Styling Thrifted Decor

Styling Thrifted Decor

I love styling thrifted decor almost as much as I love shopping for it. Finding the perfect spot for all of the thrifted treasures once I bring them home is something I always look forward to!

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Thrifting, thrift stores, thrift finds, and styling thrifted decor are all topics I share a lot about because thrifting is honestly one of, if not thee most budget friendly way to decorate your home. Thrift store decor is not only affordable, it is also unique to your own personal decor style.

I absolutely love sharing my thrifting adventures and thrift finds with you and today is no exception. In this post I will be styling thrifted decor from – you guessed it, Germany!

Summertime Cottage Kitchen
Gorgeous thrifted vintage artwork
Summertime Cottage Kitchen

I understand I have shared so much about Germany recently, and friends I am so grateful you are so supportive and excited to hear all about it. In case you missed it, in last week’s YouTube video I shared my thrifting adventures while in Germany, and you can read about our entire trip here.

Thrifting in Germany was so much fun, I loved each unique place we visited and I love all of the thrifted finds I was able to bring home. I can’t think of a better souvenir than beautiful thrifted decor scattered throughout my home.

Thrifted Kitchen Decor Finds Cottage Style

Sharing how I style my thrifted decor with you is important to me because I want to continue to encourage you to shop for your own thrifted treasures. I don’t always know exactly where I plan to put something when I purchase it, but I know my style and what types of items I am drawn to.

If you are overwhelmed with how to start thrifting, I shared this post with so many more details that I encourage you to read. I follow the steps I outlined in this post when shopping, but when decorating sometimes I have to play around with the thrift finds a bit to find the perfect spot.

Bakers Corner with Thrifted Decor Touches

Styling Thrifted Decor – My Finds from Germany

The first piece I want to share with you is this small wooden find that I purchased at a German Flea Market. I love vintage wood pieces, and the man that sold it to us said it may have been from an old wagon but he wasn’t sure. After talking with him for so long, he said “how about five euros?” And at that point I decided, why not. It’s unique and it will remind me of the market!

Small wooden thrift find from Germany

For this piece, I simply placed it on the shelves near our entryway in front a beautiful antique breadboard. I also think it would be lovely as wall art and may decide to hang it later on!

German Thrift Finds in our Cottage Home

The next piece I found was this gorgeous oil painting. This in my opinion is the prettiest painting I have displayed in our home and will forever remind me of our visit to Germany and our beautiful nightly walks together as a family.

Thrifted Landscape Beautiful Oil Painting
Styling thrifted artwork in your home

I chose to frame this painting and hang it in our dining room right above the board and batten on the wall. I love it here and smile at how many precious memories flood my mind each time I see it. I might eventually try it in our kitchen, but it will forever have a place displayed in our home.

Thrifted Vintage Artwork

Styling Thrift Store Decor – Kitchen Thrifted Finds

I loved styling the rest of my thrift store finds throughout my kitchen area. The first beautiful item of course being Oma’s large round breadboard that I shared in last week’s video. I just love it so much. Right now I have it against a larger breadboard beneath my cutting board display.

Breadboard Display Wall in cottage kitchen

Styling thrifted decor can be so much fun as the seasons change. I love where I have placed almost all of these pieces, but I know once I decorate for fall and Christmas, I will get to play around with all of them again and decide new places and ways to style them.

Moving into our kitchen you can see I used two small command hooks to hang these beautiful copper finds. These are also from Germany and I love having them displayed against the timeless white subway tile.

How to style thrifted finds

When you are thrifting or antiquing for home decor, try to think outside of the box on how you will style items you are drawn to. There are always unique ways to display different pieces and I loved that I thought to hang these in our kitchen.

Thrifted Decor in Summer Cottage Kitchen

This isn’t the first place that I tried these copper pieces. After a few different tries, hanging them here seemed right. If you find something you love thrifting, don’t pass it up because you are not sure how to style it!

I found these beautiful glass oil and vinegar bottles in Germany and have them displayed in my kitchen near my stove. It’s a bit crowded on the top of this shelf with my finishing salt and other spices, so I don’t know if I will keep them here, but I am excited to play around with them until I find the perfect spot.

Vintage Antique Oil and Vinegar Bottles

I found this gorgeous little board pictured below that I don’t have a home for yet. I have tried styling it in a few different places, but for now, it’s just displayed on my countertop and still reminds me of Germany and our time there.

Thrifted Decor in Summer Cottage Kitchen

Another beautiful wooden piece I found in Germany is this gorgeous antique scoop. It looks like a board in the photo below, but is actually a scoop which was a feature I really loved that made it unique.

Cottage Summer Kitchen Thrift Finds

I have it hung above the pegboard in my kitchen which also holds a vintage brass ladle that was a fun little find. I love mixing different neutral textures in my kitchen, and this brass ladle breaks up the linen towels I have hanging.

Brass Ladle thrifted finds

I have this precious stack of smaller wooden boards displayed in the corner of my kitchen next to my refrigerator. They are very small, so I am not sure what they were originally meant for, but the aged wood tones were beautiful and I love them here. They are by far one of my favorite thrifted finds from Germany!

styling Thrifted Decor throughout your home

Styling Thrifted Decor – Simple Reminder

I want to remind you to be patient when styling thrifted decor. Sometimes it’s hard to think of the perfect spot right away. Hang, place or display an item and leave it for a bit, you will know after a few days if you love it there or if you want to try it in another place in your home.

Over 90% of my home is thrifted, from the tiniest decor pieces to larger furniture. I will always encourage you to thrift for your own unique decor. There are always treasures to be found!

Cottage kitchen decorated with beautiful thrifted finds

I hope sharing about how I styled all of this thrifted decor encourages you to not only head out and do some thrifting, but to not get overwhelmed by the concept. Learn what to look for and maybe even consider thrifting on your next trip or vacation! A beautiful thrifted find can hold so many precious memories.


Styling Thrifted Decor


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  1. I wouldn’t change a thing! You’ve done a wonderful job of displaying your treasure. It’s great that most are usable pieces. I love the frame on your new painting. It has a history to it for sure.

  2. nice post on Germany finds, lots of cutting boards! 😁
    I could barely view the post due to EXTREME ADS ALL OVER..

  3. You found SUCH amazing finds on your travels!! Each piece is so special and unique but that piece of art has to be my favorite. It’s just stunning!!! What amazing pieces to display in your home.

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