How to Style Faux Stems to Look Real

How to style faux stems to look real

With spring around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share some tips on how to style faux stems throughout your home, and how you can make them look more realistic!

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Hello friends! I am so excited to share some tips I have learned on how to style faux stems to make them look real in your home!

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than bringing real stems into my home. Come lilac season, my home is filled with heavenly bundles of pink and purple flowers. 

Lilacs displayed in english cottage style kitchen with high back vintage sink and hardware elements
English cottage influenced spring home tour of the entryway decorated with lilacs

Why Purchase Faux Stems?

I absolutely love the life that real stems bring to a space. But having said that, there are also times when fresh stems just aren’t available. 

March for me means the coming of spring, and after a long and cold winter I love to decorate my home in a way that represents the change in seasons, even if that change isn’t quite happening outside yet. 

Simple, cottage style office for less than $50!

Here in Michigan, flowers don’t usually start blooming until May. Having some high quality faux florals on hand really helps to bring life to a space until real stems are available. 

Corner table in spring cottage living room

Another reason why I love faux stems is because real ones can become expensive after a while. 

If I were to purchase real flowers every single week from the grocery store, that would add up fast. By investing in some faux stems, I can enjoy flowers at all times and not have to rely on whether or not I find the right ones at the right price, locally.

Neutral cottage style paint colors
Simple raw wood pine nightstand bedroom decor
Springtime cottage entryway

Tips On How to Style Faux Stems to Look Real

Bend Your Stems After Purchasing

Whenever you purchase brand new stems from the grocery store, they tend to be very stiff and rigid. 

If you were to clip some pretty flowers from your yard and put them into a vase, they would most likely flop over a bit and have some movement to them. 

I'm sharing my favorite stems on the blog today along with all of my styling tips and sources!

Try to bend your faux stems so that they have more whimsy and movement, just like real flowers do. 

Use Filler to Bring Life To Faux Stems

Another tip whenever using faux flowers is to check out your craft store for green filler, or stems with green leaves only. 

Faux stems - all of my styling tips and tricks!

Adding more greenery to floral stems will not only help them to pop and catch the eye, but it will also help to make your flowers look more lifelike. 

Incorporate galvanized metal into your home for spring!

I love using faux eucalyptus as filler, especially with larger faux flowers such as peonies or hydrangeas. 

Cottage Style summertime bedroom inspiration

Avoid Anything Too Waxy/Plastic-y

Whenever I am shopping for for stems, I like to avoid anything that looks too shiny or waxy. To me, that’s a dead giveaway that the flowers aren’t real. 

Thrift stores versus antique stores and vintage mirror I use in my guest bath

Yes, it costs more to purchase stems that are more lifelike, but they tend to last longer and are worth the investment. 

If Using a Clear Jar, Clip the Bottoms of Faux Stems

Nothing screams fake more than seeing bent stems crammed in a clear jar

I used to do this a lot whenever my faux stems were too long for my vase, but since I take so many photos of my home for my blog, I began to realize that it wasn’t the best look. 

We made our headboard for a whole lot less!

If you can see the stems, clip them so that they are the right height for your vase, rather than bending them. 

Best Sources for Faux Stems?

Honestly, I shop for stems all over. 

I love to shop at craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Joanne Fabrics and Michael’s. The Hearth and Hand line at Target also has some great options! 

A vintage crock with flowers is an easy way to add summer touches

I have even found great faux stems at Walmart, and many of my friends have recommended shopping on Amazon for flowers!

These real touch tulips seem to be all the rage right now, and I totally understand why. They look so real! I’ve purchased some in the past at Marshall’s, but I’ll link them so you can grab some for yourself!

These faux tulips look and feel so real!

Well I hope this post on how to style faux stems to look real was helpful, friends! How do you guys make your faux stems look more realistic? I’d love to know in the comments below! 



How to style faux stems to look real


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  1. I prefer blooming house plants and dried to faux flowers/stems. I have dried hydrangea and eucalyptus both.

    One thing that tips me off is the flowers/branches in a jar/vase (clear) with no water. Dead give-away.

    I love your different containers!

  2. What a great post. I loved your statement about rigid stems from the supermarket. I treated myself to buy 1 get 1 bundles this morning while food shopping. After trying to arrange them I told my husband that I could sure use some greens. Thanks so much for the links too!

  3. Andrea, you make everything look so real and beautiful. You would be good at making wedding boutiques.

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