10 Affordable Ways to Add Charm to Your Kitchen

Affordable Ways to add charm to your kitchen
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Small decor changes can make a difference in any space of your home, and today I am sharing 10 budget-friendly ways to add charm to your kitchen! 

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We have lived in our home for ten years now and although we have DIY’d several large projects in our kitchen over time, I realize that a big kitchen renovation isn’t always possible. Today I am sharing 10 affordable ways to add charm to your kitchen and I hope these small changes can encourage you if you need kitchen inspiration on a tight budget! 

This isn’t the first post I have written on this topic, so even though I am sharing 10 more ways to add charm to your kitchen, you can read about even more in this post – Thrifty and Simple Ways to Add Charm to Your Kitchen

Ways to Add Charm to your kitchen

Before I begin, I want to share about my amazing new Caraway pot and pan set I am using in my kitchen. Not only are these pieces gorgeous and timeless, they are also non-stick, non-toxic and come with added storage options which I share all about in the YouTube video you can watch here

Beautiful Pot and Pan Set to add charm to kitchen
Gorgeous Pan Set in Cottage Kitchen
Beautiful cream pot and pan charming kitchen set

I realize I normally don’t share companies in my blog posts, but considering this post is all about the kitchen, I just had to include this beautiful Caraway set. To shop this set, simply click here and you can even use the code PINEANDPROSPECT10 for a discount! 

Charming Cottage Style Kitchen
Storage in cottage style kitchen

How to Add Charm to Your Kitchen

Incorporate Copper

The first way to add some vintage charm to your kitchen is to incorporate copper! I have so many beautiful copper pieces throughout my kitchen. Copper can be found thrifting as well, which makes it affordable and easy to find pieces with a beautiful patina. There are so many fun pieces you can incorporate, ranging from small kitchen accessories to pots and pans! 

Gorgeous copper elements in cottage kitchen

Use Peg Racks

Another way to add charm is to use peg racks! I love having peg racks, they are simple and useful at the same time. You can hang baskets, linens, towels, or even herbs on them. 

Peg racks can often be found at thrift stores, but you can easily make them as well. Simply purchase pegs off of Amazon and attach them to a 1×4 pine board. You can paint them or leave them raw wood if you’d like!

I have a thrifted peg rack next to my kitchen cabinets, but we have also made them and added them to our dining space, mudroom and basement!

Cozy Warm Kitchen Winter Decor Touches

Add Garlic Baskets

Adding garlic baskets to your kitchen is another wonderful way to add rustic charm. Baskets bring both warmth and texture to your space. I personally love garlic baskets and have at least 5 or 6 of them in my kitchen! I started with a few that were my Mom’s, but over the past year I’ve found more while thrifting.

Antique Cutting Board Display in Dining Room

Again, if you can’t find garlic baskets specifically, look for places to incorporate other types of baskets. I hang them on walls and I even have a large one above my fridge!

Spring English Cottage Style Kitchen Inspiration

Incorporate Crocks

Another item that always brings old world charm, are crocks. I have all different sizes, and I love that they double as storage in your kitchen space as well! I use crocks on my countertops to hold wooden spoons, rolling pins, whisks and other kitchen utensils. I love how they look and the vintage feel they bring. 

Cottage kitchen subway tile backsplash

Add an Old Stool or Bench

An old stool or bench can add so much charm to your cottage style kitchen. Most people keep step stools in their kitchen, so why not replace a plastic step stool with a beautiful antique stool or bench? That way it can be left out all the time and add so much more charm. 

Cozy Cottage Kitchen

Hang Herbs or Flowers

Dried herbs, plants and flowers can add so much charm to your kitchen. This winter, I clipped boxwood and hung it to dry and it added so much life to my kitchen design! Dried herbs and flowers is something I often see in historic kitchen spaces, so it’s a timeless way to add life and charm – my favorite way to decorate!

Fall Kitchen Decor Touches

Use a Lamp

This next method not only adds charm, but a cozy vibe as well! Try adding a small lamp to your counter space. The soft glow of light fixtures adds so much warmth! I recently found a beautiful one at an antique store that I share in my YouTube video above, if you’d like to take a peek!

Styling Your Home with Green for fall and autumn

Add some Candlelight

Speaking of cozy charm, try incorporating some candles! I love cooking and eating by candlelight! I recently shared these flameless candles with you and I am still so in love with them! They have a waxy base to them and the flicker of candlelight looks so real; a great addition to chandeliers. The perfect way to add charm when you have little ones.

Fresh Green Plants to add coziness to your kitchen

Add Vintage Artwork

Vintage artwork adds charm to any space, but especially the kitchen. Beautiful artwork can go on the blank space of your walls, or even just leaned against a white subway tile backsplash on the counter. You can also use artwork to hide wires or outlets as well! 

How to add charm to your kitchen with vintage artwork

Display Vintage Kitchen Tools

The last method I am sharing today is one of my favorites – decorating with vintage kitchen tools! Vintage kitchen tools can easily be found thrifting and antiquing and are so fun to decorate with. I have a few different tools from my grandmothers that I love that have even more meaning to me. Don’t keep them hidden away, display them for all to see!

Cozy Cottage Home Kitchen
Wooden spoons displayed in cottage kitchen for spring decor

10 Affordable Ways to Add Charm to Your Kitchen 

  • Copper
  • Peg Racks
  • Garlic Baskets
  • Crocks
  • Vintage Stool or Bench
  • Dried Herbs, Plants and Flowers
  • Lamps
  • Candles
  • Artwork
  • Vintage Kitchen Tools

I love that almost all of these items listed can be thrifted, and having this quick and easy list of kitchen ideas to reference can help you before you head out to shop! 

I hope these 10 affordable ways to add charm to your kitchen have sparked some creativity in you. We all spend so much time in our kitchens, and sometimes changing out the simple things can make all the difference as you complete those mundane tasks.  

Can you think of even more ways to add charm to your kitchen? I would love to read about them in the comments. Thank you for stopping by, friends! 


Affordable Ways to add charm to your kitchen


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