Boys Shared Nursery Inspiration

Boys Shared Nursery

I am so excited to share the plans, progress and inspiration for our boy’s shared nursery! There is still a lot more to finish in this space, but here is what we have done so far!

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With our youngest turning one, we decided to create a boys shared nursery space. With four boys and two bedrooms it has always been our plan to have two in each room. Recently, the three older boys shared a bedroom and the other room was strictly a nursery, but in this post I will share what we have done so far to transform the nursery into a shared space.

The inspiration for this boys shared nursery space began with a beautiful set of curtains and precious bunny wallpaper that I found online. I loved the combination together and immediately knew I wanted this entire space to be designed around both.

blue curtain and wallpaper combination for boys bedroom
Bunny vintage wallpaper for children's rooom

I shared a sneak peek of this combination with you all on my Instagram stories and all of your encouraging responses along with several shared photos of this same wallpaper in your own homes encouraged me that this was the right direction.

Fun fact about me, I have always loved bunnies, ever since I was a little girl. My mom read us books like Peter Rabbit and Rabbit Hill and as soon as I saw this wallpaper I was in love.

After I found the wallpaper, and after seeing it in so many of your homes, I found a vintage bunny at a thrift store and it just confirmed for me even more that this was the right direction for this space.

Thrifted toys for animal themed bedroom space

It was a big risk of course ordering both the wallpaper and curtains online. The colors looked like they would go well together, and I prayed they would coordinate. Thankfully, when they arrived I was beyond thrilled they matched perfectly and I am once again SO in love with this combination!

Now came the task of deciding on paint for this space that worked well with both patterns. I already had installed board and batten on the walls previously which you can read about here, and the previous main wall color was a greyish blue.

I decided to do blue again, but tried to color match the blue in the curtains and wall paper. I picked up several samples and the blue that matched was just too bold on the walls for me.

I went with a calming tan shade of paint called Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore for the board and batten and I love how complimentary this color is against the bold and beautiful patterns on the wallpaper and curtains.

Board and Batten in Nursery with Wallpaper

As you can see in the photo above, I still really wanted to continue the beautiful blue shades in this space and decided to paint both beds, a twin and the crib Philipsburg Blue by Benjamin Moore.

After finding the headboard pictured above at a garage sale for only $15, I asked my husband Mike to build a simple twin frame and he built the perfect bed for this space. I was so thankful he was able to do this because this beautiful headboard matches the crib I already had in this space perfectly.

DIY twin bed frame for boys bedroom space
DIY Twin Bed Frame with Thrifted Headboard

I already knew I wanted to keep the crib, you have seen it before in my previous nursery reveal which you can read about here. The crib was mine as a little girl, and all four of our boys have used it as well so it is very special to me.

Painting both beds with a brush was a lot harder than I anticipated with all of the detailed spindles haha, but after I completed them I loved this shade of blue against the tan walls, wallpaper and curtains. It was the perfect pop of color and the blue coordinated so well in this room.

Blue matching bed frames for shared nursery space

The paint choices, wallpaper and curtains were the biggest tasks for me to complete in this space and the rest will be decorating and adding all of the finishing touches based on this theme.

If you watch the video above, you will see I have done a few things. So far, I have added the side table that was my grandpa’s from the other boy’s bedroom that has a checker or chess board top that is a beautiful vintage touch. I also moved over the antique fan that was in their space as well.

I kept two of the stuffed animal heads on the walls above the crib and the twin bed. I put the other one I had on the opposite wall above the kitchen. These were all from our original nursery reveal and I wanted to keep them because they are just so sweet and precious. I love how they keep with the whimsical little boys theme I am trying to achieve overall. They are handmade from a super sweet lady on Etsy and you can view her shop here.

The shades in this room are from Select Blinds, and are the same ones we have in the other bedroom. The Designer Ultimate Woven Wood Shades in Bahama Palm.

For the bedding on the twin bed, I am using the smaller blue gingham Ralph Lauren sheets I found thrifting that I shared with you guys on YouTube. I love this beautiful pattern, and even though I am unsure on the other bedding choices for this bed, I know for sure these sheets will stay and I will coordinate everything else around them.

For the crib, I found another beautiful gingham blue pattern that is actually curtains while thrifting. I plan to use a seam ripper to take them apart and sew a crib skit out of them. I still need to find a fitted sheet for the crib mattress and I am thinking something neutral that coordinates with the other bed as well.

On the wall opposite of the beds, there is a sink that we ran wallpaper behind as you see in the video. I am looking for a beautiful vintage or antique mirror to go in this space above the sink.

Where we originally had the changing table is a beautiful toy kitchen. As much as I would love to have a dresser there, the boys have plenty of storage in their closet and they are obsessed with playing in this kitchen.

There are so many more details to figure out in this space, I’d love a new rug and new lighting and of course little decor touches here and there but for now this is what we have and I am so excited about the direction we are headed.

Boys Shared Nursery Inspiration and Ideas

What do you think about this boys shared nursery space? Isn’t the combination of these curtains and wallpaper so beautiful?! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Thank you friends!



Boys Shared Nursery

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  1. It’s so sweet and perfect for your boys at the stages they are at! I think it will ‘grow with them’ too – the curtains and colors are just classic! So beautifully done Andrea! I can see why you are so excited! Are you happy with the quality of the curtains? Are they really linen fabric or a look alike? They are such a good value of they are actually linen – cheaper than sewing them!

  2. Andrea,
    You are so talented! I love watching your videos. You have such a sweet personality. So much inspiration in all your designs. Love them. Thanks for sharing all your projects with us.

  3. The room is just lovely. I’m so impressed with everything you create! I wish I lived near you, I’d love to go thrifting with you.

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