Thanksgiving Flower Cornucopia Centerpiece

Today I wanted to show you a beautiful flower cornucopia centerpiece idea for a fall or Thanksgiving table-scape. Rather than a traditional fruit and vegetable cornucopia, I used gorgeous silk flower stems mixed with neutral pumpkins, fall branches and fresh cranberries.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea with flowers and pumpkins

Pumpkin, cranberry flower centerpiece

Hey Sweet Friends! Today I want to show you a simple flower cornucopia centerpiece idea that I put together in less than fifteen minutes.

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Fall Centerpiece Idea Flowers Pumpkins Cranberrries

If I’m being completely honest, I usually already have my Christmas decor up when we celebrate Thanksgiving.

I know! I know! Please don’t be mad at me. I know people can be pretty sensitive when it comes to decorating too early…”skipping” Thanksgiving as I’ve heard so many times.

Let me just say that I LOVE Thanksgiving and we most definitely don’t skip it!! It’s a beautiful, wonderful holiday that our family takes very seriously. There is nothing more important than setting the day aside to pause and give thanks for all that we have been blessed with, especially here in America.

We love to go around the table as we sit down to eat and share what we are thankful for. It’s a very special day around here! Having said that, I also very much love Christmas, and I honestly began decorating earlier because I just want to enjoy it a little longer.

Before having kids, decorating the house for Christmas maybe took me an afternoon. Now, with three little children…well, sometimes it takes a week.

My type A personality wants to get it in the zone and finish it all in one day, needles vacuumed and all. But that just doesn’t happen anymore. The kids want to “help” and I have to stop constantly to meet their needs. So now I decorate early, because by time Thanksgiving rolls around I just might have finally finished, ha!

ANYway, enough about Christmas.

This idea for a centerpiece all came about because my friend Joy reached out and asked if I would like to incorporate some of her creations in my fall decor. I love to create and I love to inspire, so I was on board!

Thanksgiving table-scape centerpiece idea

So this year she sent me a beautiful fall bouquet with neutral tones, but rather than simply plopping it in a vase, I wanted to do something a little different with it.

I played around a bit and ended up tipping it sideways. I fell in love with it immediately and looked for a container for it to sort of “spill” out of.

neutral Thanksgiving centerpiece idea

An old, lime-washed terra-cotta planter did just the trick. I put the bouquet inside and I added some fall branches and long eucalyptus stems as a base to fill out the planter opening a bit more.

Thanksgiving Flower Cornucopia centerpiece

I then surrounded the planter with neutral pumpkins and squash, but I felt like it needed a bit more color.

Neutral fall centerpiece idea with flowers, pumpkins and cranberries

Thanksgiving neutral table-scape centerpiece

After searching my pantry and fridge I decided to use some cranberries that I had purchased for a thanksgiving potluck we are going to have at our church. Perfect!

I just love the way the fresh cranberries look with the little white pumpkins. Isn’t it a beautiful contrast?

white pumpkins and cranberries centerpiece idea floral cornucopia

I decided not to set the rest of the table because I really wanted the focus of the post to be on the beautiful centerpiece. Some simple white candles add just the right amount of elegance once lit.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia using flowers and pumpkins

I love this centerpiece so much, and I feel like the options are endless when it comes to the flowers and containers that could be used. I already have some ideas spinning around for next year!

And by the way, you may have noticed the stone wall in our kitchen. We finally finished it!! I can’t wait to share all about it. It was so simple and it makes such a statement.

Fall floral cornucopia centerpiece idea

I also have a new corner cabinet in the dining room. You may not have noticed this change because to be honest, I didn’t photograph the old one a whole lot. It came with our house and it was a beautiful piece, but I just didn’t love it.

So here is the new one, and I’m smitten. I love it so much…I’ll be sharing all about this lovely piece very soon! And by the way, the beautiful eucalyptus garland was made by Joy as well! Isn’t she talented?!

Corner cabinet with eucalyptus garland

I hope you enjoyed this Thanksgiving flower cornucopia centerpiece idea! What do you think? Do you guys like to have a beautiful Thanksgiving table or do you keep things pretty simple? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Florals, eucalyptus, white pumpkins and cranberry cornucopia centerpiece idea for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving floral cornucopia with white pumpkins, cranberries and eucalyptus


This floral cornucopia is so perfect and elegant for a Thanksgiving Table centerpiece!



End chairs – thrifted, you can find similar ones here

Wicker chairs – Target clearance 3 years ago, similar ones here

Chandelier – thrifted, you can find a similar one here

Candlesticks – thrifted, similar ones here

Planter – thrifted, similar ones here

Table – DIY

Bench – DIY

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