The Easiest (No Sew) Way to Hem Curtains

Easiest Way to Hem Curtains

Today I am excited to share with you the easiest (no sew) way to hem curtains!

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While this post will primarily cover a full step-by-step tutorial on how I hemmed my sets of curtains from IKEA that had excess fabric, this easy no sewing machine or needle hack to hem curtains can apply to any style of curtains! Whether your purchases are new, thrifted, or even a garage sale find, don’t let curtains or drapes that are too long intimidate you!

Here on the blog recently I shared some different cottage style finds from IKEA, and in that post I shared three pairs of curtains that I picked up for a great price. It’s taken me a while to decide on where to hang them all, simply because I was torn on which color would look best in my living and dining space. Thank you to those on Facebook and Instagram who voted and helped me make a decision!

Hemmed curtains against window in living room

I am not sure if all curtains from IKEA are like this, but the ones I purchased (which were Ritva and Hannalill) were around 100 inches long and, while I love the illusion of height that a long curtain can give, the bottom edge definitely needed to be hemmed! The method I used was so incredibly simple, this might very well be the easiest (no sew) way to hem curtains ever.

Full view of curtains with an easy no sew hem

The Easiest Way to Hem Curtains Without Sewing

Lay out Your Curtains and Measure

I don’t have a sewing room or craft studio space at the moment, so I just did this on my living room floor. I simply laid one panel down and folded it in half lengthwise, then used a tape measure to mark with a pencil line. 

Here’s a quick tip – use an old set of curtains as your guide for the perfect length. I just laid the old curtain panel strips I was replacing right on top of the curtain you are hemming for an easy way to measure.

How to measure out your curtains

If you don’t have an old pair of curtains handy, you’ll have to measure the length from your curtain rod or curtain rings to the floor to see how long your curtains need to be. Once you get that measurement down, you will want to add two more inches to that to allow for your hem.

Edited to AddAfter publishing this post I’ve had some comments in regards to what I said in the video about adding four inches rather than two. Technically, you only need to add two inches to the length to allow for the hem, but you can choose your personal preference. Maybe I should avoid DIY posts during pregnancy haha! My apologies. Either way, before you iron your hem in place, be sure to stick pin it and hang your curtain to see if you’re happy with the length!

How to measure out your fabric with an old curtain

Most curtains run about 84 inches long, which worked perfectly for my home. Of course every home is going to be different so make sure you measure out what works best for the space you are using the curtains in before cutting. 

Cut Your Curtains 

Like I mentioned above, whatever measurement you decide on, be sure to add at least 2 extra inches to your length. Since I needed 84 inch curtains, I cut mine at 86 inches long.

Cutting your curtains with fabric scissors

For cutting, I suggest using high quality fabric scissors. They will make the job so much easier for you and will easily cut through whatever fabric you are working with. A cutting mat can also be helpful, but is not necessary!

Once you are finished cutting the excess material off, you can open the curtains back up and you are ready for the next step!

Fold, Tape and Pin Your Curtains

Once your curtains are opened up,  take the bottom inch of your curtains and fold it upwards. If you want your fold to stay in place, hit it lightly with your hot iron.

Next, lay your bonding iron-on hem tape (I used this brand) on the crease and pin it into place. This bonding tape is activated with heat so when you iron it, your fabric stays in place just as if you had sewn it.

Bonding tape used for no sew curtains
Pinning bonding tape inside curtains for hem
Easy no sew way to hem IKEA curtains, straight pin your edge
Pinning one inch edge of hem for curtain

Fold Once More and Iron

Lastly, fold your pinned edge up one more time and iron to activate the bonding tape.

Folding the hem up with bonding tape inside

Be sure to remove your pins as you work your way down the edge of the curtain, and be careful not to burn your fingers! 

Placing bonding tape inside hem for no sew hem in curtains

I didn’t even pull out an ironing board for this project, I simply put a bath towel under the edge of my curtain so I could work all in one place. Just be sure your towel is thick enough so that you avoid burning your rug!

Ironing bonding tape on no sew hemmed curtains

And that’s it! How easy is that?! These turned out so perfectly and I absolutely love them. I am still deciding on the color I want in my living room versus my dining room, but right now I am loving this cream color for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

Like I said at the beginning, this will work for any type of curtain that is too long! So if you find the perfect curtains online, at a garage sale or anywhere else at a great price, don’t let the length deter you! Follow these simple steps:

Four Easy Steps to Hem Curtains Without Sewing

  • Lay Out Your Curtains and Measure
  • Cut Your Curtains
  • Fold, Tape and Pin Your Curtains
  • Fold Once More and Iron
Finished product in living room
Easiest way to hem (no sew) Ikea curtains
Another view of easy hemmed IKEA curtains
Easiest no sew way to hem Ikea curtains
Ikea Ritva Curtains - How to Hem the Easy Way!

Is this not the easiest way to hem curtains?! I hope these tips helped you! If you plan on purchasing Ikea or any other type of curtains in the future, be sure to pin this blog post, and don’t let those long curtains stop you from being able to use them in your home!


Easiest no sew way to hem Ikea curtains

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  1. A little tip – if you will use a wide (I ilke 4 inch) DOUBLED hem, this will add weight to the bottom of the curtains and help them hang correctly. It makes such a difference. This is what many workshops do for curtains. I’m not a seamstress by any means but I can sew (at least a straight line LOL), so that’s what I do.

  2. Hi Andrea, I’m a tad confused, but perhaps it is just me. You say to measure giving four extra inches. Then you turn the bottom up by one Inch and then by one more inch. So this uses up two of the four extra inches. What happens to the other two? Would the curtains not be two inches too long?

    Also, does this bonding tape still do its job and hold after washing the curtains?

      1. I am so sorry, I will have to change the post to say two inches, not four! The more that I think about it, two inches is all you will need to add. I added four, and I think it was b/c I was just trying to be safe. When I hung them, the measurement worked out perfectly for my home, so I kept them as is. Before ironing, be sure you check to see if the length is right! So sorry about that!

        1. Thanks, but your video is confusing. It shows you folding up one Inch, then another inch….nowhere does it show three inches.

          1. Molly I am so sorry! I hate to blame this one on pregnancy brain, but you are right! I only brought each curtain up two inches. I added four just to be safe, and somehow that ended up working out for my home. I would start with four extra, pin them in place, then hang the curtain to see if it falls where you like before ironing. If they are still too long, you can bring them up higher. I’m so sorry about the confusion! I will change the post right now, thank you for pointing that out! 🙂

  3. Hi Andrea,
    I adore your style! Where did you purchase the striped pillow in back of you where your sitting in the video? It’s lovely and I’m interested in purchasing one .
    Thanks so much!

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