Our English Cottage Bedroom Reveal: Embrace the Cozy and Vintage

Cozy Cottage Bedroom Reveal

Our cozy cottage bedroom is finally complete! We gave our bedroom space new life and I love it so much more now. It’s a charming mix of both English Cottage elements along with vintage decor touches, and it is the perfect cozy escape for us at the end of the long day.

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Hello friends! I am SO excited to finally be sharing our cozy cottage bedroom space with you all! I recently shared a post on my inspiration for the interior design of this space and the different English Cottage bedroom ideas I wanted to include. I am so thrilled to say I feel that we have achieved the vision I was going for!

Cozy Cottage Bedroom Bed Design

This cozy cottage style bedroom was quite the project as there were many serious practical issues, and if you follow me over on YouTube you probably already know all the work that went into this space. 

Cozy Cottage Bedroom Bed Design
Reclaimed Wood Beams in English Cottage Style Bedroom

I’m calling this post a “reveal” – but I really don’t like that word. I don’t consider myself a designer, and while I’m so pleased with the way our bedroom came together, there is still room for growth and change. I’m always open to additional suggestions!

There are areas I’m still playing with, and vintage furniture pieces I’m still unsure of in this space. I think sometimes I put this pressure on myself to create these perfectly designed rooms before sharing them with the world, but that’s just not reality. Especially when you’re on a budget!

Don’t be discouraged if there are rooms in your home that still have you stumped, or spaces that you just can’t quite figure out. I’m right there with you! But for now, here’s our beautiful cozy cottage, vintage-inspired bedroom in its current state. 

While I’m still working out a few details, I just couldn’t wait to share it with you guys! I still wake up and have these “pinch me” moments. I look at my husband and say, “Thank you! Thank you for making all my vintage-style, cozy cottage bedroom dreams come true!” Haha. He just laughs and shakes his head at me. 

Beautiful English Cottage Bedroom Design Elements

So just to catch you up on all the projects that went into this cottage style neutral bedroom space, here’s a quick list – 

Cozy Cottage Bedroom Changes

  • We painted all white walls and a bright white ceiling
  • We painted the trim “Stingray” by Benjamin Moore, lightened by 50%
  • We added reclaimed, 150 year old barn wooden beams to the ceiling
  • We added reclaimed barn wood beams to the walls
  • We installed repurposed shutters (original to our downstairs bath)
  • We installed a closet door
  • We had new carpeting installed
  • We refinished my grandpa’s antique desk (now my nightstand)
  • We refinished my dresser 
  • Mike built a bench out of reclaimed barn wood
  • Mike lowered our DIY headboard and mounted it to the wall

Okay…I *think* that’s everything! But man, it was all worth it. I love every single part of our bedroom. Is it perfectly designed and styled? No. But I love it so much and I can’t wait to continue to add some charm by tweaking all the little details. 


I love the look of painted trim work and after finishing this look throughout our downstairs dining, living and entryway spaces I knew I wanted it in my bedroom as well.

We went with a basic flat white paint on the walls which is neutral and the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous reclaimed wood beams my husband installed.

Cozy cottage bedroom paint colors

For the trim in our bedroom, I tested a few different colors but ended up going with Stingray by Benjamin Moore, which I lightened by 50%. I love this color and the coziness it brings to our bedroom space.

Reclaimed Wood Beams

I have always loved reclaimed wood beams. We had the opportunity to salvage beautiful beams from two barns in our area and I have loved the texture they add by incorporating them throughout our home!

I shared a post here on cutting down and installing the beams, and so far my husband has put beams in our kitchen, mudroom, entryway, and bathroom space!

Beams are one of the English cottage elements I love the most, and I knew right away I wanted them in our cozy cottage bedroom space.

Reclaimed Wood Beam elements in cottage style bedroom

These ceilings in our bedroom were so tricky, and I have always wanted to add something to them to really break them up and add warmth. Installing beams was the perfect solution, and I love the beautiful frame and character they add! 

We also decided to move the bedroom around, and I love this layout so much better. The bed with its gray and white bedding situated between the beams feels so much more cozy to me. We really love the way it looks with the bench at the foot of the bed, along with some vintage pieces like our side table!

Cozy Cottage Bedroom Bed Design

New Carpet 

The carpet we had in our bedroom was original to this space and was in desperate need of an upgrade so we decided this summer to replace it.

I know several of you suggested wood floors, and other options, but my husband loves carpet in bedrooms and I have to agree, the softness adds to the coziness of this space.

We went with a berber style carpet by Home Depot. The color is Grecian by Hickory Lane.

Sitting Area

I just love this space so much. In order to add privacy, we added shutters that were original to our downstairs bathroom. I can’t believe how perfectly they fit this window! We had to give them several coats of paint, but I love opening them in the morning when I sit and read my Bible. 

The chairs we chose are from Homethreads, an online home decor store I have shared in the past that we received our beautiful wicker chairs from in our dining space.

Cozy cottage bedroom sitting area

The curtains I used are from Ikea. They used to be in our living room, and I was so happy to be able to save money and use them again in our bedroom!

The piece under the window is one of the old nightstands that I refinished that you can read about here. I love the size of this piece and how well it fits in this space.

DIY Raw Wood Finish Nightstand

Closet Wall

For some reason I didn’t take pictures of my dresser of this post, I’m so sorry. But you can see it in the YouTube video! I gave it a little makeover by painting it a lighter color and staining the drawers, darker.

We also added a closet door that we scored on Facebook market place, and I love the beam that Mike added above it. 

Cozy Cottage Bedroom Closet Area

What do you guys think of the tapestry art, a.k.a. rug hanging on the wall? If you’re not a fan, don’t answer that question because I love it! Haha!

While we don’t watch television in our bedroom very often, every once in a while we like to rent movies on the weekends after the kids go to bed. This was the only wall where the T.V. made sense, but I wanted to hide it somehow. 

My Mom had these awesome hooks she wasn’t using, and I found a rug in our basement that I used to have in the kitchen. I actually LOVE how it looks hanging on the wall! And because the rug was used, it looks worn and vintage! Even better! 

Vintage Tapestry Bedroom Decor

To the right of the “tapestry” (I’ll just keep calling it that thank you very much) is a beautiful bench that my husband made from the same reclaimed wood that’s on the walls. I love it so much!

Reclaimed Wood DIY Bench in Cottage Bedroom

Our Bed

There are not a lot of changes with our bed except for the placement of it in our new arrangement. My husband Mike built the headboard which I shared in this DIY post a few years ago. He had to lower it a bit with the new arrangement against the ceilings, but love how it looks!

Our bedding from my friend Rhonda’s shop Hallstrom Home is still the same because I love it so much. It is so so comfortable and the layers definitely play into the perfect cozy cottage bedroom style I was trying to achieve.

Cozy linen bedding choices

Overall, I am so happy that we were able to incorporate all of the ideas I shared in my English Cottage Bedroom Inspiration post.

Bedroom Seating Area

New paint, beams, carpet and all the other beautiful vintage and new elements combined created the perfect cozy cottage bedroom space that my husband and I both love. What do you think friends? I would love to know in the comments!


Cozy Cottage Bedroom Reveal

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  1. Dear Andrea, with out a doubt you are my favorite channel and I look forward to your e-mails. You have the kindest smile that goes along with your inner beauty as well. You have a good eye for decorating and knowing what goes in your home for a cozy warm look. Your bedroom is very nice and the shutters are just perfect. I have learned so many things from you and will continue to be a faithful person to watch your channel. God’s choicest blessing on you and your beautiful family. Sincerely Marilyn from Michigan as well.

  2. Love this room! You did a great job! So beautiful and cozy——and I LOVE how you hung the “tapestry”. Very inspiring ❤️

  3. I love what you and your husband created in your bedroom but then everything you do is so pleasing to the eye. You have just the right touch!

  4. Dear Andrea, I “discovered” your blog just earlier this evening. I have to say how much your blog has inspired me to continue to work with my very small home to make it the best it can be. I so appreciated watching the before and after video of your home. I have never seen one like it before where so many photos were shot of the before and after and so much detail was given and explained. Your home has inspired me to use some of your ideas and I wanted to thank you! If that wasn’t enough to move me to tears because of years of frustration with my small and awkwardly laid out home, I then found out you have a deep love for Jesus! Reading your story about how God gave you the desire of your heart and provided a way to purchase your home just moved me so much because of my love for Jesus and how wonderful our Lord is! Finally, I am just learning to paint with acrylics and am blown away by your beautiful art. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening your home to your viewers. You may never know how you have touched a life so I am hear to say you have deeply touched mine. God bless you always.

    1. Oh my goodness Janet, thank you for such a sweet and thoughtful comment. Comments like these are always such a pleasant surprise and are so so encouraging to me! I am so thankful you took the time to leave this! Thank you!

  5. This cozy cottage bedroom reveal is absolutely charming! The rustic touches and soft color palette create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Thankful for the inspiration shared, truly grateful for the ideas presented!

  6. Your cozy cottage bedroom reveal exudes warmth and tranquility. The choice of décor and color palette creates a serene ambiance. It’s the perfect retreat within one’s home, and I appreciate the attention to detail you have put into it.

  7. I love that ceiling fan! If possible, can you let us know what model it is? I am looking to install one like it in our kitchen.

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