7 Small Space Organization Ideas

Small Space Organization Ideas

Today I am sharing 7 small space organization ideas because we all have areas in our home that can be more organized.

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Sometimes it’s tough, especially in smaller spaces, to organize your small home to look beautiful and free of clutter. There are a lot of storage options and ideas out there, but you may not like a lot of these accessories left out or on display. 

Recently my husband and I tackled our sunroom, a very very small space, and organized it top to bottom to be able to utilize it both for homeschooling and as an office this year.

Small Space Organization Ideas and Inspiration
Storage and Organizing Smaller Spaces

Below is a list of ideas we used, and of course I am sharing these small space organization ideas in detail throughout this post! 

I hope all of these ideas will help encourage and inspire you as you tackle organizing your own small space in your home! 

Small Space Organization Ideas 

  1. Use Decor Items Already in Your Home
  2. Use Magazine Holders
  3. Use Baskets
  4. Use Fabric Storage Bins
  5. Use Glass Containers 
  6. Utilize Furniture for Hidden Storage 
  7. Look Up – Vertical Space 

For all of you new to my blog, the sunroom was an unused space for a very long time in our home. When we moved in, I loved the french door entryway that separated it from our living room, but we dove into all of the DIY projects in areas we would primarily be spending time in first which didn’t include the sunroom. 

Simple Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Once I decided blogging and building a YouTube channel, I craved an extra space for my office. Somewhere I could work in a peaceful and beautiful environment besides sitting at my table, or in bed at night. 

Because our home lacks the square footage and rooms for an office, I instantly thought of the sunroom; however, it wasn’t insulated and needed a lot of work. I shared my thoughts with my amazing husband though, and he helped bring me the sunroom office space of my dreams.

Sunroom with bamboo window shades in our cottage style home

Not only did make sure it was insulated, he also built plenty of storage for me into the space, from a beautiful desk to benches that all had different storage options available for me to help keep this small space organized! 

Homeschool Office Space with Storage Options

Little did I know, that this beautiful sunroom space would also soon double as a kids homeschool office and supply storage for my sweet boys as well. 

Frames Daily Rhythm for Homeschool Organization

Flash forward to this summer and this space did not feel ready at all! Like I mentioned above, my husband and I tackled it and organized it in a way that was both efficient and beautiful! 

Small Space Organization Ideas

Use Decor Items Already In Your Home For Organization 

First of all, I want to encourage you to use decor items you already have in your home as a storage option. My home decor inspiration is English Cottage and I have several beautiful antiques throughout our house. 

I decided to use old antique crocks I have collected as a storage solution because they are deep and sturdy and can hold so many different things. They also come in a range of sizes, so I can store different items based on size. Using crocks or vintage pots is an easy hack to organize a cluttered desk, counter space, or bathroom vanity!

Using home decor items for storage

I also decided to use my stoneware bowls for smaller items that I use often such as paper clips, binder clips, and mini clothespins.  These would work great in a small bathroom as well for q-tips or cotton balls!

Home decor items that can be used for storage

Both the bowls and crocks are so budget friendly as well! They can be found often in thrift stores, or at garage sales and look so beautiful in display in our sunroom while doubling as a storage. 

Use Magazine Holders to Organize Papers, Bills, Etc. 

We all have papers, magazines, bills and mail in our home that can get piled up and not necessarily look organized. As easy as it is to throw it all in a junk drawer, consider using magazine holders! 

Magazine File Holders to Hide Papers

I am using magazine holders to organize our boy’s homeschool materials this year. I purchased the holders on Amazon and covered them in contact paper that matched my decor. 

I added beautiful little labels to each and these holders hide papers perfectly and still look beautiful displayed on our bookshelves. 

Magazine Holders for Paper Storage

There are so many different styles of contact paper and a little DIY with a glue gun can help you customize magazine holders to match any style of decor! 

DIY Storage Project with Magazine Holders

Use Baskets to Organize Various Items 

Almost every home decor style can incorporate baskets. There are so many different designs and styles and they are such a beautiful storage option! 

Using Baskets for Storage in small areas
Basket Storage Utilization

We used several different styles and sizes and left them out on display on the bookshelves, and other surfaces and I love that they easily double as a storage option! 

Using baskets to store writing utensils
Baskets for homeschool storage

Baskets are also a very thrifty option since almost every thrift store I have ever visited has a large basket section. You would be so surprised at how many beautiful baskets you can find thrifting that are also the perfect storage addition to your small space! Baskets are extremely versatile and can be used to hold just about anything – blankets, gloves, scarves, linens…the options are endless!

Use Fabric Storage Bins to Organize Things You’d Like Hidden 

Fabric storage bins can be found at most big box stores and online. I love that they also come in different sizes and so many different colors that can both match your decor and work perfectly to help organize your small space. 

Fabric Bins to Store Homeschool Supplies

I have several different styles and sizes of these in our sunroom that all hold different homeschool materials we will be using this year. I love that they can be slid under a shelf to clear up floor space, and look super tidy and clean. They are a perfect space saver and are great for toy storage as well!

I also found smaller fabric storage bins with lids that look beautiful stacked together and that don’t need to be slid under anything to hide their contents. 

Fabric storage Bins with lids
Using cloth bins for small space organization ideas

Use Glass Canisters to Organize Accessible Items 

Some of your storage items can look so beautiful on display! I use glass containers to store ribbons, crafting supplies, pencils and so much more! 

Beautiful Glass Storage Containers

I have a variety of sizes in these as well and they are so easy to find thrifting! I love the look of glass mason jars, especially with handles. They are so beautiful!

Using vintage glass containers for small space storage organization ideas

I also love that glass containers leave some of the storage items so easily accessible that you may use often, like writing utensils. 

Utilize Furniture in Your Space to Organize

I LOVE children’s books. I love finding them at thrift stores at amazing prices and purchase them often. I really needed an area to organize all of our books in one space. So I decided to purchase an entertainment center and used it as a bookshelf in our sunroom! 

Small Space Organization Ideas

My husband had to do a little DIY to help it fit and work well in our space and we used a pretty curtain to help it fit our decor better, but this is a perfect example of being creative with furniture to help it work for any storage you are looking for in your small space. Consider using furniture for shoe storage in a small closet space, or for kitchen storage for towels or napkins!

DIY Entertainment Center for Bookshelf and small space organization ideas
Finding creative ways to utilize furniture for storage
DIY Entertainment Center turned into Bookshelf

I also utilize the storage bench that my husband built me for when he refinished this sunroom for me which gives even more storage in this small space. I try to keep it organized with different containers inside of the lid. 

Look around your small area and consider your furniture. Could the coffee table you are using be replaced with a beautiful thrifted small dresser with drawers? When you try to think outside of the box, especially with furniture, there are so many more options than you think! 

Look Up for More Organization Areas

When all else fails in your small space, look up. Can taller bookshelves be put in instead of shorter shelves? Can you install a shelf or multiple shelves to hold more items? Sometimes there are options that you may not have thought of that can be added to give you even more space. 

In our sunroom, we made sure to include floor to ceiling shelving on both sides of our windows as well as a shelf above my desk area. I have several storage containers on the shelf above my desk and love that extra storage space!

Magazine Holders for small space organization ideas

Small Space Organization Ideas 

  1. Use Decor Items Already in Your Home
  2. Use Magazine Holders
  3. Use Baskets
  4. Use Fabric Storage Bins
  5. Use Glass Containers 
  6. Utilize Furniture for Storage 
  7. Look Up 
Small Space Storage Ideas

When I look around our small sunroom, I am shocked by how many things are stored in this tiny little space. ALL of my blogging and YouTube equipment, children’s books, art supplies, and all of our homeschool and office supplies!

I used all of these small storage organization ideas, and I hope they have encouraged you to finally tackle a small space in your own home to realize it’s potential! Do you have even more storage ideas I haven’t listed? If so, I’d love to read them in the comments, thanks for stopping by friends! 



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  1. I love💗 the sunroom rug. Do you have a link? I also love the casters on the refurbished entertainment center as well as the curtain rods to hold the curtain. Love it! I have a similar entertainment center ( black made of MDF) I never thought of painting it white, but thanks to you, I can see how it would work well. 😊

  2. Hello, I am loving your website and home. It is so beautiful and really inspiring me. My husband and I just moved into a country home and I’m trying to make it our own. I’m crazy about English cottage homes. A few quick questions. Where did your get your woven blinds from in your living room? Also, I love the ceiling fan in your living room and bedroom. Where can I find those?

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