Cedar, Gold and Silver Cottage Style Christmas Dining Room

Cedar, Gold and Silver Christmas Decor Pin Image

Our cottage style Christmas dining room is dressed with touches of cedar, gold and silver and I cannot wait to share my dining space with you guys this holiday season! 

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I am so excited to finally share our cedar, gold and silver cottage style Christmas dining room decor ideas! I am almost done decorating the whole house for Christmas, but I wanted to share this space with you guys first since I made one really big change. I hope these Christmas decor ideas give you some inspiration for your dining room!

Dining Room Christmas Details
Close up grandpa's antique buffet
Cedar garland cottage style dining room

Have you noticed? The buffet is different! If you follow me over on Instagram you might already know about this dresser since I shared it in stories. As most of you know, my Grandfather passed away about a month ago now. 

New buffet decorated for Christmas
Cottage Christmas Decor!
Grandpa's antique buffet decorated in dining room
Close up of new dining room buffet with Christmas decor

We have just now begun the process of going through his things, and if you’ve ever gone through that, you know how difficult it is. I have already shared a few of his things that I feel so blessed to be able to have in my home, including the antique duck decoys on my built-ins as well as the little copper pot that is next to our Christmas mantel

This dresser, however, is one of the largest pieces we were able to take, and it means so much to me to be able to have Grandpa’s dresser in my home. He used it more as a buffet in his living room to hold his record player, which gave me the idea to try it in my dining room. 

New angle of Christmas decorated new buffet
Cedar decorated buffet for Christmas

When we first got it, it had a dark, shiny finish which didn’t fit the mood of my home. I tried to sand a few small areas with some sand paper, and when the finish came right off I asked my husband if he could sand the rest with his electric sander. 

He started off using 60 grit sandpaper and ended with 100 grit.

Antique dresser makeover for Christmas
Christmas cottage dining space

Well, this diy project turned out SO beautiful! It is darker than I imagined, but the finish is just lovely. I love the fact that you can see all the imperfection, dings and scratches, and that the wood is mismatched and worn. 

Finished new dining room buffet decorated

It is definitely a huge change from the dresser before, honestly it has a complete different look. But right now I’m really loving the warmth that it adds to this space. Plus, it’s nice to have the additional storage for napkins, candlesticks, and other table decor.

Because we use our dining room table so often for homeschool and meals, I tried to keep the Christmas table decorations pared-back. Instead of a Christmas table centerpiece on my dining table, I used the buffet for a greenery centerpiece.

Our cozy Christmas dining space with cedar, gold and silver!

I know there are a lot wood tones happening with the table and chairs, the wicker chairs, the dresser and the brown/gray corner cabinet. I tried to break it up a bit by adding my ruggable rug back into this space to add some depth, and I think it helped. 

Ruggable rug in dining space

Christmas touches

Once Grandpa’s dresser was finished and in its place, I couldn’t wait to decorate it for Christmas. I simply laid some fresh cedar branches along the top with some ornaments and battery-operated fairy lights sprinkled throughout for some sparkle. Then I stood some bottle brush trees up on one end of the dresser. 

Christmas decorating on antique buffet
Christmas Dining Room Feature Image

I just loved the combination of cedar, gold and silver and I wanted to continue that color scheme throughout the rest of the dining room. I hung some fresh cedar mixed with faux on the mirror above the dresser, and I tied it up with some twine and a beautiful ribbon bow. 

Fresh cedar Christmas decor

For my shelves, I added some mini cedar trees that I got at the dollar spot at Target this year, along with some fairy lights, bottle brush trees, and vintage Santa candy molds around my glass vases. 

Dining room Christmas decor on shelves
Vintage Santa Candy Molds on shelves

A lot of you noticed the Christmas tree in this space in my cocoa bar post! I absolutely love having a tree in this room, and this one came from Walmart! Sadly, I searched and searched and could not find this tree online. Check your local Walmart to see if they have one! It was so affordable and I just love how sparse realistic it looks! 

Dining room tree from Walmart

Do you recognize the ornaments? 🙂 They were all thrifted! I found them when I took you guys thrifting with me a few weeks ago! 

Dining Room Christmas Tree Decor

I also hung fresh cedar and eucalyptus on the lantern chandelier we have hanging over the center of the table, and I have it draped over my corner cabinet as well.

Fresh cedar and ribbon on dining room lantern
Dining room lantern Christmas Decor

Probably my favorite view is looking into my dining room from my living room, though. The way the cedar garlands cascade down the arch in the entryway that is original to our 1930’s home just puts a smile on my face! I love it so much. 🙂

Our cozy Christmas dining space with cedar, gold and silver!

Like I said earlier, I’m not quite done decorating. I added some Christmas cheer to the cutting board wall with some gold Christmas bells tied up with cedar. I love how they pop against the white headboard! 

Cutting Board Christmas Decor Wall in Dining Room
Cutting Boards in Dining Room with Christmas Decor

What do you guys think of Grandpa’s dresser in my cottage style Christmas dining room? It is such a treat to have a piece of him in my home. I’d love to hear in the comments below, and I can’t wait to share the rest of my home with you for Christmas!! 🙂


Cedar, Gold and Silver Christmas Decor Pin Image


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  1. Your Grandfather’s dresser is absolutely stunning. I hope that you never stain or paint it because it’s perfect as it is. All too often I think we rush into painting or staining a piece when we should just study it for a while. We have several pieces that were handed down to us and we haven’t changed a thing about them.

    Your home is gorgeous. Love the simplicity of it.

  2. It looks so beautiful there I absolutely love it just as it is and it goes perfectly with your dining room. I wouldn’t change a thing. Sad about your grandpa. Have been through this many times and it is never easy. Merry Christmas🎄🎄

  3. I love the new dresser. Too much white in a room makes me feel snow blind . Everything is looking very nice and having family pieces makes a home special.

  4. It is all so beautiful! I do not think you have too many different wood tones in the room. Your Grandpas dresser looks perfect in its new home!

  5. Love the buffet.. always love family pieces. Makes me think of my family member everytime I look at it.
    Enjoy, and think of your grandfather

  6. The dresser is beautiful, plus all the memories it holds for you. It looks great in the room.
    Your color scheme is so elegant and peaceful! Love it!

  7. Pretty dresser, but I think it’s too much wood. Loved you other piece in dining room, maybe you can find another place for this one.

    1. Thank you, I am still trying to find a way to break up the wood, but for now I like the warmth it brings with the Christmas decor. We will see once this season is over!

  8. I just love the dresser & how it warms up this room! Also loving the mixed wood tones too! I definitely think you should keep it if it makes you happy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. You are so talented. I enjoy your blog and your you tube posts and look forward to them. I love all your decor and decor hints. I would leave the dresser there. It looks great and fits in beautifully. I have a chair I inherited from my mom and it is a reminder of her and her home. Have a happy blessed Thanksgiving and a very merry Christmas. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  10. I love your Grampa’s dresser in The dining room, Sweetie pie!
    It adds lovely warmth and charm, in addition to being a treasure from him!
    I really like the butcher block, copper piece & decoys, too ~ all look so lovely, perfect in your space!
    Enjoy every memory that comes with Grampa’s things you have given a new home to!
    God bless and keep you! Have a lovely Thanksgiving, you and yours!
    Hugs, ~Susan

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words. The dresser is such a special treasure to me! Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Andrea!! I love your dining room all dressed up for Christmas! Absolutely gorgeous!! Mostly I love your grandpa’s dresser though. I’m a softy for heirloom pieces!! You did such a great job friend!

  12. I helped clean out both of my grandparent’s houses after they passed. It’s so hard! I bought several treasures home with me and they will always have a special place in my home.

  13. I love watching your blog simply because you come across so genuine, and seem so sweet. You are very talented and even though you care about your audience and appreciate them, you do, and go with what makes you happy. It is your home and there is nothing better than walking into a room and feeling like you’ve just been hugged. I truly enjoy watching you create a place for you and your family, and lets face it, it’s fun to mix it up every now and again. Everything you do turns out so pretty. No trends, no pressure, whatever pleases you at that moment in time. Looking forward to your next video.

    1. Thank you so so much for these kind words! It is important to me to be unique, but in a way that is special to me so I am so encouraged you noticed that. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Love your Grandpas dresser in your dining room. I have just lost my brother you are lucky to have a beautiful reminder of your grandfather at this time of year. Whatever dresser you decide on is a win. You can now have a seasonal look, cozy wood in colder months and white for spring and summer . Love watching you and thanks so much for the pumpkin painting, will be treating myself to more of your wonderful artwork when I can decide on what I want.
    Merry Christmas

    1. So happy to hear you are enjoying the painting, I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I will be praying you can still have a Happy Thanksgiving and cherish the memories.

  15. Andrea,
    This dresser is amazing and how much better that it was grandpa’s. It’s beautiful and not too much wood tones. What a blessing to have such a special piece to treasure.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  16. Your space is amazing, it always is! I love how you have meaningful pieces from your family in cherished spots throughout your home. I try to do the same especially now that I live alone.. I am fortunate enough to have some things from my parents, grandparents and even a few from my great grandparents. Having to downsize this past year required me to really try to focus on what I really loved and what was most meaningful. My space may not suit everyone, but it suits me and that is what matters most. This year has been a difficult one for all and hopefully we will embrace our many blessings and be truly thankful for what God has given us.

    1. Yes exactly, you do what works best for you and makes your space special. I am so happy you hear that you have pieces you can cherish as well, it truly is so special.

  17. Andrea, your dining room is stunning !! Your grandfather’s dresser is perfect in your dining room. I have my grandma’s cedar chest and a piano stool in our living room. I see them every day and it brings back fond memories of her and I like to share those memories with my little girls every chance I can. Please keep that beautiful piece of furniture in the room where you and your family can share stories of your grandfather.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    Annie B

  18. I am so sorry about your grandfather. I love the old dresser, but I honestly love this one even more. It brings such a lovely warmth and compliments the shelving nicely. This piece is so meaningful and has a story which makes it the perfect addition to your home.

    I think this room looks stunning. You could always add some cushions on the seats or in the wicker chairs if you were worried about too much wood. It all looks beautiful and cozy!

    1. That is a great idea, thank you so much! I love it too and would really love to keep it for the uniqueness and special memories it holds. Thank you for your sweet words, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Hi, Andrea! I think your dining room looks beautiful, as always! I, too, love white, wood, and green together. Just wondering if you sealed the dresser at all after you sanded it? I have a few dark, shiny pieces that belonged to my grandparents, but I’ve been afraid that I’d ruin them in trying to alter them. I also have three little girls who will most definitely set a glass of water on an unsealed table. I’m also wondering if you have any tips for keeping me Hingis so clean with small children? We’re pretty minimalistic, but my kids are outside all the time and- together with the St. Bernard puppy- are forever tracking dirt into the house. Thanks!

    1. I did not seal it, but I have it right behind my dining room table too, so I think the kids would just set items on that instead if that makes sense? But with three boys, I completely understand what you mean! Thank you for your encouraging words!

  20. I love this new dresser in your dining room. I think it fits right in with your other stripped pieces. The shape and the backing board are quaint and adortBLE and adds so much charm. I also like that every time you look at it you can think of your grandfather as well. This keeps him alive in your heart,

    1. Thank you, it really holds so many memories and I love the charm it brings in the details you pointed out. It is so unique and special!

  21. Love Grandpa’s chest just where it is…loved your painted chest as well, but after sanding down Grandpa’s and seeing all those gorgeous, warm wood tones I am definitely leaning toward keeping it in dining room for awhile…your home allows you to mix and match so wonderfully I’m sure you’ll find a great spot for your painted chest.

  22. Hi Andrea, everything look so beautiful. That grandfather dresser is perfect. I really like your decorating style. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

  23. Andrea … I love your style ~ it is so stunningly simple & beautiful. Your grandfather’s chest is just right in your dining room. And, I love the Christmas tree in there!!

  24. Hi Andrea,
    I love the dresser! It’s beautiful in your dining room, but the sentimentality of it makes it even more lovely. Your home is so warm and cozy. And I appreciate how emotional you get-I am the same, I cry over everything! (Even your videos!)You are so sweet and refreshing. Keep keeping it real and Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you so much, you are so sweet! I really appreciate you taking the time to share this with me and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your Thanksgiving break!

  25. Dear Andrea, this is my first time visiting your blog, but I have watched many of your you tube videos. I last had watched your cocoa bar, which was lovely, but I must say that seeing your grandfathers dresser there was truly beautiful! With all of your light finishes on the walls, this piece really blends in with all the other wood furniture. And all the love and memories you shared with your grandpa, will make you cherish it even more through the years. You are blessed to be able to have this piece of your family history and the stories that go along with it to pass on to your own children. Your house is just stunning, and every little piece you add makes it a truly comfortable home. Enjoy the hug grandpa is giving you every time you walk past his dresser.

    1. Oh my goodness, first of all, I am so happy that you made it to my blog. It is so encouraging to me when subscribers read and watch what I share! I love the dresser so much as well, it has really brought so much warmth to the room and I really do cherish the memories. Thank you again for your kind words!

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  27. I truly love all of your holiday decor. I have recently finished a bedroom makeover with sentimental items that belonged to my parents. I love the warm feeling I get when I walk into that room. Your grandfather’s dresser will always be special and fill your heart with joy and fond memories! It looks beautiful in the dining room. BlessingS to you at Christmas and always!

    1. Oh my goodness, that is so special. I completely agree, I love it so much and it adds so much to the room! Thank you for your kind words!

  28. Andrea, Isn’t it something that a lovely piece of furniture from your loving ‘Grandpa’ gives you so much joy and warm feelings? I too know what it feels like to have something of my Grandfather that gives me ‘warm fuzzies’. God is so good to us!!! Well, I just recently (1 week) found your videos, and I’ve enjoyed every moment with you. My life is so different at this time. 2021 Dec. I first got covid but it was mild like the flu for 24 hours. Then in dec. of 2022 I got it again and I was very ill.In Feb. I went to the hospital because I had a sinus infection that just would not go away and my Dr. was doing nothing to help me. Feb. the hospital did a heart catherization and accidently went through an artery. It was a ‘code blue’ but they saved me. From that point on everything has gone downhill. I was there for a month on oxygen. I couldn’t walk or talk because I couldn’t breathe. I got pneumonia 2 times, sepsis, I so wanted to go home. I felt I would be better off on my own! I’ve been divorced 38 years and my ex just passed away 1 year now. But I have 2 sons, 51 and 48. And 1 beautiful granddaughter (Spencer) 12 years old. She brings me such joy. Well, I’ve been to the heart Dr. and I have H.C. M. Itsthe condition where the young people just fall dead suddenly. And my heart beats too fast. My lungs are not good either. Not knowing why??? As I never smoked or did drugs, etc. So know I cannot walk more than 10 feet and then I have to rest. I cannot climb my 2nd story steps for bathroom and bedroom I need to crawl. So I’m now living through others that are happy and special people like yourself. I too am a ‘detail’ person but 2 christmas’s now without shopping and decorating I have to watch you and others do all the fun stuff!!! I’m smiling most of the time I’m watching these videos. Still thanking Jesus I’m alive.. Sorry to rattle on and on but now you know more about me. I ‘ve been in so many of your antique shops and thrift stores over the years, I just love bay city. But I haven’t been there in 4 or 5 years now. One of my favorites was ‘violets blue’. Well God Bless you and your beautiful family. I hope you have the greatest Christmas possible… Sincerely Laurene

    1. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for all you have gone through! I am so encouraged though that you are relying on Jesus. I love that you have your family as well to look forward to. I hope Christmas is a magical time of year for all of you and you have a very Merry Christmas!

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