Timeless Cottage Paint Colors

Cottage Paint Colors

My most asked question about our home is in regards to paint colors. Choosing interior paint colors can be a daunting process. In this post, I will tour our home and share the different cottage paint colors we chose for each space. I hope it can be a help to you!

I have always been very drawn to simple, neutral colors in my home. They are so calming to me and help showcase different cottage inspired elements that I love. Most of the cottage paint colors we chose are different shades of white and greige paints that to me complete the cottage aesthetic I am hoping to achieve.

Whole House Paint Colors

I have shared the cottage paint colors we have in our home before here, however since refinishing our floors so much has changed that I decided to put a new post together for you.

When we purchased our home 10 years ago now, it was already the beautiful gray paint color you see pictured below. We color matched this gray and lightened it by 50% for the shutters and also painted the interior of our front door the same shade.

English Cottage influenced yard and gardens tour home exterior
English Cottage Influenced Home

Unfortunately, I don’t have this paint color but our home will need to be repainted soon, and I am excited to share both the process and paint color we choose with you.

The entryway of our home is painted white which is a basic flat white interior paint we purchased from our local hardware store off the shelf. The interior of our front door is the color matched gray on the outside of our home.

Reclaimed wood beams in entryway makeover
Contrasting paint colors in Cottage Inspired Entryway

All of the trim in the entryway is painted the color Stingray by Benjamin Moore lightened by 50%. I fell in love with this greige cottage paint color and you will see I have used it throughout my home as you continue reading this post.

Timeless cottage paint colors painted trim and Stair risers in home for historic charm

Our living room and dining room are also a plain flat white paint from our local True Value hardware store and the lightened Stingray trim paint continues into both spaces.

Simple Living Room Furniture Arrangement
Timeless Cottage Paint Colors for you entire home
Painted Millwork in English Inspired Living Room

The built-in’s surrounding our fireplace are painted Stingray in full strength and I absolutely love the warmth this perfect greige cottage paint color brings to this space.

The Best Neutral Paint Colors for your home
The best whole house paint colors

Our sunroom is the same basic plain white paint from our local hardware as well. The trim in our sunroom is painted Stone Hearth by Benjamin Moore, and is another beautiful greige paint color.

Our vintage inspired rug looks perfect in our newly updated sunroom!
How we created built-ins for our sunroom!
Sunroom Timeless Cottage Paint Colors

Our kitchen paint is Swiss Coffee by True Value and the trim is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. I love this combination together in this space and I feel like it compliments our wood beams and stone wall perfectly.

Spring English Cottage Style Kitchen Inspiration
Simple white vase with flowers decorating kitchen for spring

Our cupboards were painted when we moved in as well, so unfortunately I do not know the exact shade of white that was used, but they are a very clean and crisp white.

Simple spring touches in English Cottage Home

Our back entryway mudroom area is painted a basic white trim paint, and we painted the lower portion with Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. 

Greige paint colors in cottages
Shaker style peg racks in mudroom entry area

Our boy’s room on the lower level that we recently finished is painted a plain white satin finish by True Value. The blue you see is Compelling by True Value.

Reading area with thrifted items in boys bedroom makeover reveal
Vintage pennant flags used as decor in vintage boys bedroom makeover

The other two areas on our lower level are the nursery and the main bathroom. Both are areas I plan to paint in the near future and I will be sure to update this post as soon as the areas are finished with the paint colors we used in each space.

Our master bedroom is another area that is almost complete that I am so excited to share with you all. I have shared sneak peaks of the space on Instagram stories and plan to share an update on the entire space on YouTube very soon!

The paint colors we chose to use in our master on the walls is once again a basic flat white paint from our local hardware store. We painted the trim Stingray by Benjamin Moore lightened by 50%. As soon as I have photos of the space to share with you I will!

Before refinishing our master, it was painted Halo by Benjamin Moore with a basic white trim paint that you can see below. I loved Halo, but feel like the flat white we chose compliments the new painted trim and reclaimed beams much better.

Layered cottage style bedding with a touch of blue added

Once again, I promise to update this post as soon as the nursery, master and main bath are complete with both photos of each area and the specific paint colors I chose for each space!

As you can see, I love a simple white and have it throughout most of our home. I realize that the flat white from my local hardware isn’t much of a help, but I did write a previous post on choosing white paint that may help you more here.

Cottage Paint Colors We Used in Our Entire Home

  • Flat White Paint by True Value
  • Stingray by Benjamin Moore
  • Halo by Benjamin Moore
  • Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
  • Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore
  • Compelling by True Value
  • Plain White Satin Finish by True Value

I hope these timeless cottage paint colors we have used in our home are an inspiration for you! Are you in the process of choosing interior paint colors? Do you prefer simple neutral paint shades or do you go for brighter colors? I would love to know in the comments!


Timeless Cottage Paint Colors
The best whole house paint colors

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  1. ….Once again, such a great topic, since we know that certain things change over time …. these colours are so well matched and complement your beautiful Home , I can see why you chose them …. serene, feels classic but with ” just enough edge” to not feel time – worn. I was smiling to see that beautiful front door with the grey colour on the inside…. my front door is painted on the interior side, and I’m not changing it, it was already like that when purchased off of Marketplace. The exterior is white ( it’s a Steel Door ) but I’m leaving the interior side as is…. I decided it dies complement the colours I am using .
    I know Swiss Coffee is a Standard, and it is actually still a very nice colour , especially for a kitchen or dining area.
    I love that you shopped Local, as well, for some of your paints. ….I find this to be important, supportive of ones’ Local Businesses, and that absolutely warmed my Heart, made me smile. I also shop at True Value ,and Ace Hardware whenever possible. Beautiful photos, Miss Andrea ….thank you for sharing.

      1. You have such a beautiful home! I have been following along with you for a while now, and I just love your style. Thank you for sharing your paint colors. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I am in love with your color choices. We’re currently in the process of renovating our 70 year old farmhouse and using a lot of these similar colors. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Simple and neutral for the win! I’m old enough to have been a homeowner since the 80’s and have survived mauve carpet in not one master bedroom, but TWO!😳 Have also been responsible for burgundy walls in a family room. 😱 The best thing I have learned is to stay fairly light and neutral on walls and sofas. If I feel I just NEED more color, bedding and throw pillows are the easiest way to achieve it. Your home is beautiful!

  4. Love your paint color choices! We are in the process of installing new floors ourselves and we have to put in new trim. Excited to get rid of the old short trim and have the new wider baseboards 😍 but I want to do a color and my husband wants white because it already comes that way and less work 🀣 I feel like it’s so much easier to paint it before it’s put on since I don’t want to get paint on the new floors. TBD who wins πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Aw haha, well show him a few homes with the painted trim to show him how beautiful it is! I truly love mine, but either or I am sure your home will be beautiful!

      1. Ordering my paint for the trim tomorrow! He still doesn’t want to paint it, but I’ve asked so many times I got him to agree 🀣🀣 what sheen do you guys use for your trim with the stingray? I want to paint a hutch at the same time in the lightened stingray and just use all the same gallon. But I wonder if a hutch in semi-gloss as an example would look strange.. maybe I’m overthinking it 🀣

  5. I love white paint!!! White is always my choice.
    I thought the colored woodwork was.out of style? Your take a n this? I thought it was part of the Williamsburg look.from the 80’s.

    Hold on, we still have white walls and colors d woodworknthru.out. Not being critical.
    I know in style is what I like.
    Just curious.

    Always look forward to yournpost.

    1. To be honest, I don’t really follow styles, so I am not sure! I found a few beautiful homes on Pinterest with painted millwork and decided to try it in my own home and I love it so much!

  6. I was here for the exterior paint color lol oh well! Your colors are lovely, though not my style, and I love your videos because they are so calming and you are so sweet. Your house must have such a calming atmosphere when you walk in. We like color so I try to make mine relaxing and calming with the color but that is a bit hard to do. I’m a plaid addict πŸ™‚

    1. Aw, I am so sorry! I do get asked that a lot as well. When we repaint, I will be sure to update this post!

  7. Hi Andrea,
    Thank you for this post. We bought a house that is very much stuck in the 1990s and trying to change it so it has a cozy English country feeling has been quite a challenge. Your paint choices are lovely. I also have a nook above our fireplace and we plan to make it into a cabinet like yours. We will put our tv into a beautiful armoire that I found on FB Marketplace. but I am sure we will find a use for the extra space above the oak fireplace. Yes, our home has honey oak and brass fixtures everywhere! Quite the opposite of what I am hoping to achieve when we move in full-time in 3 years. Anyway, I could go on and on. After following you for so long, you feel like an old friend. Thank you for your beautiful blog. I look forward to every new post and video. I also enjoyed reading about your lilacs. They are so gorgeous! I will try picking mine next year first thing in the morning and will continue to give them a good pounding with my hammer. Hopefully, they will not wilt as fast. Take care of yourself and your beautiful family. XO

  8. Thanks for the color tips ! You have a cozy beautiful home. Love your style , so refreshing to see your home decorated with your special touch . Patti

  9. Good Morning, Andrea! Honey, your home is absolutely breathtaking! You have inspired so many of us! Looking inside your home is a breath of fresh air. I love how you’ve inspired so many of us that you don’t have to spend a fortune on our decor journey. I’ve been repainting my home and I as well have used a Satin white. I changed from Taupe walls with white trim.I just painted my trim white also as I’m 69 years old and the hands are shakey, so it’s easier for me to do the one color. At least it’s fresh and clean. Den and hallway to go and I’ve painted it all! Thank you Andrea for all the motivation! God Bless! πŸ™πŸ’—

  10. Hi Andrea! I just adore your style & I am so excited by the beauty and warmth of it that I have begun to redo what used to be one of our sons rooms, so that now when his little girl comes for magical sleepovers, she will be in her Dad’s room, but all new!!! We have finally made a decision to go with wall to wall carpet and I was hoping that you could share the exact name of the Berber carpet that you are selecting from Home Depot for your Master. My husband has been talking about a Berber type for a while now, therefore I would love to know which you chose and color too if you don’t mind sharing all the details. May you continue to savor your beautiful family and home.
    Warmest Thanks,

    1. Hi Diane! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! So we ended up going for the Hickory Lane Berber in “Grecian”. It’s more of a gray color than beige, but it has a nice warmth still I think. I’ll be sharing all the details very soon once the bedroom is finished! I can’t wait to share it with you guys! Thanks again for following along Diane πŸ™‚

      1. Oh Andrea – I just saw the “reveal” of your Master bedroom and it is just perfect!!!!!! The new addition of the beautiful chairs as a sitting area is so lovely. Everything looks gorgeous, as well as the new rug so I wanted to say thank you for all the details you provided – most helpful and sweet of you to share. You touch my heart when you mentioned how you feel each morning waking up in this space and thanking your husband. My saying each morning is “Start Each Day In A Happy Way” and you certainly sound like that’s true for you!
        Sending a Huge Hug your way for all you do to inspire me!

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