, and any extra activity books that are educational. 

Homeschool room tour and how I organize it

The second place I like to store things is in our kitchen cupboards.

Homeschool Room Tour minimalist organization

I have one section of cabinets that is dedicated to homeschool, and I keep things minimal so that it doesn’t get overly cluttered. 

Kitchen cabinet space used for homeschool storage

I keep one bin for Gabriel who will be starting K5, and one bin for Ethan who will be in 3rd grade this year. I go into more details as to how I organize their work in the YouTube video as well. 

Homeschool material storage in cottage style kitchen

Of course the boys have tons of puzzles and board games that we keep in the bench next to the fireplace.

They also have a personal library full of books in their bedroom, and there are plenty of arts and crafts supplies that I like to store in the sunroom

Storage ideas for a small home for homeschooling materials
Unique ways to use vintage antiques as storage options for homeschooling

And that’s it! That’s our homeschool room. I know it’s probably not what you were expecting, but I hope it’s encouraging. 

But homeschool for me isn’t about bringing school into the home. It’s about creating a whole new experience of wonder and learning for my children. I want learning for them to be creative and exciting, something that they look forward to daily. 

I love keeping things simple and encouraging my children to use their imaginations, to get outside and explore nature, to pause and observe. 

I hope these tips encouraged you today, friends! Never in a million years did I think that I’d be sharing a homeschool room tour on this blog, but I guess that’s what’s so awesome about blogging! It can definitely evolve and change over time. 🙂


Homeschool Room Tour Not what you are expecting


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  1. Hi! I really love your home, your family, and the simplicity you bring to homeschool. Very functional for small homes. I watched your video as well and was curious if you use the teacher manuals for yourself for the grades or just the student books ?. Would love more homeschool videos. Thank you so much❤️

  2. Hi Andrea!
    I’m so encouraged by your blog. I’m a mama of 9, a grandma of two on earth and one grandson in heaven, and a homeschool mama of 22 years! And still going!
    Your home, it’s so sweet and simple and lovely and God honoring. I’ve never had a school room. I’ve dreamed of one!! Oh, so often! But it looks just like yours does for all these years. The kitchen table and a cute hutch to store the daily books. But my bookshelf has grown as much as my kiddos.
    You’re a good mama and you will always treasure these years of homeschool. It is a sacrifice, but also the biggest blessing.
    And your oldest son with his baby brother! ❤️Brought back so many memories of my first born son. He now is a father, his firstborn son was born around the same time Isaiah was.
    I guess I just want to encourage you that you’re doing a good work and thank you so sharing a small part of your life. Being willing to be yourself even when it looks much different than the rest of social media.
    Blessings ❤️

  3. This is my favorite homeschool room post ever! Thank you so much for showing how homeschool can be beautiful and functional without needing it’s own space.

  4. I’m in love with the RUG that is under the dining room table. Could you share where you got it from/a link to the rug?

    Thank you!

    Suzanne T

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