DIY Faux French Window Panes

Today I'm sharing how simple it was to create these faux french window panes in our kitchen!

You won’t believe how simple these DIY faux French window panes are! My only regret is not doing this project sooner!

As promised, today I’m sharing the step by step process behind our DIY faux French window panes in our kitchen! Last week I shared some details about our AirStone Accent Wall and how we finally refinished the window trim on the stone. I just love the way this project turned out, it’s honestly one of the easiest DIY’s we’ve tackled!

Copper pans pop beautifully against our stone accent wall in our kitchen!

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Before we begin, let’s look at the window on our stone accent wall before:

spring decor in the kitchen, cottage style

As you can see, the stone is flush with the trim that was added when our kitchen was renovated by the previous owner. In order to make the stone wall feel more authentic, I really wanted the window trim and baseboard to sit on top of the stone instead. 

For the outside of the window, we essentially followed the same steps that I shared in our cased opening tutorial, except we added a ledge using a 1×4 as well as 1×3’s on the inset of the window design. 

I stained the wood using 3 parts Weathered Oak, 1 part Pickled Oak and 1 part Early American, all by Minwax. 

Our stone accent wall is now a beautiful focal point in our cottage kitchen!

I wanted the faux window panes to match the actual window itself, so we decided to paint those white. Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

DIY Faux French Window Panes – Supplies

Screen trim – we purchased 2, 6 ft pieces and it was more than enough for both of our kitchen windows. For reference, here are our window sizes:

  • Stone accent wall window – 21”W x 40” H
  • Kitchen sink window – 22” W x 28” H
The trim we used for our faux window grids
The perfect trim for french window grilles

Measuring Tape


Chop Saw

White Spray Paint

Kwik Seal

Painter’s Tape

Lightweight Spackling

DIY Faux French Window Panes – Step 1

Find and mark the center of the top, bottom and sides your window pane with a pencil.

Step by Step French Window Panes
Step by step guide for creating faux window panes

Next, measure the height of the pane for your first cut. 

Step 2

Using your chop saw, cut the trim to match your first measurement and tape it in place (or have someone hold it for you). 

DIY Faux french window pane step by step guide
Faux french window pane tutorial
Fitting your first piece - french window panes
Measuring for DIY window panes

Now that your vertical piece is cut and fitted, measure and cut your horizontal pieces. You may need to tape or have someone hold your pieces in place to see if they fit correctly. Mike’s fit perfectly – no tape needed!

How to install faux french window panes
How to create faux window grids
French window pane tutorial

Step 4

Paint or stain your trim pieces. We decided to paint ours using white spray paint. We gave each side of the trim 2 coats of paint, that way the trim looked white from the outside of the house as well. 

How to install faux french window panes

Step 5

Once your paint is dry, it’s time to attach your trim pieces. Give your window a good cleaning. 

Apply dots of clear Kwik Seal to the back of your pieces and line them up to your center markings on the window. Use painter’s tape to keep the trim in place while the Kwik Seal dries. 

Diy french window grille tutorial
French window step by step guide
DIY faux french window pane tutorial

Note – You can slightly see the clear Kwik Seal from outside. Since the windows in our kitchen are high and no one can really see them from ground level, this didn’t bother me. But if you are wanting something less noticeable from the outside, you could use something like clear mounting tape to apply the trim. 

Step 6

Allow the Kwik Seal to dry overnight. The next morning remove the tape and fill in any gaps using Lightweight Spackling. You can touch up the paint once the spackling is dry. 

Final steps to faux window panes

That’s it! How easy is that? Now we have beautiful windows with so much more character!

Rustic beams and an Airstone accent wall create a beautiful cottage vibe in our kitchen

Thanks so much for stopping by today, friends! Be sure you head over to Sarah’s blog over at Lemon and Bloom to read about her fun dot art DIY!



Today I'm sharing how simple it was to create these faux french window panes in our kitchen!


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    1. Hi Jennifer! Yes, I really need to share what it looks like. My windows are very high up (not eye level) so it’s hard to tell, but they do have a clear bead of glue if you look really close. Something that doesn’t bother me really but maybe one day we can add panes to the outside, too!

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  5. Hi,
    It is really amazing, do you have tutorial how to add trim to window as we seen in the video. Around the window.

    Thank you

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