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Happy New Year friends!

I guess I’ll start this New Year off by admitting something to you guys. I wish I could blame this on the pregnancy hormones, but unfortunately it happens every single year. Maybe some of you will roll your eyes, but maybe some can relate. Soooo here it is…

taking down my Christmas decorations makes me cry.

I know, I know. It’s silly. Maybe pathetic even.

Guys believe me, if I could rip it down care-free and excited for a fresh start I would! Instead, I look around and I miss the twinkling lights, the magical glow at night, the stockings hanging on the mantle. I’m never ready for it to end. And yes, I do realize we are halfway through January, HA! I just love the whole Christmas season so much, and when the last bin was brought to the basement and the last needle vacuumed up, I looked around and I knew I needed some winter decor that would brighten my spirits.

Typically I stick to neutral colors when it comes to winter decorating, but as I dug through my stash of faux greenery looking for inspiration, I came upon some pink peonies that I used in my sunroom this past summer. Like most flowers, peonies aren’t in season right now. But since you can still find them in most floral shops even in the dead of winter, I figured – why not?

I mixed my flowers with some fresh and faux pine, and I became inspired. While I’ve never used pink in my decor, the color made me smile and it brought something bright and fresh into my home.

About a week later I went shopping with my husband looking for a bit more pink. I didn’t want to go overkill, I just wanted subtle touches here and there to tie into my flowers.

First, I came upon some art at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section…

Then, while strolling through Target, I discovered one lonely bath towel sitting on a shelf all by itself. It was the last one there, and it had the prettiest floral print with gray, taupe, and blush-colored accents. The light bulb went off.

Since this didn’t feel like a typical and thick terrycloth towel, I decided to make some pillows with it!

For $12.99, I made two, 20×20 throw pillow covers as well as a small lumbar-style pillow for my entry bench. Now guys, I am NO seamstress. I sew pillows and curtains, and that’s about it! If I can do this, anyone can! Here’s what I did:

Step 1:

First, I used a throw pillow cover that I already had as a pattern, since I knew it fit my insert perfectly. The cover measured 20 inches by 20 inches, so I added an inch (21×21) to allow for the seam.

Step 2:

I used my first cutout as a pattern for my second 21×21 inch square, and with the leftover material I simply used it to cover a small lumbar pillow I already had.

Step 3:

For the back of my pillows, I knew I wanted to do an envelope enclosure. I found an old white sheet that I kept (perfect for projects like this) and I took advantage of the already seamed edge.

I cut out four rectangles that were 21 inches wide and roughly 15 inches tall (about 3/4 of the pillow height), making sure the sewn edge was 21 inches.

Step 4:

Next, I began pinning. Remember that while you sew, you are viewing the inside of the pillow. After sewing you will turn the outside, in (if that makes sense)!

I laid the 21×21 inch floral piece down facing me, then overlapped two of my white sheet cutouts, making sure the the seamed edges were both in the middle of the pillow.

I repeated this process for my second pillow, and then I pinned each corner and also where my envelope overlapped.

Step 5:

Sew away!! If you don’t have a sewing machine, you could always use a peel and stick fabric fuse tape or even an iron on adhesive tape! I’ve used tapes before and they work great!

Step 6:

I cut some of the excess fabric outside of my seam so that it wasn’t too bulky inside my pillow. If my cuts had been more professional, this step wouldn’t be necessary!!

Step 7:

Turn your pillow outside in, and add your insert!!

Didn’t they turn out pretty? I love the soft blush-y hues.

I love the way the little lumbar pillow turned out, too!

I love how the pillows compliment all of my greens and florals…

Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Much love,



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  1. Beautiful as always Andrea. I think the pink is very appropriate. Valentines Day is approaching. Have a great January. P.S. I also hate taking down Christmas. I usually leave twinkle lights up through February.

    1. Aww thank you Mrs. Walz. 🙂 So happy to hear that I’m not alone on the Christmas decor! It’s such a special time of year. And yes, I thought the same thing about pink and Valentines Day approaching! 🙂

  2. I love the pillow sham idea. I have been making envelope pillow covers the same way. They are easy to crank out once you have the pattern down!
    I will have to check out towels at the store now and see if I can find any I like. I just got some flannel plaid to use for the winter time covers.
    Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!!

    1. Thank you Mary!! I have never thought to use towels before, this was a first for me!! That’s neat that you use the same pattern, though! You’re right, once you get the hang of it it’s really not that difficult! 🙂

  3. Andrea – You rock girl! I love this new pillow!!! And you just kicked my love for sewing into high gear… I guess I’ll be sewing some this weekend! xo

    1. Haha thanks Tana!! You love to sew?! That’s awesome!! I wish I could say the same lol! Thank you so much for reading friend! 🙂

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