My Minimal Christmas Decor Storage & Organization Process

My Minimal Christmas Decor Storage and Organization Process

Taking down Christmas decor can seem overwhelming. My minimal Christmas decor organization & storage is so simple though, and I am excited to share my process with you!

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Hey friends! Every year after Christmas, I get questions about taking down my Christmas decor. How I organize it and how it is all stored. I’ve always wanted to write a blog post about it, so today I am sharing my minimal Christmas decor storage and organization process with you! 

My minimal Christmas Decor Storage and Organization Process

I recorded the entire process this year for YouTube as well, so be sure you head to my channel or click the link above if you like to watch, rather than read! I also share a few winter decorating ideas in the video, so be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!

What do You Use for Minimal Christmas Decor Storage?

Each year I store all of my Christmas decor in various plastic totes and bins that I’ve collected over the years. The larger, deeper totes are great for decor and garlands. These totes keep everything organized together and are easy to transfer to the basement for an easy year long minimal Christmas decor storage solution.

Minimal christmas storage ideas for decor

I also like to use longer, thinner totes to store Christmas picks and stems. That way I don’t have to bend them to fit inside of bins, and they can lay flat. You can use any size for these, but the totes made to slide under beds work very nicely and can stack on the larger totes as a minimal storage solution as well!

Christmas Decoration Storage Solutions

I use resealable gallon size bags for storing smaller items like ribbon, small ornaments, and decorative items and filler. I use a permanent marker to label my bags and write down where I used specific decor items. Then I place all of the resealable bags inside their own labeled storage tote.

I have several artificial Christmas trees that we tear down and place in tree storage bags similar to this. We label each one on the outside of the bag to know which room it will be set up in next year.

Once all of the Christmas decor is in the appropriate bins, totes, bags and labeled properly, we store it in our basement until the following year.

What is Your Method for Taking Down Christmas Decor?

The very first thing I like to do is turn on some happy music and play it at a very loud volume! Haha!

Seriously, though – taking down my twinkle lights always leaves me feeling a little sad and depressed. Even though I feel like we had very minimal Christmas decor this year, the house feels cold and empty, and I just love Christmas so much that I mourn putting it all away. Happy music makes all the difference!

Minimal Christmas Decoration Storage Organized Christmas

I have also learned that having someone help distracts me from going downhill in my thoughts. Thankfully, my husband helped me take everything down this year, and every time I wanted to burst into tears he would crack a joke or do something silly to make me laugh. 

I like to start by taking everything down and putting it in a central location, like the dining room table as pictured below. That way everything is laid out in front of me and easier to organize.

Minimal Storage solutions for Christmas decorations

To keep things minimal and simple, I try to group similar items together like stockings, bells, and greenery. Seeing it all in one place helps to pack it all away in a much more organized fashion, rather than stuffing it all into bins randomly. It also helps me remember quantities I have of each item and what I may need for next year that I may be able to find at thrift stores throughout the year or after Christmas clearance sections.

How do you Organize Your Christmas Decor?

After I take down and place all of my items in a central location, this year being my dining room table, I usually divide Christmas decor into the following categories, each getting their own storage tote:

  • Christmas Tree Ornaments
  • Decorative Items – things like bells, stockings, skates, etc. 
  • Christmas Picks and Stems
  • Christmas Garlands

Having it all organized separately will help to give me an idea of where to start next year and also help me when bringing all of the decor up where it will be used to decorate.

As I mentioned above, all of the Christmas trees go into their own Christmas tree bag and are labeled according to the room they were in. 

Holiday Decorations Holiday Decor

A Few More Notes about Minimal Christmas Decor

Every year, there is Christmas decor that I didn’t use (left in the storage bins from the previous year). When it comes time to take down my Christmas decorations, I go through everything that was left in the bins and decide what I would like to keep and what I would like to donate.

I have scaled back a lot on Christmas decorating over the years, and this year really tried to focus on minimal Christmas decor which is why I had more than usual left over. But since we are working to finish our basement, and there are a few rooms that I didn’t decorate this year (since we had a new baby), I am going to hang on to it just in case I could use it next year.

Organized Christmas Holiday Decorations

Even though it may seem like a lot grouped together on our dining room table pictured above, I feel like minimal Christmas decor was refreshing change this year and truly made this process easier. I hope next year to be able to decorate the rooms I missed, and our front porch as well which will add a little more to this take down process.

I each of you had a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Years with your families and I hope this minimal Christmas decor storage and organization process that we use each year was a help to you guys! If you have any tips you’d like to share with me, I’d love to hear them in the comments below! I always love reading the extra help that you are willing to give! 🙂

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My Minimal Christmas Decor Storage and Organization Process


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  1. Thanks for sharing your process!! It’s helpful to see what other people to for organization. My Christmas is halfway taken down and it’s definitely a lot of work! I appreciate you!

  2. I know this is off topic but I see you used Air Stone on your walls, I need to know if I can use this product on textured walls. We are getting a very large/ heavy piece of furniture that won’t be moved for the foreseeable future and I have to do SOMETHING with the wall that will be behind it. Do you think a 68 year old grandma can do it and can I do it against a textured wall? Thanks in advance for any advice. I love your decorating and your beautiful boys (boys are the absolute BEST).

  3. Andrea, my Christmas decor has yet to come down. Honestly it’s not much that changes from Christmas to winter; some ornaments here and Christmas related blocks and signs. I leave up my garlands and lights and take down all the extras with them. I leave them up until at least the end of February when I get sick of them. I love the twinkling lights during the short days. I usually drink something hot while changing my decor. Any favorite hot drinks of yours that are healthy? Happy Winter!

  4. I can’t tell you how much I loved how you decorated this past Christmas. It was beautiful and just enough. I took several hints from you.

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