Arched Fireplace Opening with Airstone

Today I'm sharing how we added an arched opening to our AirStone fireplace!

We added an arched fireplace opening with AirStone this past weekend and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

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Today I wanted to show you guys how I added this arched fireplace opening with Airstone – it was honestly so easy! I am hoping that this is just part 1 of a two part project. If you caught my antique haul last week, you may have seen the 100 year old beam that my husband and I found for our mantel. 

We can’t start on that part of the project though until the beam is completely dry. In the meantime, I wanted to tackle another part of the fireplace that has bothered me for some time. I love and crave the look of old English cottage stone fireplaces, and the grate we had before was beautiful but it didn’t quite fit the look I was going for.

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I was searching on Facebook marketplace one day when I came across an arched fireplace grate with brass feet, and it was only $10. Once I got it home, it didn’t quite look right against the square opening of our fireplace. Then the idea hit me. 

What if we got more AirStone and added an arch over the opening?! I showed my husband and he (reluctantly) agreed that it would be beautiful. So we went to Lowe’s and tackled the project this past weekend. 

Steps to creating an arched fireplace opening with AirStone

It was simple really…I just laid the vintage grate on the ground for a guide and lined the stone up against it.

How to add an arched opening with stone on your fireplace
How to add an arched stone opening on your fireplace

Then I used my pencil to mark where the cuts would be.

How to mark and measure stone to create an arched opening
Step by Step - creating a atone arch
Marking your stone - diy arched opening

For more details about AirStone and how to install it, you can read about our AirStone fireplace makeover here!

I made sure to number my stone so I knew exactly what order to apply it to the fireplace.

Number your stone so you know how to apply them!

After all the stones were cut, I applied them all myself! My husband had to run out for a fire call (he’s a volunteer firemen) so my 6 year old recorded me applying the stone. 😉 You’ll have to watch the video above to see what a good job he did! 🙂

How to create a stone arch using AirStone

I really didn’t have trouble with any of the stone slipping down except for one near the end…so I just propped it up with some scrap wood. 🙂

Of course I also added the “German Schmear” to the arch, just like I did on the rest of my fireplace!

Arched Fireplace Opening with AirStone DIY
How to create an Arched Fireplace Opening with AirStone

Our fireplace isn’t real, sadly, and I’m not sure why since we live in Michigan. Maybe our home was only intended to be a summer cottage? Whatever the reason, we have struggled with what to do about it for some time. 

About two years ago we purchased a natural gas, vent free log set and at first I loved it, but I hated how it always put off an odd smell. We tried opening windows and turning on fans thinking eventually it would go away, but it never did and it always made me a little nervous. 

While we were getting the AirStone we ended up finding an electric wood burning stove heater and decided to purchase one to use in place of our vent free log set. I just love how it looks in our fireplace, especially with the arched opening! 

Arched Fireplace Opening with Airstone - step by step

To make the stove look a bit more “real” we stacked some wood up next to it (don’t worry, the sides don’t get hot 🙂 – not even a little bit) and I also think it might be neat to add some black stove pipe to the top!

Stone Archway using AirStone

I also decided to paint the black brick behind the stove a sandy color to look like firebrick, that way the stove really pops now. 

Fireplace update using paint and AirStone!

What do you guys think? I just love the way this arched fireplace opening with AirStone looks! Such an easy project, but such a huge difference!

How to add an Arched Opening to your fireplace using Airstone

The funniest part of all of this is that now I feel like the grate (which started this whole thing) sort of hides my beautiful wood stove now haha! But it’ll be nice to keep around for little baby fingers that like to touch hot things 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends!! 


Today I'm sharing how we added an arched opening to our AirStone fireplace!


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  1. Very cool, these are the words that popped into my head when I saw your handiwork with and outcome of this DIY project. The arched stonework really gives your fireplace extra pizzaz. Well done you. Cheers, Ardith

  2. That came out amazing! I have one question: How do you feel about the “touch” of the airstone? I’ve thought about using it on a feature wall, but I didn’t love the plasticky feel when I got the sample. Is this color any better? Take care!

    1. Hey Lisa! That is so interesting that you thought it felt like plastic! Ours definitely feels like stone. But we have the Birch Bluff color, I’m not sure about the other color variations. I hope that helps!

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  4. Hi there! I love this look so much! I want to recreate something similar in my own home. The link for your electric fireplace isn’t working, though. Would you be able to tell me the brand? Thank you so much!

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