Easy DIY Bedskirt Hack

Easy DIY bedskirt hack

This easy, DIY Bedskirt hack is one that I’ve been wanting to share with you for a while now! I don’t ever buy traditional bedskirts anymore, and after this post you’ll know why!

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I know that my last few posts have involved my boys’ bedroom space, and for that I apologize! I think this should be my last post that has to do with their room for a while, but this is such an easy DIY bedskirt hack that I had to take the time to share it with you. 

DIY ticking stripe bed skirt in vintage sports themed boys bedroom

This DIY is so simple that I almost didn’t write a blog post about it, but sometimes I think the easiest ideas are the very best. I don’t know about you, but easy hacks are always inspiring me and getting my creative juices flowing. I love to put my own twist on them and my hope is that you’ll do the same with this project. 

Why forego the traditional bedskirt?

Bedskirts are beautiful for so many reasons. They add an extra layer to your bed and create a cozy feel. Bedskirts are also functional! They are perfect for hiding extra items under your bed, like shoe storage or toys in a kids room. 

Easy DIY bedskirt hack

My only issue with traditional bedskirts is that they are not only difficult to slide under your mattress, but they always end up shifting around and moving out of place. Whenever I had traditional bedskirts I felt like I was constantly messing with them to get them to look right. 

That’s when I decided I’d had enough! It was time to make my own, and it was so much easier than you might think. I’ve made bedskirts for my own bedroom, the nursery, and now for my boys bedroom, and today I’m going to show you how!

DIY bedskirt no sew in cottage style bedroom
DIy easy bedskirt hack in whimsical animal themed nursery

When you make your own bedskirt, you have can have so much fun with the pattern and color. Check your local Joann Fabric store or Hobby Lobby and think outside the box! I’ve even used drop cloths and curtains for bedskirts that were thrifted! There are so many amazing textures and patterns you can use that you won’t find in the bedding section of a home decor store. So let’s get started!

Materials Needed for this Project 

Easy DIY Bedskirt Hack – Step 1 

First you’ll want to measure the space between the floor and your bed frame to know how wide you’ll want to cut your fabric. This all depends on the style of bedskirt you want, so measure accordingly. For example, if you want a skirt that’s longer and puddling on the floor around the bed, be sure to add extra two to three extra inches to the fabric you cut. 

No sew bedskirt in boys bedroom to add character and charm to bed and provide hidden storage

For my boys bedroom space, I wanted something crisp and neat but I also wanted to account for the inches that would be tacked inside the the bed frame. Since one inch of the fabric would be tacked and folded under the frame, I added an inch to my bedskirt width. 

Cutting fabric pieces for a thrifty easy DIY bedskirt in cottage style home

If you plan to hem your bedskirt, be sure to add an extra inch for that as well. I didn’t hem the bedskirt in my boy’s room, I simply left the frayed edge along the floor. 

Frayed unfinished hem of DIY bedskirt under bed in boys bedroom space

Easy DIY Bedskirt Hack – Step 2 

Next, be sure to measure the length of your bed and again, plan accordingly. If you want skirt on the side of the bed to overlap the skirt piece on the end of the bed, then be sure to add a few extra inches. 

Measuring out fabric for an easy no sew bedskirt in a bedroom

Another fun option is to include a pleat rather than hanging a straight piece of fabric. In this case I would use pins to create the desired pleats before attaching the skirt to the bed. 

When I make my own bedskirts, I find it easier to cut three separate pieces. One for each side of the bed, and one for the end of the bed. You could most definitely use one continuous piece that wraps around your entire bed, but that seems like it might be more tricky. 

Different fabric strips to make up a DIY bedskirt for bedroom

Easy DIY Bedskirt Hack – Step 3

Once you have all your fabric measured and marked, it’s time to cut out your pieces and attach them to the bed. There are several ways you can do this, and I’m sure you guys have some creative input as well! 

Cutting strips of fabric for an easy no sew bedskirt

In my own bedroom space, I attached pieces of drop cloth to my bed frame using a hot glue gun! I used a drop cloth with edges that were already hemmed so that I didn’t even have to do any sewing. 

Older refinished thrifted nightstand in cottage bedroom decor

In our nursery, I used a product called Liquid Stitch and glued small ties to a bedskirt I made from a curtain I found at Goodwill. That way I could shift the skirt and tie it higher or lower depending on where the mattress was placed. 

Nursery DIY bedskirt for under crib
Easy DIY nursery bedskirt to add character to crib and bedding decor
Nursery bedskirt under crib in whimsical animal themed nursery

In our recent boys bedroom makeover, I tacked the fabric to the frame using upholstery tacks and a small tack hammer

Attaching DIY easy bedskirt to bottom of bed using tacks and a tack hammer

I wanted the faded side of the ticking stripe fabric to be facing outward, so I tacked the darker striped side to the inside of the bed frame. After hammering my first few tacks in, I then folded the fabric upward, tucking the bedskirt between the mattress and frame to get it up and out the way as I worked my way down the side of frame, laying underneath the bed and looking upwards.

Tips for making your own bedskirt and how to attach it to bedframe
Folding fabric under for a DIY bedskirt to attach it to bedframe
Easy DIY bedskirt hack and how to attach it to bed using tacks and a tack hammer

Be sure to watch the YouTube above if you are a visual person like I am!

If you want your bedskirt to be easily removable for washing, you could always use velcro strips and velcro your skirt to the bed frame so that you can pull them off easily.

 In the four years I’ve had our DIY bedskirt in our bedroom, I’ve never had the need to wash it. If I did, I would probably just spot clean it. But velcro is a great option if you want something less permanent!

bedskirt in cottage style master bedroom made from dropcloth

And that’s it! Such an easy DIY bedskirt hack right?

Easy DIY bedskirt hack

I told you guys this was simple! Have you ever made your own before? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below! 


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Easy DIY bedskirt hack


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  1. Always love reading/watching your posts. Your voice is very soothing and your ideas are extremely inspirational. Your home is lovely and appears to be the coziest place to lay your head. Please continue to post all your home renovations. You’re so creative and I’d love to instill some of your ideas into my home. Enjoy your day, Andrea. Again, thank you for your inspiration💕💖

    1. Thank you for this very sweet and encouraging comment! I am so blessed to be able to share all of my ideas with you all! Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Absolutely LOVE your bedroom!!! I LOVE the headboard of your bed, could you please tell me where you got it?

  3. Andrea, I love this! Every time I wash bedding I have to readjust the bed skirts, but attaching it as you have would eliminate that job. When I haven’t been able to find a bed skirt that worked with the colors or design in the room, I’ve used sheets which worked great, but from now on I’ll attach them to the bed frame like you have. Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. We read your blog and it is very beautiful and the content is also good, you have well described the fabric well and I liked it so thank you,The 18 inch bed skirt stable bliss is a delightful, simplistic trimmed valance that without difficulty suits into any bedroom way to its minimalist style. It is made with four hundred threads remembered due to the fact it’s far from natural cotton. But no matter its comfortable and low-key design.

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